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Hindu Massacre Survivors Abducted Into Bangladesh

(Translated & edited posts from The ARMY C-in-C Face Book Site on 04 October 2017.)

Eight young Hindu women and their eight children, the survivors of the August-25 massacre of Maungdaw Hindus by ARSA Rohingya terrorists, are now safely among their relatives back in Burma’s Maungdaw District.

They are also the witnesses of the atrocious massacre of more than 150 Hindus from Yebawkya Village by notorious Saudi-Arabian Atta Ullah and his more than 500 Rohingya ARSA terrorists on last August-25. The young Hindu women are Yi Kha (25), Awnika (20), Fomila (18), Gaunga (20), Gurabuni (19), Binafala (22), Rusana (18), and Raj Kumari (15).

Their fair complexions and pretty faces and their forced conversion to Islam and then agreeing to become the sex-slaves of that Saudi bastard Atta Ullah and his lieutenants had basically saved them from facing the same fate as their husbands, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, and parents who had their throats cut to the neck-bones and mutilated beyond recognition and then dumped into shallow mass graves on last August-25.

And they all are now openly and truthfully recounting their horrible and heartbreaking tragedies to the Burmese authorities, both domestic and foreign media, and the general public so that the Saudi bastard Atta Ullah and his Rohingya terrorists now being given safe heaven by Sheikh Hasina’s Bangladeshi Islamic Government would eventually be arrested and punished for their horrible crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing in Burma’s Maungdaw District.

What Happened Exactly To The Yebawkya Hindus On August-25?

According to their eyewitness accounts about 500 Bengali Muslims (so-called Rohingyas) from the Khamaungseik Village led by Bengali terrorist leader Norulauk, son of Shunamya, and the foreign terrorist leader Atta Ullah in their signature black dress came to Yebawkya Village at about 8 am on that day.

They remembered and pointed out that Rawphi, Hami, Haira, Lakora, Mamhet Dulauk, Farika and Fayrana were among the Muslim terrorists that day. The large mob holding small arms, hand-made bombs, machetes, spears, and knives and other weapons entered the Hindu-majority Yebawkya village from the part where Awnika’s house was located.

They entered each and every Hindu house of the village simultaneously and looted gold, cash, other valuables and cell phones. The Muslim terrorists were loudly yelling, “This is not your village. We own this territory. We are the sole owners of this land. You all are on the side of Myanmar Army and Police. We will kill the Buddhists and all of you who worship the statues made of bricks and stones.”

And then the mob started kicking and destroying the temple and individual house-altars. Afterwards they blindfolded all male villagers and tied their hands behind their backs. They also separated the males from the females and ordered them to stand in rows at two different places in the village ground.

At about 10 am the villagers were forced to march towards the Bawtalar Bengali-Muslim Village. Those who refused to walk were beaten with sticks and sword-blades. In the brushes near Bawtalar Village they found two large pits already dug. One more pit was dug after the villagers reached there.

Throat-Slitting and Limb-Chopping Of 150 Hindus  

Soon Atta Ullah and his Rohingya terrorists started slitting the throats of Hindu men and chopped their limbs with machetes and long sowrds and then dumping the dead bodies into the pits. Only after all Hindu men were all killed, the Hindu women and children were also killed and their bodies dumped into the pits.

But Atta Ullah and his local deputy Norulauk had their lustful eyes already set on eight pretty Hindu girls and young women and claimed, “Those girls are beautiful. We must convert them into Islam and make them our sex-slaves.” So, the girls were left alone without being killed.

But these eight Hindu women and eight Hindu children who are still alive, they had witnessed the Bengali Muslim terrorists brutally killing their kins of same Hindu faith from Yebaukkya Village in cold blood. The Hindu killing and dumping of their bodies in the shallow pits by the Muslim mob was going on for hours and hours from about 12 noon to 6 pm. Nearly 150 Hindu men, women, and children were believed to have perished in that August-25 massacre.

The three-year-old Hindu boy named Phawlar, son of Yi Kha, who included in the group of survivors, had witnessed the scene of his father’s throat being slit to the bones with a knife. Till today after nearly two months, the fearful boy still sadly tells others, “Pa Pa Halal” (father was beheaded Islamic style).

Forced Conversion Of 8 Young Hindu Women Into Islam

That day the lucky Hindu girls and their children were taken to a cow-shed in the bushes near Bawtalar Village and kept there for the night. There the Hindu girls and children were guarded by five Bengalis as other Bengalis left there to participate in the synchronized attacks on Burmese police and army posts along the border.

The young women still remember that their five Bengali Muslim guards were Rawphi and Phelrana from the Bawtalar Village, Rulia, Mamud Arlaung, and Zubai from the Yebawkya Village.

