Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Islamic Australia: No White Cunts And Christians Allowed?

Last year Muslim riots in Sydney.
Has Muslim number in Sydney reached a critical mass for serious disturbances like what has been happening in the Europe now widely called as the Eurabia by most conservative patriots in Europe?

Last year Muslim riots in Sydney frightened me even though I am not easily scared of anything in this world. I thought I’d seen and done the worst in the war-torn jungles and strife-torn cities of Burma. Even the Cronulla anti-Lebanese-Muslim riots in December 2005 didn’t scare me a bit.

But that religious and race riots we witnessed last year were different. They were the beginning of the serious troubles ahead for our beautiful Sydney because of their scary significance as the taste of things to come in very near future as one of the adverse results from the rapid Islamization of Sydney.

Muslim numbers had broken through the 5 percent level of Sydney population last year and the Muslim population here has reached a critical mass for the serious racial-religious troubles ahead in our beautiful Sydney as the ugly Islamization of a non-Islamic or a so-called infidel nation started going overdrive.

(According to the 2010 census there were at least 219,380 self-declared Muslims in Sydney with a total population of 3,630,000, i.e. the Muslim population is well over 6% of total population now living in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area.)

Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabi influence

Overflowing Lakemba mosque in Sydney.
Saudi Arabia, the oil-rich Islamic Bogey man behind the rapid spread of Islam in the infidel nations of this world, is reported to have been spending $120 million on religious works in Australia beginning in the 1970's. The result is the rapid expansion of hardline fundamentalist Wahhabi influence in Australia. 

In March 2007, it was announced that Saudis were planning a $2.7 billion scholarship fund for Australian universities, organised to make the entry of Saudi students into Australia easier to receive tertiary education due to restrictions on their entry into the US and UK in the post- 9/11 security environment.

In 2007, it was also reported, nearly 20 Muslim imams in Australia were paid by Saudi Arabia, including Sheik Mohammed Swaiti, the most eminent Muslim cleric in Canberra and spiritual leader of the Abu Bakr mosque since 1994.

Muslim Cabbies and Uncovered Meat

It was totally unbelievable when I first heard the words from a skinny ex-refugee Somali-Muslim driver in a Sydney cab that Australians are morally bankrupt. He saw that I am a brown man and probably thought that I would harbour same hatred towards the white Australians as he did.

I was shocked that a refugee from a shit-poor country like Somalia would say such an offensive remark to Australians who have welcomed him with open arms to their beautiful country and given him a decent life and probably saved his life and his desperate family’s too.

So I asked him what he meant by that. He simply replied that young Aussie women wear skimpy cloths and drink alcohol and go out at nights and have boyfriends. He added that he would never allow his young daughters to go out and drink and have boyfriends.

Clash of civilizations on a Sydney beach.
I was once a Sydney cabbie like him and so I tried to teach him the economic benefits of women's freedom in a western civilized society like our Australia.

I just asked him what was the percentage of women fares out of all fares he usually got in a busy night like Friday night. He said almost 100%.

I asked him why, even though I knew the exact reason, and he replied that he refused to stop for Aussie men in busy nights and picked up only females as they were much safer. He also added that women wouldn’t do runners and always pay the fare.

So I told him if Aussie women do not drink and do not go out like they do now he will be out of work. I even added that he would then be forced to pick up young Aussie guys and probably ended up being assaulted or even killed.

The bastard Somali-Muslim was suddenly angry by my logical- reasoning and thus we got into heated arguments and finally he stopped the cab and asked me to get out. I refused to pay him and left him fuming and screaming obscenities after me.

I think the Muslim number in Sydney has reached a critical mass for serious disturbances like what has been happening in the Europe now widely called as the Eurabia by most conservative patriots in Europe. That cocky Somali-Muslim Cabbie and last year Muslim riots in Sydney are the proof of that! 

(I do not even need to mention the weekly arrivals of thousands and thousands of Labour-encouraged illegal Muslims on boats reaching Australia. Please enjoy this Islamic Australia video lifted illegally from You Tube.)

                                               (What Islam Is Not video from You Tube.)

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