Sunday, July 7, 2013

Another Burmese-Buddhist Killed in Malaysia

One more Burmese-Buddhist man murdered in Malaysia.
At the noon of 6 July 2013 the office of Kanpong Burmese Funeral Services Association (KBFSA) received a much dreaded phone call again. The office in-charge Kyaw Thu answered and the caller a Burmese told them another bad news of finding a fresh Burmese corpse this time at the top of Subang Jaya SS/6C Street.

The KBFSA president San Win and the Malaysian volunteer Dato Dr. Richard Tan immediately called Malaysian police and then went to the site of reported Burmese corpse. There they found May Than the bereaved-wife of deceased and her friends by the body.

According to May Than the killed was 33 year-old Burmese Buddhist man who has been working in Malaysia for over ten years and whose original address in Rangoon was No. 404, Thumarlar-9 Street, Ward-2 in North Okalapa Township. And his name was Ye Win Htun.

He had been working for Subang Mewa Auto-Body Repair and Painting workshop and he had a legal permit to work in Malaysia and he also carried a legal Burmese passport. He was working late yesterday July-5 and didn’t come back home usual time.

Malaysian Police's hate-filled attitude to recent
killings of Burmese-Buddhists in Malaysia.
So May Than called his phone at about 11 pm last night and he answered that the car he was repairing and test-driving had broken down right in front of Summit Five Star Hotel and he was then fixing the car alone and also told her not to worry.

He didn’t come home that night and at early 1 am next morning May Than tried to call him again. Out of two hand-phones he carries one was unreachable and the other one was ringing but no one answered. When she called that phone again someone picked up and then immediately turned it off.

She was extremely worried and so went to the said location with her uncle and friends. But they didn’t find him or the car there. But they continued searching for him in the area. Only at about noon that day they found him murdered in a road-side ditch and also found the car he was test-driving nearby.

May Than also told them that her husband Ye Win Htun had seven stab wounds on his torso. Finally the local Malaysian police had arrived and taken the body from Subang Jaya to the PJ University Hospital for an autopsy.

Ye Win Htun is now just a statistics as the rapidly increasing number of Burmese-Buddhists brutally murdered by the Bengali-Muslims in Malaysia. 

And shameless Malaysia is still shouting aloud asking Burma and the International community to protect Bengali-Muslims (so-called Rohingyas) in Burma while blatantly ignoring the very obvious fact that the packs of same Bengali-Muslim illegals in Malaysia are hunting down and brutally killing the Burmese-Buddhist one after another in Malaysia since December last year.