Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bengali Mob Attacks Burmese Restaurant in KL

Scene of the mob-attack on a Burmese Restaurant in KL.
The popular Myanmar Garden Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur was violently attacked and its properties stolen by a mob of Bengali-Muslims (fake Rohingyas from Bangladesh) in the late afternoon of last Friday August 3.

“We first heard of them Bengali mob protesting in front of Myanmar Embassy after their usual Friday prayers at their Bengali mosque in KL. From there after the protest they came back into the city and assaulted any Burmese or Yakhine Buddhist they found on the way. So young Yakhines nearby came into our shop to take a refuge from the Muslim mob.

The Bengali-Muslims chasing the Yakhine boys followed them into our shop and once they knew they were in a Buddhist shop they started destroying the chairs and tables. They destroyed almost everything here. They then took all the computers for sale at our shop. Bloody thieves and mother-fuckers,” said bitterly U Saw Aung to the Narinjara News Agency.

According to U Saw Aung the time of the violent mob attack was about 5 pm and the mob rampaging his shop was more than forty Bengali-Muslim men.

“About 40 men attacked our shop, but the mob was more than 100 Bengali-Muslims. We immediately called the police from the nearest police station. They immediately came, but because of the heavy Friday traffic on the roads they didn’t get here too soon. But the police still caught seven of eight of them Bengalis. Some people from the nearby shops also caught some of them. Now they are being interrogated by the police,” said also U Saw Aung the owner of the Myanmar Garden Restaurant.

Bengali-Muslim protesters at Burmese Embassy in KL.
The Restaurant Manager U Kyaw Thein had started the criminal case with the Malaysian Police.

According to U Saw Aung the restaurant owner they already had the news that the Bengali-Muslims were attacking the Buddhist people and properties on Friday, and he thought the mob would attack the Yakhin Office (ARRC) not his shop, but only his shop ended up being destroyed by the wild Bengali-Muslim mob.

He added that luckily no one was seriously injured or killed except the property damages and the computers being stolen by the Bengali-Muslims.

This violent incident is the very first time the Bengali-Muslims the so-called Rohingyas had openly attacked on the Buddhist Yakhines outside of Burma since the recent Bengali Riots back in Arrakan the native land of all Yakhines.