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Kidnap, Rape, and Forced-Conversion of Buddhist Girls

Her name is Ju Ju. Just 19-year-old tenth-grader Burmese-Buddhist girl from the Mar-la-kar-gyan Ward of Maha-aung-myay Township in Mandalay. Her parents U Johnny and Daw Win Kyi were dead and she had to live with her old grandmother Daw Ahmar.

Mar-la-kar-gyan ward is a Muslim-majority ward just behind the Panset Mosque in Mandalay. Older Muslim man Sharban (a) Than Min Oo also lives there with his parents. He is a married man with wives and children but he keeps them at somewhere else so that he could be a pretend bachelor. Our Ju Ju knew him but not that well and she didn’t know he was a Muslim kalar.

One day last year (2012) at about 8 pm Ju Ju was on her way to a private tution class when she met Sharban on his bike waiting for her on the road. Sharban told her that he was going same direction and offered her a ride. So Ju Ju naively sat on the back of his bike.

Soon she found herself on the highway heading north. Only then Sharban told her that he was eloping with her. She was shocked as they were not even lovers and also he was much older than her. But it was too late as they were already at 21 mile out of Mandalay. He basically kidnapped her that night and later raped her repeatedly at a guest house.

They finally ended up in the town of Nam-khan and only after a month and a half Sharban brought her back to Mandaly. By then her grandmother has passed away and she was alone except Sharban and his Muslim kalar mother Daw Hla Myint.

She only realised they are Muslim kalars when Sharban and his mother refused steadfastly to arrange a traditional Buddhist wedding for her. They kept on pushing her to accept a Muslim wedding at the nearby Panset Mosque.

She never witnessed a Muslim wedding and naively she asked them what a Muslim wedding was. So they took her to the Panset Mosque one day to show her how a special wedding between a Muslim kalar man and a Buddhist Burmese girl was done.

Secret Wedding for Muslim-kalar man and Burmese-Buddhist girl

Kone Yoe Mosque in Mandalay (2010).
The secret wedding ceremony between another older Muslim-klar man and a young Buddhist-Burmese girl was held quietly inside a small hall at the back of Panset Mosque. The Kalar man and Burmese girl were strangely separated by a large curtain. The room was filled with many Muslim kalar men.

Behind the curtain three Imams first instructed the poor Burmese girl not to pay respects to Lord Buddha anymore and she had to repeat after them many times. Then they told her not to pay respects to Buddhist monks anymore and she had to repeat after them again.   

Once the girl could recite the imams’ instructions her feet and hands were washed with cow-milk. They then covered her head and face with a cloth and forced her to walk back and forth on a large blue carpet at the middle of the hall.

Once she walked over the blue carpet three times every kalar man in the room cheered out aloud. There was not a single Buddhist Burmese from the girl’s side as it is strictly prohibited, Ju Ju was told.

Only then Ju Ju was told that the Burmese-Buddhist girl was a Monywar-native now working as a sales girl in a Muslim-owned fabric shop in the Zay-gyo market. The Kalar man she was coerced to marry then was a poor porter in the same market. She agreed to marry him in Muslim wedding after being offered a generous set gold jewelleries by the Muslims from Panset Mosque.

After her walking three times over the large blue carpet the imams lifted the blue carpet and exposed nine or ten large glossy images of most famous Buddhist shrines in Burma. Shwedagon in Rangoon, Maha-myat-muni in Mandalay, Kyaik-htee-yoe in Kyaikhto, and Sule in Rangoon were there on the floor underneath the blue carpet and the Buddhist girl was forced to desecrate the Buddhist icons unknowingly.

Kalar-Bamar couple in coerced-Islamic-Marriage.
(Notice all the golds from Imams on her?)
The Muslilm-kalar men-only crowd there loudly cheered and clapped once the desecrated images of Buddhist shrines were shown. But the Buddhist girl bride covered her face with her hands and started crying once she realised what she had just done.

The imams then told her that she was now a Muslim and asked if she still want her set of golds and marry the kalar man. She was still sobbing quietly but after a few minutes she whispered that it didn’t matter anymore as she had already desecrated and she just wanted the gold pieces.

So the Imams pulled out the gold pieces  from their pockets and put a necklace around her neck, bracelets on her wrists, and a pair of earrings in her ears and the Islamic wedding was over as she was now a Muslim wife of a Muslim man who might already have 3 wives and ten children all half-breed Muslims.

It was a Shocker for our Buddhist Girl Ju Ju

After witnessing the force-conversion ceremony of another Buddhist girl coerced into marrying a Muslim kalar our Ju Ju was eternally shocked and that night she told Sharban and his mother that she didn’t want to marry that way if she were to step on images of famous pagodas three times and be converted into Islam.

