Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kyan-sit-thar: Burma Navy’s First Stealth Frigate

(This post is translation of news articles from the Myanmar Military Blog.)

Kyansitthar, recently reincarnated as the latest stealth frigate (F-12) of Burma Navy, was a Burmese general who became a famous Burmese king (1084-1112) after King Anawrahta (1044-1077) the founder of Pagan dynasty and the first Burmese empire.

Kyansitthar (F-12) is the second frigate designed and made in Burma at the Naval Dockyard in Rangoon after the first local-made frigate F-11 Aungzeya. But Kyamsitthar is a stealth frigate incorporating various stealth technologies in its superstructure, communication systems, and weapon systems.

Partly finished Kyansitthar frigate without communications and weapon systems was launched in September 2012 and now is undergoing the installation process of its systems for the whole of this year.

Third Frigate F-13 Hull-laying Ceremony (5-9-2010).
Frigate F-13 Hull construction stage (25-2-2012).
Frigate F-13 unfinished-Hull.
Frigate F-12 Launch (September 2012).
Frigate F-12 Launch (September 2012).
Frigate F-12 Launch (September 2012).
Advanced Weapon Systems?

The 108m-frigate design was based on the successfully-built frigate F-11 Aungzeya but the stealth technology was new technological improvement over Aungzeya.

Above-water, under-water, anti-aircraft, and electronic warfares capable frigate is believed to have up to 120 km ranged guided-missiles, high speed cannons, CIWS (Close-in Weapon System), anti-submarine missiles, Active/Passive Electronic Warfare systems, and the target acquiring systems for OTH (Over The Horizon), surface, underwater, and aerial targets.

The 25 knots capable frigate will have a helicopter-deck and Burma Navy is expecting that the vessel will be completed in early 2014. Like Aungzeya Kyansitthar’s main missiles will be Russian-made Kh-35 guided missiles while its CIWS will be AK-630 30 mm short-range air-defence systems.

Stealth Frigate F-12, Kyansitthar at Rangoon Naval Dock (January 2013).
Russian-made Kh-35E ship-destroying guided missile.
AK-630 CIWS 30 mm short-range mini-gun system.
Three Frigates Navy!

Burma navy now has three guided-missile frigates namely Chinese-made frigates Mahabandoola (F-21) and Mahathihathura (F-23), and locally-made Aungzeya (F-11) in the active service. Aungzeya and Kyansitthar firgates were originally designated as F-22 and F-24 but Burma Navy later changed them to F-11 and F-12 respectively.

Burma Navy's Aungzeya Guided-MIssile Frigate (F-11).
F-21 Mahabandoola Frigate test-firing her guided missiles.
F-23 Mahathihathura Missile Frigate at Rangoon Naval Base.

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