Tuesday, August 13, 2013

India Forces Buddhist Refugees Back Into Bangladesh

  (Direct translation of news article direct from Myanmar Express on 13 August 2013.)

Buddhists fleeing the recent genocide in Bangladesh.
More than 1,500 Buddhist refugees fleeing their homes in the Chittagong-hill-tracts of Bangladesh were forcefully pushed back into Bangladesh by the Indian border security forces on August 12.

The Buddhist refugees from the Yakhine tribes of Maramar, Thet, and Dynet had fled from their homes after one of the frequently-occurring genocidal attacks by the Bangladeshi Muslim settlers during the 3-days long Muslim-riots from August 3 to August 5.

The Buddhists had fled to the neighbouring Indian State of Tripura after the Bangladeshi-Muslims attacked and burned down their houses in the Khagrahchari District - in Bangladesh’s once-Buddhist-majority Chittagong Hill Tracts – after the false rumours of Buddhists kidnapping a Bangladeshi-Muslim Cycle-carrier were maliciously spread by the Islamist jihadists hell bent on driving all the Buddhists out of CHT.

The genocidal attacks killed undisclosed number of Buddhists and seriously wounded 12 while a Yakhine woman is still missing presumed kidnapped by the Muslims. All together 35 houses from four Buddhist villages were burned down and more than 200 houses were destroyed by the rampaging Bangladeshi Muslims.

A devastated Buddhist family attacked in August 3-5 riots.
Bangladeshi government had announced the 4 Muslim instigators leading the genocidal attacks were already arrested and also promised to provide the compensation of Taka 25,000 (about kyats 300,000) to each family in addition to the essential foodstuff and temporary tarpaulin tents.

“Government’s also promised to rebuild the damaged and burnt-down Buddhist houses but they never ever keep their promises,” Said Oo Oo Htun Hla the Secretary of the Phalounchate’s Ardivarthi (Associations for the Non-Muslim Natives of Bangladesh).

According to the Buddhist locals this is the fifth genocidal attack on the Buddhist natives of Chittagong Hill Tracts by the Bangladeshi Muslim settlers in this year 2013 alone, and these repeated attacks are part of the ongoing genocide campaign led by Saudi’s Al-Rabitah (Muslim World League) to convert or drive out the Buddhist natives of CHT in Muslim-majority Bangladesh.

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