Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Burmese Army Drove Insurgents Out Of Mone-Koe

Mone-Koe Town under siege for last 14 days by the KIA-led Northern Alliance insurgents is finally free after another Light Infantry Division, the LID-11, of Burmese Army smashed through the insurgent lines constricting the town for two weeks.

After the town was secured and all the ethnic insurgents were driven out of the town and back into the next-door-neighbour China three Burmese Tactical Commanders from both LID-99 and LID-11 had a celebratory group photo with the back ground of Burmese flag continuously flying all 14 days under siege on the top of LID-99’s Mone-Koe Tactical Command Hill, the Byuhar Kone.

In the photo were the Tactical Commander of LID-99 First Tactical Command defending the town (Far Left), the Tactical Commander of LID-11 First Tactical Command which marched through the jungle smashing through enemy lines and mine-fields towards the town (Center), and the Tactical Commander of LID-99 Second Tactical Command which came through as a motorised/armoured column along the Kyukoke-Monekoe Road (Far-Right).

Even though all the ethnic insurgents are gone the Mone-Koe Town is not really back to normal yet as the fleeing town folk (mainly Chinese) are not back from China and many of the residents (Shans and Burmese) are still taking refuge in the army compound. Following photos are of the Burmese soldiers guarding their positions around town and at the Border Gate.

For 14 days Burmese Air Force had used jet fighters, fighter bombers, and MI-35 Helicopter gunships and pounded the insurgent positions on the hills overlooking the town causing massive casualties among the insurgents who finally abandoned their dream of holding Mone-Koe and declaring it their liberated area on the Burmese soil.

Despite the massive attacks by KIA-led Northern Alliance insurgents Mone-Koe town was never fallen because of Burmese soldiers doggedly defending the town and finally it is free again from the ethnic violence.

Ye Moe, former army captain-turned war correspondent from Myanmar Review Journal.

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