Thursday, April 30, 2015

ISIS Video Showing Executions Of Yemenis

Muslim thugs group the death cult ISIS has released a video showing the mass execution of some 15 soldiers Houthi soldiers are knelt on the ground and weep before being murdered. The gruesome clip shows militants shooting and beheading their hostages.

A new video showing the mass execution of some 15 Houthi soldiers by ISIS terrorists in Shabwa has been released. Knelt on the ground with torches shone in their faces, soldiers wept before being shot or beheaded by Islamic State militants in Yemen. Kneeling on the ground with torches shone in their faces, soldiers who belong to the Second Brigade of the Army of Yemen Mountaineers are shown weeping before being shot or beheaded by Islamic State militants in Yemen, the newest branch of ISIS.

The terrified hostages are interviewed on camera before being slaughtered in the gruesome two-minute clip entitled ‘Eliminating the Apostates’. The video is set to music and each victim is forced to speak on camera to say his name before being executed. The Yemen killings are the latest in a long list that have been filmed and posted online by the terrorist group.

Earlier today, pictures of one of the ISIS militants' most savage executions yet were released. They are shown smashing huge concrete blocks onto the heads of two men accused of murder, who have been made to lie at the side of the road with their hands tied. Other images show the gruesome aftermath, the concrete blocks having been hurled onto their skulls.

The two men were bludgeoned to death in Nineveh province in northern Iraq after the Islamic police arrested them for robbing and killing three women. It is known as a qisas punishment - 'eye for an eye' retribution. In the background stand bloodthirsty armed jihadists and a baying crowd.

One weeping Yemini just before his beheading.
This week, supporters of ISIS 'declared a caliphate' in Yemen in a bizarre video showing a group of masked fighters in a barren desert. The video, allegedly shot near the capital of Sanaa, shows some 20 men wearing desert camouflage uniforms carry out a carefully choreographed rifle routine in the sand.

The 'establishing' of an ISIS-related group in Yemen comes after months of conflict which has seen Iran-backed Houthi rebels fight both the government and the local al-Qaeda affiliates.

The group in the video, which calls itself Soldiers of the Caliphate in Yemen, began to emerge late last year and it is believed their aim is to take over al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which has strongholds in the south and south-east of Yemen. Last month, the ISIS-related group claimed responsibility for a series of coordinated suicide bomb attacks at two mosques in Sanaa, controlled by the Houthis.