Sunday, May 5, 2019

AG William Barr Is So Dangerous ….. To Democrats

WASHINGTON.  Attorney General William Barr is apparently a very dangerous man. That’s because Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee spent an inordinate amount of time last Wednesday accusing Barr of dishonesty, corruption, and all-around hackery.

Predictably, committee member Sen. Mazie Hirono spoke up for her fellow Democrats and their toadies among the fake-news media. “You lied… Being attorney general of the United States is a sacred trust. You have betrayed that trust, America deserves better. You should resign.”

Subsequently, Democrats accused Barr of mischaracterizing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report as an exoneration of President Trump from the charge he was a double agent for Vladimir Putin’s Russia and tried to obstruct the investigation into the same. But this, as we all know, is exactly what Mueller in fact did. That is why he did not recommend indicting the president or members of his family. 

By means of the smears and slanders directed at William Barr, the Democrats intended to put their party out in front of a brewing political disaster. The following exchange between Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham and AG William Barr highlights this development.

Graham-Barr exchange

Lindsey Graham: “Do you agree with me that every American should be concerned as to whether or not a warrant was obtained against an American citizen [Carter Page] with unverified information?”
William Barr: “Absolutely. I think, you know, the Fourth Amendment is one of our most cherished liberties.”
Graham: “So, you think this is an appropriate thing to look at and you will look at it?
Barr: “Yes.”
Graham: “Do you share my concern that if you’re going to open up a counterintelligence investigation against a presidential candidate [Donald Trump], that you have to have a very good reason?
Barr: “Yes. Absolutely.”
Graham: “And a counterintelligence investigation is designed to protect the target of foreign influence, is that correct?”
Barr: “That is correct.”
Graham: “It’s not a prosecutorial function, is it?
Barr: “No. Unless espionage or some violation of the espionage laws develops.”

Graham heads into a Democrat No-Go zone

Graham: “So, would it be odd that the candidate [Trump] was never really briefed by the Department of Justice that… [his] campaign might be targeted by a foreign entity?
Barr: “That is one of the questions I have. I feel, normally, the campaign would have been advised of this.”
Graham: “Can you think of a good reason, right now, why they wouldn’t have been?”
Barr: “I’m interested in getting that answer. They [the Trump campaign] had two former US Attorneys in Chris Christy and Rudy Giuliani in the campaign, and I don’t understand why the campaign wasn’t advised.”

It was here Graham really got the attention of Democrats on his committee.

Graham: “Apparently, when Sen. [Dianne] Feinstein had a person on her staff that was supposedly connected to the Chinese government, she was briefed. Is that the normal way you do things… with a counterintelligence investigation?”
Barr: “That’s what I would… if I were attorney general and that situation came up, I would say, ‘Yes, brief the target of the foreign espionage activity.’”

Feinstein gets uncomfortable

It’s at this point that Feinstein became visibly shaken by Graham’s penetrating line of inquiry. In 2018, Feinstein admitted the FBI informed her five years earlier of its concerns. Namely, “that an administrative member of my California staff was potentially being sought out by the Chinese government to provide information.”
She chaired the Senate Intelligence Committee in 2013, when the incident occurred. After that uncomfortable moment, an aide rushed to Feinstein’s side and whispered some comforting words in the rattled senator’s ear.

Graham, Meanwhile, got back to business.

Graham: “So, you’re pledging to this committee and, I guess, to the country as a whole… to find out what happened with the [FBI’s FISA] warrant application? Find out about the counterintelligence investigation, to make sure that the law was followed and if there was any abuse of the law, to report it to the Congress and the public? Is that accurate?”
Barr: “That’s accurate. I just want to satisfy myself that there were no abuse of law enforcement or intelligence powers.”

An inquisitive inquisitor

Clearly, it’s Barr’s curiosity that makes him so dangerous to the Democrats’ lawless inner circle. That curiosity, in turn, will likely present him with a trail that leads to one Democrat in particular.

The same Democrat who weaponized the Internal Revenue Service against Tea Party and conservative groups ahead of his 2012 re-election bid. The same Democrat that set a domestic spying operation into motion against the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

The Democrat who countenanced or even encouraged an espionage caper based on a fabricated dossier filled with disinformation provided by Kremlin sources and written by a British spy for his paymasters.

Subsequently, a weaponized FBI presented this fabricated document to a weaponized FISA court. A phony document bought and paid for by the Democratic National Committee and its losing 2016 presidential candidate.

Investigating hope and fundamental change

Democrats regard William Barr as extremely dangerous. They fear he can expose their long game to deligitimize and destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump. They fear that Barr can turn Trump’s anticipated perp walk toward impeachment into a badly needed investigation of weaponized Deep State agencies.

Above all, we must understand that Democrat insiders carefully reconstructed these weaponized agencies to work not for the American people and our consitutional republic. Instead, these insiders redirected the efforts of these agencies solely on behalf of the Democratic Party. A Party altered by the man who said on January 15, 2009: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

So Barr’s investigation of this man’s shift of a formerly constitutional government into a weaponized banana-republic is what really scares Democrats and their Republican enablers. To clarify this further, none of them want the American people to see what they’ve been doing behind the scenes to undermine and destroy the United States.

Most importantly, multiple spies infiltrated the Trump campaign to help this Democrat in his project to remake our nation in a way that most Americans cannot imagine. We know that one of these spies was Stepan Halper. This political insider  possessed an excellent cover, as he worked under several Republican administrations.

Also, let’s not forget, it was the late “war hero,” Senate Republican John McCain, who shopped his copy of the discredited Christopher Steele dossier to his corrupt friends at the FBI. Moreover, that’s the same man who waged a pathetically ineffectual 2008 presidential campaign against that specific Democrat who tipped the first domino in the Russia hoax cascade.

That Democrat: The fundamental hope and changer, Barack Hussein Obama.