Wednesday, June 16, 2021

NLD’s Assassination Campaign Raging In Burma!

                 (Based on Burmese posts from the FACEBOOK in May & June, 2021.) 

A Gen-Z assassin shot dead by cops.
Raging NLD’s assassination campaign has been killing hundreds of NON-CDM school teachers and local civilian administrators and rival parliamentarians all over Burma.

The Gen-Z assassins are coming back into Proper-Burma after receiving basic military training and intensive bomb-making lessons from the ethnic insurgents in the border jungles.

Now they are actively bombing the soft targets mainly the schools and local administrative offices and at the same time assassinating the school teachers and local civilian administrators and government nurses.

At about 10 am on June-8, Soe Soe Lwin, the Kyar-kwet-thit Ward Administrator of Tarmway Township, was shot to death at point blank inside her car on Kyauk-myaung-thahti-pahtan road and was taken to a nearby hospital. She was declared DOA (Death on arrival). Just last month she survived an assassination attempt when a bomb exploded under her house.

Killing Of Rival Members of Parliament

On June-8, Mi Wai Thi Phyo the elected member-of-parliament from the Mon Unity Party in Phaya-thone-zu Township was killed by two unknown gunmen near her house. She had been getting death-threats from Gen-Z killers and so that evening she left her house at Ywarthit Village to go sleep in a house of relatives at neighboring village.

Her car was then followed by two men on a motorcycle and they overtook and shot her dead just outside her village. One pistol shot went through her left breast and she died at the nearby hospital at about 7:30 pm.

Elected MP Mi Wai Thi Phyo, assassinated.

Ward Administrator Soe Soe Lwin, assassinated.

Massacre In Gangaw, Yaw District

In the evening of May-31 five locals on their way back in a car from withdrawing their government salaries were stopped at the road-block by an armed Gen-Z group of about 80. The stop was at Ye-Hla Road intersection about 34 miles from the Gangaw Town.  

Once the armed-stoppers found out that the occupants of the car stopped were three local administrators and one female middle school teacher and two female government nurses from the nearby village of Thndaw. They pulled them out of the car, beat them up, and shot them to death. Their car was also burned down completely and the corpses were too.

The killed were village administrators Tar Loo, Sein Oo, Kyaw Myo Naing, and teacher Khin Myo Tint, and nurse Thidar Win. Nurse Thae Mar Htway was wounded but she was spared so that she could report the massacre to the police and also carry their stern warning back to the village.

Assassination In Lamadaw, Rangoon

Local ward administrator Bo Kyi was also shot to death by two gunmen right in the middle of a busy street in Rangoon. After receiving serious death threats days before he was basically staying inside his house all the time. But that day the Gen-Z boombers blew up his government ward office nearby to draw him out of the house.

Then on his way to the office to investigate the bombing he was ambushed by two Gen-Z gunmen and murdered. His wife and children were seen weeping beside his sprawling dead body on the street.

Capture Of Gen-Z Bombers and Killers At Zero-Mile

In the early night of June-5 the security forces manning the check-point at Zero-Mile of Rangoon-Prome Road stopped a minivan trying to run through the road block. And in the process they shot dead one Gen-Z bonber-killer and wounded and captured another one. Hand grenades and several hand guns and assault rifles were also captured form them.

23-years-old Htoo Way Lin, the wounded bomber-killer, confessed that he and many other Gen-Z men and women were given military training at Mai-jar-yan KIA camp from April-5 to April-28.

He said he and the others met Kyaw Soe Lin, former NLD’s Mandalay MP, and Dr. Myo Win, former NLD’s Yay MP at the KIA camp and they gave them cash and weapons and instructed them to target local government administrators and non-CDM public servants like teachers and nurses back in Rangoon.