At about 12 that night the of Bengali terror mob came back and then took eight Hindu women and young children to the house of Raw Phi in Bawtalar Village. Till 26 August, five people guarded the house. Wielding their swords, the Bengali Muslim guards threatened again and aging yelling, "This is our country. It is not of you ethnic group. We will take over this country soon."

Despite their Hindu practice of eating no beef, the women and children were forced to eat beef with rice. During their captivity inside Bawtalar Village, there were many Muslim Bengalis at the house and their Imam converted them to Islam and taught them how to behave like a true Muslim woman, obedient and submissive.

Kidnapping Of 8 Hindu Women Into Bangladesh The Terrorist Safe-Heaven

At about 3pm on 27 August, five Bengali Muslim guards led by Raw Phi forced the eight Hindu women and children to walk to the Bangladesh border. They arrived at the border fence at about 5pm and the Bengalis cut the barbed wires. But some BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) patrol came to that location and to avoid them they had to go up onto a hill near the border and spent the night there.

At about 6am on 28 August, they crossed the border and a waiting car took them to the Kutuparlaung refugee camp. They reportedly arrived there at 11 am. The Hindu women were kept together with their Muslim Bengali guards at Kutuparlaung refugee camp and forced to wear Burka, the head-to-toe-covered dress of Muslim women.

Their five Muslim guards who also killed their kins back in Burma were keeping them under their tight control even inside the refugee camp in Bangladesh. The BGB controllers of the Kutuparlaung refugee camps knew the dreadful situation but refused to ignore the plight of Burmese Hindus.

Time’s Hannah Beech Interviewed Hindu Captives & Their Muslim Captors

At about 1pm, the throng of waiting English-speaking foreign media conducted interviews with the recent arrivals the so-called oppressed Hindu refugees driven out of Burma by Burmese army and Burmese police.

Well before the interviews the Hindus were taught by their Bengali-Muslim captors to say to the sympathetic international media that their Hindu men and their Hindu families were all killed by the Burma army and Yakhine-Buddhist ethnics in the August-25 massacre. They had to lie to the media with straight faces that they had to flee their homes fearing that they would also be killed by the army troops soon.

Of course they were threatened by their Bengali-Muslim guards that their children's throats would be slashed unless they said to the media exactly what they were told to falsely claim. One woman even had one of her Muslim captors sticking his knife point on her back while facing the English-speaking journalists from the Al-jazzier and other media groups.

Hannah Beech the notorious Burma-hater and the New York Times S.E.Asia Bureau Chief herself interviewed the kidnapped Hindu women and their Bengali-Muslim captors and wrote a breaking-news article denouncing Burma, Burmese Buddhists, and Burmese security forces for massacring the Maungdaw Hindus on August-25.

She even sympathetically interviewed a Bengali Muslim Imam who willingly blessed and personally led ARSA terrorist in raiding Burmese border police and army posts along the Burma Bangladesh border and personally killed many Burmese and Yakhine Buddhists. What a good unbiased journalist? She was correctly banned forever from entering Burma by Burmese Government for writing anti-Burmese-Buddhist articles before in the Time Magazine.

Two Hindu women survivors of August-25 Massacre were forced to lie at Bengali-Muslims' knife-points to 
New York Times SE Asia Chief Hanna Beech inside Kutupalaung Refugee Camp in Bangladesh.
Bangladeshi Hindus Tried To rescue Kidnapped Hindu Women & Children

The Muslim captors soon started to sell their kidnapped victims to Bangladeshi Muslims as a sham marriage. They soon found a buyer for Miss Raj-Kumari who was the only unmarried bachelorette among the eight Hindu women.

While a marriage was being hastily arranged between 15-year-old Miss Raj Kumari and her buyer a Bangladeshi Muslim man 3 times her age the alarming news of force marriage reached to Barbu a Bangladeshi Hindu staffer at the camp. He immediately reported it to the Bangladeshi Hindu civic leader Shaw-Phaw-Nam-Shaw-Mar-Raw-Ni that Burmese Hindus were being forcefully converted to Islam.

The Hindu religious leader quickly contacted some Hindu troopers of BGB and together they raided the section of the Kutuparlaung Refugee Camp without informing the Muslim BGB troopers first. There deep inside the sprawling refugee camp, they found and rescued the eight Hindu women and eight Hindu children but their Bengali Muslim captors had already fled and disappeared among the thousands of Bengali-Muslim refugees.

Then, Hindu women and children were taken from Kutuparlaung Camp to a nearby BGP HQ post where they spent the night. A sympathetic Hindu priest came and took the Hindu women and children from the BGP Post and sheltered them at his house the following day, 29 August.

