Saturday, September 16, 2017

Burmese Army Sending The Buddhists Back To Homes

(Translated staff article direct from The ARMY CinC OFFICE on 15 September 2017.)

Since the week-long massive clearing operations by Army’s LID-99 and LID-33 had pushed ARSA Bengali Muslim insurgents and their supporters into Bangladesh the whole border area on Burma’s side has returned to peace and tranquillity.

Without dreaded Bengali Muslims always threatening the native Buddhist villages dotted among massive illegal villages of Bengali Muslims from Bangladesh the native Buddhist Yakhine and Burmese refugees are slowly returning to their villages, farms, and fishing grounds now well under the armed-protection of Burmese Army.

Just yesterday a battalion-strong army column from Na-Pa-Kha (Western Military Divisional Command) had escorted altogether 554 native Buddhist villagers taking a temporary refuge in the Taung-Byo-Let-Wel village’s army camp in Muangdaw-North back to their home village.

Their Thin-baw-hla Buddhist village nearby was raided last week by thousands and thousands of Bengali Muslim illegals from the neighbouring Muslim villages now abandoned and burned down completely.

Army has also provided them with cash and foodstuff and other supplies necessary to survive before they will be able to get back on their feet completely. Some heavy items like cooking utensils were even helicoptered direct into their remote villages by the border.

The following photos released from the Burma Army Commander-In-Chief Office are telling the heart-warming story of Burmese soldiers protecting and supporting their long-suffering people. No need for written explanation and just enjoy the photos as I did.

Above cartoon brutally explains the reason for needing an 800-strong army battalion to escort just over 500 Buddhists back to their home villages. The whole area had always been swarming with illegal Bengali Muslims who wouldn't hesitate to chop the head of any Buddhist he or she met in the wood or on the road.

As a Burmese Buddhist I can't blame Burmese army for forcefully driving those Bengali Muslim bastards back to Bangladesh from where they came many years ago and still doing it every fucking day and night. Good riddance.

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