Sunday, June 27, 2021

Limo Fuckwit, Indian COVID, and Sydney Lockdown

                          (Based on related Newspaper articles in June, 2021.) 

It took only one fuckwit limo driver to force the devastating lockdown on more than 5 million people of Sydney. The whole fiasco now is a devastating nightmare.

Against the recommended precautions and commonsense and established rules the idiot driver, who ferried the overseas pilots and aircrews from the Sydney International Airport to the quarantine hotels, refused to be vaccinated and occasionally refused to wear PPE such as masks and gloves and completely avoided the daily mandatory tests. So he got infected with Indian COVID from a foreign airline crew he was transporting.

He then wondered around all over Sydney Eastern Suburbs mainly Bondi, rapidly infected so many people, and thus started the so-called Bondi Cluster of COVID cases. He even went and watched a movie at a crowded theater while he was highly infectious and spreaded the Indian Variant COVID virus more.

He was found infected only on June-16 COVID test the only test he ever took while working as a quarantine driver despite the strict requirement to get tested daily. By then he was found wondering around while infectious the whole previous week. On June-17 his wife was tested positive with same virus variant the Indian one.

On June-18 two more cases linked to him were found. On June-19 two more positive cases were found and the speed of infections scared the authorities especially the new Indian virus needs only a few-seconds-long fleeting contact to jump from person to person. It is scary.

On June-20 more virus victims were found in as far away as Wollongong City and Sutherland Shire many miles away from the cluster origin at Bondi. Five new cases were recorded in June-22. On early June 23  a whole family of five were reported positive with the same Indian virus.

A super-spreader event was discovered on late June-23 at a house-party in West Hoxton more than 40 km away from the Sydney CBD. An infectious person attended the birthday party there attended by nearly thirty people. Eight were tested positive and one Melbourne man the father of the party-host flew back to Melbourne next day and tested positive there. Two of the infected were seriously sick and being treated in ICU.

One from the party is a two-year-old child who also attended the Little Zak'sseriousy ill childcare centre in Narellan while infectious. One infected woman took a three-days-trip to Auckland in New Zealand while infectious and the so-called Aus-NZ trouble bubble was completely suspended.

On June-26 afternoon NSW government declared a two-weeks-lockdown till June-9 after recording more than 30 new positive cases last few days. Virus was totally out of control and forced the NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian to lockdown whole Greater Sydney.

Limo Driver Denied He Was The Patient Zero

The limo man now seriously ill and hiding came out in the TV interview aired on Channel-9 on June-26 denying he was the patient zero of the latest COVID outbreak in Sydney. He claimed he wasn’t the COVID cluster-fuck of Bondi as the NSW Government has accused him.

The Bondi limo driver had spoken to Channel-9 “A Current Affair” to try to clear his name. He insists he took every precaution - but wasn't vaccinated over blood clot fears, but he wore masks and gloves while taking pilots from Sydney Airport to hotels. The driver is convinced he caught Covid from a café customer, not flight crew, as he alleges he sat near a 'coughing man in his 30s' at a popular Vaucluse café.

But his claim was rejected by the NSW health authorities as there was no evidence backing his wild accusations. Only good news for him was the NSW Police has so far refused to charge him or fine him for breaking the public health orders. He got away scotch free after causing multi-billion dollar potential damages to the NSW economy.

Idiot WHO renames ‘Indian COVID variant’ to Delta

We are not even allowed to call the most dangerous COVID variant originated in India the Indian COVID Variant as it was quietly renamed the Delta COVID Variant by the big fuckwits at WHO the so-called World Health Organization.

They honestly believe that the stigmatization caused by naming the viruses according to their originating countries was dangerously harmful. And they tried to hide the virus origin by naming them with some misleading Greek letters. Like they did with the Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus by renaming it the COVID-19 virua.

So the UK variant is now called Alpha variant, the South African one is Beta, the Indian one is Delta, and the Brazilian one is Gamma. The so-called Delta variant (the Indian one) is wreaking havoc and devastations in India first, then UK, and then USA, and now Australia.

Explaining the changes in a statement the WHO fuckwits declared, “People often resort to calling virus variants by the places where they are detected, which is stigmatizing and discriminatory. To avoid this and to simplify public communications, WHO encourages national authorities, media outlets and everyone to adopt these new politically-correct labels.”

Hotel-quarantine Fuck Sydney and Melbourne

Sco-Mo’s Federal Government used to claim credit for so-called 99% successful Hotel Quarantine Program for defending Australia from COVID attacks. Not only as preventing COVID but also as providing vital economic support for the financially-devastated hotel industry.

But the hotel quarantine system has backfired in ScoMo’s face as the frequent leakage of COVID into the community is becoming repeated occurrences. Through leaking air-conditioning grills, through floppy security guards, through careless hotel staff, through reckless guests, and through the stupid drivers: the COVID always find the peculiar ways of getting to people the government is trying to protect from the virus.

By using those virus leakages the opposition Labor Party has been consistently attacking the Federal Government for not having the specialized quarantine facilities in remote locations unlike the tourist hotels right smack in the middle of crowded cities as hotel quarantine facilities. Hotels are for healthy tourists not for potential COVID carriers.

Good news is Conservative Prime Minister Sco-Mo under opposition’s relentless pressure has already caved in and promised to terminate hotel quarantine soon and build specially-built quarantine facilities in all states. Federal Government will build the camps and will let the state governments run the camps as a political compromise.

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