Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Myanmar Muslim Associations Call for Peace in Arrakan

A Burmese Muslim Gathering in Arrakan.
YANGON, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- The All Myanmar Islam Association has called for peaceful settlement of disputes in the framework of law with regard to incident which occurred in the country's western Rakhine state, said an announcement of the association published in official media Monday.
The joint announcement was signed by leaders of five Islamic associations, namely Olama Muslim Theologians, Islam Religions Affairs Council Headquarters, Myanmar Maulawi Organization Headquarters, Myanmar Muslim Youth's Religious Organization ( MaMala Headquarters) and Myanmar Muslin National League (MaAhPha Headquarters).
The announcement stressed the peaceful settlement be sought " through coordination based on loving-kindness putting aside different views, ideologies and concepts according to the nature of the human being among the people of Myanmar".
The statement voiced total disapproval of any exaggeration of incidents, denouncing any person or organization attempting or committing terrorist acts, making threat and coerce which harm the lives, property and undermine the dignity of Myanmar and its people by taking advantages of the incidents.
The statement maintained that "Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam have flourished in Myanmar and those who professed the religions have been living through thick and thin in the country".
Dealing with the Rakhine incident, Myanmar government formed a 27-member investigation commission last Friday in its bid to expose the real cause of the conflict in the Rakhine in May-June that undermined peace and stability and rule of law in the region.
Bengali-Muslim Rioters in Maungdaw.
The commission, which mainly comprises leaders of six religious organizations of Islamic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian as well as leaders of some five political parties, is headed by Dr. Myo Myint, retired director-general of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
The commission is tasked to submit to the President on Sept. 17 reports and proposals for ending the conflict, finding out ways for peaceful coexistence between groups of different faiths, rule of law and socio-economic development.
Myanmar government has rejected attempts to politicize and internationalize the situation as a religious issue, reiterating that the Rakhine incident was neither because of religious oppression nor discrimination.
The government has taken legal action to the perpetrators involved in the lawlessness and anarchist acts, said a recent government statement.