Monday, November 12, 2012

Cross-border Attack by Bengali-Muslim Terrorists!

(Direct translation of news articles from Narinjara News Agency.)

Rohingya-Taliban fighters in Bangladesh.
The cross-border attack on November 6 by Bengali-Muslim terrorists from RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization), the OIC-supported and Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group based in Bangladesh, killed one engineering officer from Burma army.

According to the NarinjaraNews Agency the Rohingya terrorists have also kidnapped three Burma army soldiers and fled back into Bangladesh. The cross-border terrorist attack took place in the Maungdaw Township of north Arakan.

The news leaked from the army circle in Maungdaw described the terrorist attack as an ambush on a 13-men unarmed construction team from Burma Army General Engineering unit building the Burma-Bangladesh Friendly Road on the borderline in the area known as Na-Sa-Ka Territory (1).

Unoffical sources from Burma army have so far claimed the killers and kidnappers are the RSO terrorists but the Narinjara News couldn’t independently confirm it yet.

“The Bengali-Muslim terrorists raided the construction site on yesterday about 6 in the evening and an officer was killed and 3 unarmed engineering soldiers were captured. The rest of the 13-men crew managed to escape. The three men are still missing and we think they were already killed,” said a local Buddhist from the Aung-tha-byay village in the area where the terrorist attack occurred.

A road construction unit of Burmese Army.
The Burmese construction site raided was about forty miles from Maungdaw town and on the border between Burma and Bangladesh. Following is the eyewitness account from a local Buddhist abbot who heard the gunshots from the terrorist attack.

“The site was in the area around Mile Post (1), (2), and (3) at the east of Bandoola in Upper Aung-tha-byay.  Everybody heard the gunshots and the army troops from Taung-byo immediately went there. At about 9 in the night our army units fought off the RSO terrorists and that skirmish lasted for about 5 minutes. There were casualties on both sides but we don’t know how many.”

“The raid happened during time the army soldiers were at the Mee-daik in the Na-Sa-Ka Territory (3) helping the villagers celebrating the Buddhist ceremonies. The RSO terrorists knew that news and took that opportunity to raid the unarmed engineering troops by the border, bastard Muslims,” added the abbot of the local Buddhist monastery.

The Light-Infantry-Battalion LIB-353 based in Butheedaung town has reinforced the local troops in Maungdaw since this morning.

A Burmese army road crew with a bulldozer.
7 Nov 2012: Burmese Army Reinforcements on the Border

Burmese troops had been searching for the terrorist group kidnapping three Burmese army engineers up and down on the borderline between border posts 51 and 52. The Burmese engineer killed in yesterday ambush was Road Officer (Lan-bo) Kyaw Kyaw Wai and the three engineering soldiers kidnapped are Engineering Sergeant Khin Moe Aung and two engineering privates.

Burmese troops on the Bangladesh border.
According to army sources four Burmese soldiers travelling on two motorcycles were on their way back from their work site when the RSO terrorists ambushed them and killed officer Kyaw Kyaw Wai and kidnapped sergeant Khin Moe Aung and two others.

Burmese army is now demanding Bangladesh authorities to return the kidnapped soldiers alive to Burma side and if Bangladeshis refuses they will cross the border to search for the kidnapped themselves.

Both Burma army and Bangladesh army are now sending reinforcements to the tense border and the situation is quickly becoming explosive.

Border-Guards-Bangladesh (BGB) troops on the Burma border.

8 Nov 2012: Two Armies Meet on the Border 

Burmese army has so far rejected the exchange offer from the RSO terrorists to return the kidnapped three Burmese engineering soldiers through the Border-Guard-Bangladesh (BGB).

Burmese are still demanding for the immediate and unconditional release of three engineering soldiers and threatening to cross the border to attack the known terrorist camps on the Bangladesh side of the border.

Unofficial negotiations have been going on between Burmese army and BGB since the RSO terrorists crossed the border on November 6, ambushed the Burmese engineering team, killed a Burmese engineer officer, and kidnapped three Burmese engineer soldiers.

Border meeting of BGB and Burmese army officers.
9 Nov 2012: Burmese Accusations and Bangladesh Denials 

High-ranking officials from both Burmese army and the Bangladeshi BGB officially met yesterday to peacefully solve the immediate problem of finding the three kidnapped Burmese engineers taken into Bangladesh territory on November 6. The official meeting took place at the Naikhongchari BGB (15) camp in southern Bandarban district.

Burmese had been accusing that RSO the Rohingya-Taliban terrorists were behind the ambush and kidnapping, but the Bangladeshis were still denying the existence of RSO camps  on their side of the border.

But the local Bengalis both Muslims and Buddhists have been telling the tales for very long time now that heavily-armed RSO men in their camouflage fatigue were seen moving unrestricted in the Naikhongchari area.

Rohingya-Taliban militants in Bangladesh (2008).

10 Nov 2012: Tense Border after the Kidnappings 

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