That night she was beaten and kicked out of their house by Sherban’s mother Daw Hla Myint as Sherban also refused to marry her if she would not convert to Islam. Ju Ju became homeless that night. Luckily she got help from her high-school friends and got a job as shop keeper in a mobile phone shop.

Unfortunately the kalar man Sharban has impregnated her and she is now pregnant. Just yesterday (8 July 2013) her friends took her to the Central Women Hospital and discovered in ultrasound that her baby was in a wrong position and she would face complications. Doctors suggested she needs a caesarean operation but she has no money to pay for.

Our Shin Wirathu heard of her sad story through Chan-mya-thu-kha welfare association and is now helping her to safely deliver her baby and also requesting many Buddhist women organizations to help her and her baby for a better future. She is now being treated in the Central Women Hospital.

Burmese-Buddhist Girls are priced by the Mosque Imams

Ju Ju recalled to Shin Wirathu that she was beaten and tortured frequently by kalar Sherban and his mother till she agreed to marry him and become a Muslim. Once she had agreed to marry him the Muslim way Sherban went to Panset Mosque to get reward for getting a Buddhist girl as one of his wives.

First she didn’t know the full story as Sherban told her only that he got 500,000 kyats from the Imams from Panset Mosque. Only later she found the related paperwork and receipt inside his shirt pockets while she was washing the shirts.

Apparently the Muslim Imams in Burma have set-rewards paid to Muslim men who manage to marry Burmese-Buddhist girls and convert them to Islam. Imams have priced Burmese-Buddhist girls according to their education levels.

According to Ju Ju the Burmese girls with high school education like her are priced at 500,000 kyats, the ordinary arts-and-science university graduates at 1,000,000, and the medical-university graduates at 1,500,000 kyats.

She even found the paper issued by Panset Mosque’s Imams to Sherban honouring him and rewarding 500,000 kyats for getting Ju Ju a Burmese-Buddhist girl with high school education.

Ju Ju is now saved but many more Buddhist Girls like her won’t be

Ju Ju in ambulance on her way to hospital.
Ju Ju is a heroic Burmese-Buddhist girl who has bravely refused to marry a Muslim Kalar if she had to step on the images of Buddhist pagodas and she was punished for that.

But hundreds and hundreds of other Burmese-Buddhist girls and young women every year unlike her will become the victims of Islamists’ aggressive drive to turn Buddhist Burma into an Islamic nation like Bangladesh or Indonesia the previously Buddhist nation fell under the sword of evil Islam.

Every single year in Burma at least 500-600 Burmese Buddhist girls are converted to Islam by force or by coercion or by bribe. That notorious Saudi Government-funded Al-Rabita (The Muslim World League) has been behind that Islamic drive into Burma. And their thousands of children are becoming Buddhist-hating half-kalar half-Bamar Islamists the inherent danger to our Burma and our Burmese people.

That is the reason we as a nation of Buddhists must have a law protecting our race and our faith and ultimately our nation.

Race Protection Act (The Buddhist-Burmese Women's Marriage Act)

Following is the first draft of our Race Protection Act or The Marriage Act for Buddhist-Burmese Women presently being prepared to be proposed to the Union Parliament to consider making it an enforceable law.
1. This act shall be called the Marriage Act (Emergency) For Burmese-Buddhist Women.
2. Only official Buddhist men are allowed to marry a Burmese-Buddhist woman.
3. If he was once a non-Buddhist he must have an official document of becoming a Buddhist.
4. He must also receive written permission from the parents or legal guardian of the bride.
5. Only when above requirements are met the marriage certificate must be registered and signed in front of the respective ward or village administrator.
6. If any non-Buddhist man who married a Burmese-Buddhist woman against above rules shall be punished with a ten years prison term and also all his possessions and properties shall be confiscated and given to the Burmese-Buddhist woman he married against this law.
7. In addition the offender shall be charged and punished in accordance with the Crime Act’s Marriage Law Section 493 and any other relevant acts.
8. By this act the “1954 Act of Interfaith-Marriage and Inheritance for Burmese-Buddhist Women” shall be suspended till a new act in accordance with Burmese tradition is rewritten and promulgated.
9. Once passed by the Union Parliament and signed by the President this act shall be immediately enforceable.
Race Protection Act "Draft" in Burmese.
Race Protection Act is supported by all senior Buddhist monks.
If we already had this act many thousands of our Buddhist women who were forced to convert to Islam would not have to go through their pain and hardship like our Ju Ju does. This Act will protect them from the evil Muslim predators encouraged and supported by the Muslim world to Islamize our Buddhist Burma.

Our politicians have to act now and if they don’t people of Burma will punish them in coming 2015 General Elections. We will ask our Buddhist people not to vote for any politician who oppose this proposed law in the current parliament. We mean it and we will act against any politician who stands in the way of passing this crucial law.

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