But Bangladesh Government Refuses To Let The Hindus Go Free

But hearing the news of the rescue of the surviving witnesses of the August-25 massacre of Maungdaw Hindus, on 30 August some Muslim officials of Bangladeshi government forcefully took the Hindu women and children back to Kutuparlaung Refugee Camp, saying that they would provide relief supplies for them better there.

The eight Hindu women and their tormented children were then forced to stay at a chicken farm inside the refugee camp for nearly three weeks fearing for their lives as a few armed Bangladeshi Muslim men were assigned to guard them 24/7, ostensibly for their safety among the hated Bengali-Muslims.

Confirmation Of Maungdaw Hindu Massacre & Army Rescue Of Survivors

Then on 19 September, one of eight captive Hindu women got direct phone contact with her brother-in-law back in Maungdaw and told him the exact location of the August-25 Massacre where nearly 150 Hindu men, women, and children including her husband were killed.

On 26 September, she got phone contact with Hindu religious leader U Ni Mal in Sittwe who suggested them returning to Myanmar with the assistance of Myanmar security forces. The women then consulted among themselves and left the camp on the pretext of visiting a nearby Hindu religious festival.

As arranged the undercover troops from Burma Army and Border Police met them at a pre-arranged location inside Bangladesh near the border and brought them back to safety. And they arrived back in Myanmar safe and sound with the assistance of Myanmar security forces.

As those eight Hindu women and all the children have safely arrived back in the country, authorities are providing them with necessary assistance. According to the tragic accounts of their first-hand experiences, the inhumane acts and brutal slaughtering by extremist Bengali terrorists and their motives and intentions were exposed.

Army-rescued Hindu-massacre survivors arriving back in Maungdaw Town from Bangladesh.
Public Statements From The Rescued Hindu Women

Followings are the heart-breaking statements from the individual Hindu women the survivors and the eyewitness of the August-25 Massacre of Maungdaw Hindus by Atta Ullah-led ARSA Rohingya terrorists.

Miss Awnika (20)

I am MaAwnika of South Khamaung-seik Village (Yebawkya). The terrorists came into my house and beat us all including me. They also destroyed the images of our gods. They seized all our cell phones. They demanded to give them all our property. So, we gave them all our valuables.

The terrorists tied up all the villagers including our families and took us all into the forest. In the forest they put eight of us in a certain place. They told the men that they were all the same with the Tatmadaw and police and blindfolded them. They took men including my husband into the forest to kill them.

We were put in a separate place and said, "Islam is noble. So would you like to convert to Islam and marry us?" The terrorists slit the men with knives right in front of us. "Look at these knives. They are all bloodstained as we killed your husband with these weapons. The terrorists put the slit corpses in a cow shed in the forest the whole night. The terrorists then burnt down the Kathe Village.

They kept us in the forest for two nights. The next morning they took us to Bangladesh. They threatened us with their knives that we must say that our men were killed by ethnic Rakhines and the government. They said, we must say that our families were killed by the police and the army. If not we will die." We have to say according to their order as we are afraid to die.

It was an absolute lie. We want to live. We have to lie as we had seen our families murdered by them. They murdered my father-in-law, mother-in-law and husband. How can I bear that? I want legal action to be taken against all those murderers. I am an expectant mother. Please punish all the criminals in connection with the case.

Miss Raj Kumari (15)

I am Ma Raj Kumari. Terrorists beat us all. They beat all the Hindu villagers. Later, they told us to sit in a row. They divided men and women. They beat us again and again and killed our parents. They slaughtered the whole village including my parents and my elder sister.

They had sticks, knives and guns. They fired guns. They threatened us with their guns. The 500 terrorists were joined by the Bengalis of the surrounding villages. They slit our parents. When the terrorists asked whether we want to marry them, we answered that we would as we wanted to live. They said, "Our Islam is noble and your Hindu is a torched religion." They converted me into Islam.

I was left alone as my parents were killed. Of the eight women, I was the only single. I was engaged with a Hindu man. He was a villager of Thitthonnakwazon. Our Hindus community collected money and married me with that Hindu man. Bengalis threatened us with the knives not to marry him.

Bengalis said that hadn't hold Kurabani festival for three years; that they are going to hold the ceremony together with the Hindus. They show us the bloodstained knives that killed our parents. They kept us at the Kutuparlaung refugee camp for two nights.

But when Hindu leader Shaw Phaw heard about us he took us to his home. If Shaw Phaw didn't take me to his home, the terrorists will marry me with a Bengali. There was a Mawlawi for the wedding ceremony. When Shaw Phaw heard about it, he took us to his home where we stayed for four days.

