Thursday, January 3, 2013

General Gam Shaung Wounded by Army Gunship?

(This post is translation of news article from various Burmese blogs.)

Feared Chief-of-Staff General Gam Shaung of KIA.
Feared Chief-of-Staff of KIA (Kachin Independence Army) General Gam Shaung was severely wounded by a Burma Army’s MI-35P helicopter gunship just out of Laiza on January 2nd.

According to the KIA sources the feared General and his entourage in 6 SUV convoy was on an inspection tour of KIA defensive positions around Laiza when a roving helicopter gunship spotted them on a hill just outside of Laiza and sprayed them with .50 calibre heavy machineguns.

His bodyguard-major and seven Lawaw guards were killed and Gam Shaung was hit in the mid belly and thighs. He was sent to Laiza Hospital and later transferred to the Provincial Hospital at Htein-chone across the border in China. His situation is deteriorating fast.

Laiza and its surrounds are now constantly shelled by the Burma army’s 105 mm howitzers positioned at nearby Dawphoneyan as the army mobile columns under the command of Colonel Lin Lin Htun of TOC-1 of LID-88 are now preparing to assault Laiza.
Russian-made MI-35P Helicopter Gunship that got Gam Shaung.

Gam Shaung Has A Very Violent Reputation

Even among ruthless KIA generals Gam Shaung has had a notorious reputation as being an extremely violent man, for he is responsible for a few massacres while he was a low-level commander. Following is the crudely-translated complaint letter to the police from the villagers of Lone-khin village in Pharkant township where Gam Shaung personally executed at least 100 people in a drug-related business dispute in December 1990.
“Hunble Request to take action against Spot Hmaw-Kachin State Myanmar

Now, KIA Chief-of-Staff Major General Gan Shoung and his intelligence chief Khaung Moon led terrorist group in 1990 December 23th (at that time Gan Shoung was the Commanding Officer KIA No.(6) battalion ) gathered about forty-five (45) Villagers from Spot Ye Chaung Hmaw, Lonekhin, Sinetown- Pharkant Region and mercilessly killed the innocent victims. This atrocity was committed in front of all the people, each a person from a family of villages around pharkant Hmaw, the majority of victims were Shan nationals and minority were Kachin nationals.

At that time , Pharkant region was dominated by KIA and commanding officer Gan Shaung collected money from Drug dealers. Due to American allegation that KIA was involving in Drug dealings. Therefore in 1990 December 16th and 17th village head U Khin Mg (deceased), U Thein Naing (deceased) , U Zaw Min, U Kyaw Zaw, Daw Nge (pharkant), U Nyunt Mg (Loenkhin), Nyo Aye (Lonekhin), Maung Gyi, Chit ko , Kauk Yoe Win Naing, U Chit Aung, U Chit Swe including 24 person were alleged with drug case and detained in 1990 December 20th.

KIA-controlled Pharkant Jade Mines in Kachin State.

Early in the morning motorboat headman U Myint Shwe (Karmine), U Khin Mg(deceased), U Kyauk(Militia), U Thein Naing (deceased), had been carried to the place of appointment made by major Gan Shaung with two motorboats. 24 detainees and 24 other who carried the detainees altogether 48 persons were roped at the crosses and shot with machine gun at the rate of twelve persons at a time, mercesly killed and thrown into the Oo Ru Stream. The terrorist KIA also recorded with video tape. Detainees from Lonekhin village, U Mg Gyi, U Chit Ko, Kauk Yoe Win Naing, U Chit Mg, U Chit Swe, were escaped by means of giving large amount of money to Major Gan Shaung.

All the eyes witnesses from the surrounding villages of Spot Chaung Hmaw region are still frightened the name of major Gan Chaung and they are still living at Myitkyina, Pharkant. By giving money to KIA and liberated villagers are still living. Those who witnessed the scene of crime committed by KIA are still suffering from terror of KIA .The relatives of the victims hated and bitter upon Major Gan Ghaung.

The above mentioned KIA No(2) brigade of No(6) battalion Commanding officer Major Gan Shaung (Now KIA Chief of Staff Major General Gan Shaung) is the person who committed the massacre. At the present , these are battles between government forces and KIA very heavily. We all the villagers are frightened and horrified. Major Gan Shaung is a person of very strong narrow nationalism and he is always building upon Shan Ni and Other national races. At the present he was commanding Chief of KIA fighting against government forces and all the villagers are still frightening the terrorist act of Major Gan Shaung. So, we humbly request the responsible person to take actions against such a cruel terrorist.

LoneKhin Villagers”
Gam Shaung is from the leading Jinphaw tribe and he is widely accused of being cruel to the subordinates, the discriminatory ways he treats other non-Jinphaw Kachin tribes, and excessively violent treatments he lashes out to Burmese and Shan people in Kachin State he despotically ruled.

He is a racist hardliner among the KIA/KIO leaders and notorious as a ruthless killer after he massacred more than 100 Burmese and Shan villagers in a drug-related dispute with locals when he was the Commander of Sixth Battalion Second KIA Brigade in December 1990.

General Gun Maw the Habitual Sex-offender

KIA Vice Chief-of-Staff General Gun Maw and his women bodyguards.
Gam Shaung’s deputy, Vice Chief-of-Staff General Gun Maw also is notorious for his sexual prowess among KIA’s so-called women warriors. Like late Moama Kaddafi of Libya our General Gun Maw has a troop of women bodyguards all pretty Shan girls plucked out from the Shan villages in KIA-controlled territory.

In early 2010 he knocked up a pretty Kachin girl called Daung-naw a lowly computer-clerk from Laiza KIA HQ. With two or three wives and tens of kids in China already our General Gun Maw didn’t want another wife and one more kid to look after, so he forced a late-term abortion on her and the poor girl died bleeding on the table during the crude process.

She was originally from the Sitarpu Ward in Myitkyinar and her family still live there. Her colleagues and friends including her boyfriend a young Kachin officer in the KIA didn’t like what happened to her, but they didn’t dare to say or do anything as they were all dead scared of Gun Maw and his thugs.
So-called women-warriors of KIA.

There’ll be no Peace till Gam Shaung and Gun Maw are gone!

While the civilian leaderships of KIA and other military leaders are willing to sit down and talk for a long-lasting peace between the Burmese and Kachin brothers the two top military leaders of KIA general Gam Shaung and Gun Maw do not agree with their colleagues and they didn’t even show up at the peace negotiation meetings in China to the dismay of senior Chinese cadres and military leaders who are sponsoring the peace process.

Despite the willingness of KIO Chairman Zaung Hara and other leaders to sign a peace agreement with Burmese the hardline stances of General Gam Shaung and his deputy General Gun Maw, both thuggish and despotic generals, have been prolonging this nasty civil war causing the indescribable sufferings of their own people.  

Stalled Burmese-Kachin Peace Negotiations because of Gam Shaung and Gun Maw.