Wednesday, May 11, 2016

London-istan Buses Proclaim “Glory To Allah”

A blown-off London Bus at 7/7 slaughter.
Immediately After Muslim Mayor Elected, London’s Iconic Buses Proclaim “Glory To Allah”. The Islamization of Britain made an immense advance this week, as a Muslim with extensive ties to jihadis and Islamic supremacists, Sadiq Khan, was elected mayor of London, just as London buses are set to carry ads proclaiming the “glory of Allah.”

It’s a sign of the times – and a sign of things to come. Is anyone really surprised? That a man such as Sadiq Khan, who has shared a platform with open Jew-haters, could still be elected mayor of London, is an indication of how far gone down the Islamic drain Britain already is.

In Sadiq Khan’s campaign, his opponents brought up his close ties to jihadis, Islamic supremacists and Islamic Jew-haters as a blot on his record. Soon enough in Britain, however, that sort of thing will be a selling point for candidates appealing to an increasingly Muslim electorate.

The UK banned me from the country. It is already acting like a de facto Islamic state. Did anyone really think that the notoriously anti-Semitic UK would vote for Khan’s opponent, Zac Goldsmith — a Jew? London has already been overrun – voter fraud in Muslim precincts is rampant.

Not that they will really needed it soon. London’s Muslim population is 1.3 million and growing rapidly by immigration and extremely high birth rate of welfare-benefits-sucking Muslims.

The Muslims who voted for Sadiq Khan did not reject his extremist ties and supremacist rhetoric, dispelling the notion that most Muslims are moderates and do not adhere to the Sharia, or support extremism. Apparently, they are not “Uncle Toms” or “House Muslims” as Sadiq likes to call moderate Muslims.

Allah was Mohammad's own creation.
At the same time, many Jews were prohibited from voting. Even the Chief Rabbi of London was turned away – leading to the Chief Executive of one London borough having to resign. Innumerable voters throughout the London Borough of Barnet – where much of the British Jewish community lives today – were prevented from voting by a suspicious and never-explained “error” at the area’s polling stations.

This is no surprise. Sadiq Khan has shared platforms with Muslim Jew-haters who want to “drown every Israeli Jew in the sea.” According to investigative journalist Soeren Kern: “In 2008, Khan gave a speech at the Global Peace and Unity Conference, an event organized by the Islam Channel, which has been censured repeatedly by British media regulators for extremism. Members of the audience were filmed flying the black flag of jihad while Khan was speaking.”

The election of Sadiq Khan is a cautionary tale for any nation that is importing a large Muslim population. The media and political elites have been scrubbing and whitewashing Islam since 9/11, and so people not just in London, but all over the West, are generally woefully ignorant as to the supremacist nature of this ideology. And so we have tried to run bus campaigns increasing awareness of the dangers of sharia and Islamic supremacism, and always we are met with resistance — sharia enforcement in the West.

Even now, an Islamic supremacist group is running an Allah Is Greater campaign in London, just two days after the election of Khan. The slogan “Subhan Allah” – Glory be to Allah” is acceptable, yet an ad that Christian groups tried to run featuring the Lord’s Prayer was banned. And what is missing from all the reportage about the new ad campaign is the supremacist nature of the phrase “Glory to Allah” – often mistranslated as “Glory to God” by Western media outlets.

This phrase “Subhan Allah” is derived from the same tradition as “Allahu akbar,” which rather than meaning “God is Great” as the mainstream media claims, actually means “Our god – Allah — is greater” – greater, that is, than yours.

And now fresh on the heels of jihad election, a notorious Islamic group is plastering the sides of London buses, the same buses that were bombed in the July 7, 2005 Islamic attacks, with posters blaring “Glory to Allah.” Indeed. These days are days of triumph for Islamic imperialists and sharia enforcers across the UK. Mind you, I contacted the London bus outdoor advertising agency, asking them to run ads that my organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), has prepared containing actual Muhammad quotes.

I have not, however, heard back from them. No surprise. To learn who rules over you, simply find out whom you cannot criticize. This is essentially soft sharia enforcement: the prohibition of any criticism of Islam and of anything offensive to Islam and Muslim sensibilities.

The same thing is happening in the United States today as well. While America sleeps, the Left and its Islamic supremacist allies are working hard to render the First Amendment a dead letter. The stakes couldn’t be higher. You can’t criticize Muhammad, even by quoting him directly. You can’t criticize Islam. You can’t criticize prominent Muslims. You can’t draw cartoons of Muhammad.

This is the situation in Britain today, and in the United States also. It is all so utterly absurd, but not so much as the non-believers who submit and adhere to this oppression and supremacism – how many non-Muslims in London, heedless of the consequences and besotted by political correctness and multiculturalism, voted for Sadiq Khan?.

This is the islamization of London and the United Kingdom. Soon will follow the criminalization of free speech. The election of Sadiq Khan and the “Glory to Allah” ads on London buses herald the beginning of a very scary, dark period in British history. It may indeed be the last period of Britain as the home of free people. Free people who willingly chose their own destruction.

(Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. She could be contacted at Twitter and Facebook.)

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