Then we were sent to Kutuparlaung camp. We were placed together with other Hindu refugees. Bengalis came to us and threatened to kill us. If someone asks you, you must tell him that the Hindu victims were killed by Rakhines and Police. "If you refuse we will kill you with guns and bombs," they said.

My four family members were murdered. I was threatened at knife point in my neck. A total of seven, including my three sisters, were killed. I only survive. When I was talking, I became unconscious. The Bengalis poured water onto my head to gain consciousness. I didn't know what they did to me when I lost consciousness.

The interview I gave in Bangladesh was all lies because I feared. What I am talking about now is true. As we feared, we had to say that the killings were carried out by Rakhine people and police. They threatened me at knife point saying I would be killed unless I said so. As we panicked and wanted to live, we told a lie.

Rawbawna (7) son of Ma Rekha

The terrorists blindfolded my father at about 8 am on Friday and took away the cell phones. They tied him behind his hands, beat him and then killed him. They didn't kill us, but took us into the forest. They murdered my two uncles and prepared to kill me too.

Miss Rusana (18)

My name is Rusana. At 8 am on Friday, ARSA entered the house. My parents, brothers and sisters were taken out of the house with their hands tied.

They were blindfolded. They grabbed the money and gold we got. We were beaten and taken together with the Bengalis.

There is a mountain in the east. Coming down Hartipaya Village, we were taken to the jungle. There were already two pits. They dug one pit before us. They slashed our parents to death before our own eyes.

There were eight women including me. After killings, they took us to a lake in front of us where we were asked to drink water mixed with blood. We were kept in a nearby home for a night. We were taken to Bangladesh.

We had to stay at a house in the refugee camp. We were asked to tell that the killings were carried out by Rakhine people.

Though we said so, it did not come from our hearts because we were forced by the Bengali Muslims. As I feared for my life, I had to tell a lie.

Miss Gurabuni (19)

My name is Gurabuni. The terrorists entered my home and blindfolded our eyes at 8 am on that day. After they tied our hands, they took us somewhere. They chopped my family members with the use of knives.

They ordered us to sit at the bottom of mountain in the forest. We were in Bawtalar Village. Males and females of villagers were divided into groups. The terrorists separately killed both men and women and put them into a pit. Afterward, they brought my husband, my younger brother and a worker back to our village.

They questioned us again where our gold and money were. After we gave our gold and money from hidden place, they retook us to the place in the forest where the then people were killed. In the forest, they left me in a house. They killed my husband in front of me. They then killed my younger brother and worker.

They removed the red spot on my forehead and broke my bracelet on my wrist. They then divided my Sari into two pieces and forced me to wear the pieces around my head, saying that you must initiate into Islam. They ordered my child to drink water from a ditch.

We arrived in Bangladesh next morning. A Hindu national leader visited us after a tip-off, took photographs and left us. After he left us, the Bengalis at the refugee camp threw stones at us. The terrorists taught us to tell others that Hindus were killed by Rakhine ethnic people and soldiers. We had to say so as they threatened us with knives and arms. I was afraid of them. We told a lie out of fear. I have told the truth now after I arrived in Myanmar. A Hindu religious leader from the refugee camp brought us back to the country.

Miss Gaunga(20)

I am Gaunga. At about 8 am on Friday, the ARSA group entered the village. They blindfolded my brothers and tied them behind their backs. They severely beat me and my brothers. The saris of ours were cut to make hijabs. We were all taken and all but my three brothers were murdered.

They erased a Hindu traditional red spot on my forehead. They asked us if we would convert to Islam. They asked us where our gold and money we brought from Buthidaung and Maungtaw were. My brothers said they were left behind. They brought my bothers back to where those belongings were kept.

They were taken to a mosque. They came back along with the bags containing the property. They grabbed the bags and killed my two brothers. My brother-in-law and his two workers were killed.

We had no problem with the Bengalis before. We didn't cheat them. My slain brothers are Simontaw and Hla Maung. The Bengalis ate our food and told us we had to follow Islam. They then took us to a Bengali home in Kutuparlaung. We were taken to the house in front of the mosque. Mawlawis (Imams) came. One Mawlawi asked us to tell that the killings were carried out by the army and Rakhine. Out of fear, we said so.

At that time, they brought foreign reporters. Mawlawis asked me to tell the reporters I would convert to Islam and could not go back to the Hindus. A Hindu living in Bangladesh told U Ni Mal by phone that he would took us in order not to harm Hinduism. U Ni Mal said we had to come back. Finally, we came back here.

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