Wednesday, September 19, 2012

More Fake Rohingyas Caught again in Chittagong?

(First part of this post is from the Daily Star Bangladesh on 18 September 2012.)

112 fake-Rohingyas caught in Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Police in the wee hours of yesterday detained 112 people from Banshkhali upazila in Chittagong while they were boarding an engine boat in a bid to travel to Malaysia illegally.
Nur Hossain Mamun, a sub-inspector of Banshkhali Police Station, said that traffickers assembled the detainees at Chhanua Khal (canal) in the upazila, giving them the assurance of providing jobs in the southeast Asian country.
Law enforcers failed to nab any of the traffickers but detained the boatman Monjur Islam Monu for his alleged involvement in the trafficking. Monu said that one Imrul hired the boat for Tk 8,000 to go to Kutubdia and he had no knowledge about taking these people to Malaysia.
Traffickers gathered the victims in the upazila from different districts with a commitment of taking them to Malaysia in exchange of Tk 2 lakh. Initially, the gang took Tk 2,000 to Tk 10,000 from each of them, said SI Mamun.
The detainees said that they were first taken to Chittagong en route to Dhaka by buses and trains on Saturday, and then moved to Banshkhali by buses.
After getting information from locals that many unknown people had been gathered near Chhanua Khal, Rezaul Hoque, chairman of Chhanua Union Parishad, informed police of the matter around 2:00am.
Police rushed to the spot around 3:00am. They detained 113 people including boatman Monu and seized the engine boat. Habibur Rahman, one of the detainees, said that he had paid Tk 2,000 to a broker and committed to pay Tk 2 lakh to him after reaching Malaysia.

“I dreamt of going to Malaysia to become financially solvent. But now I can realise that I have been deceived,” said Habibur, who used to work as a night guard at a private company in Dhaka.
“I was supposed to make a phone call to my family after reaching Malaysia and they were supposed to pay Tk 2 lakh to the broker,” he said adding, "They told us that we would be taken to Malaysia by ship."

Habibur, however, could not name the broker. Nurul Kabir, owner of the engine boat, went into hiding soon after police detained 113 people.
Contacted, Ruhul Amin Siddique, assistant superintendent of police (Satkania circle) in Chittagong, said police were conducting drives to nab the traffickers including Imrul.
Apart from the 113 detainees, there were more people on the spot who had been gathered by the traffickers. Sensing presence of police, they managed to flee the scene, he added. Akhter Hossain, officer-in-charge of Banshkhali Police Station, said Monu would be sued under anti-trafficking law.
More and More Fake Rohingyas from Bangladesh?

Another group of fake-Rohingyas caught in July 2012.
Every year, once the Monsoon is over, thousands and thousands of poor Bangladeshi men cross the Bay of Bengal by rickety boats to go work in Malaysia another Muslim majority country sympathetic to the plight of so-called Rohingyas supposedly from Burma.
Most of them reached their destination but considerable some ended up in countries like Thailand and Indonesia and India due to mechanical problems or navigation errors. Once they were in wrong countries they lied to the authorities there that they were the Rohingyas fleeing from the human rights abuses in Burma.
Various INGOs , like Chris Lewa’s The Arakan Project, living on the donated funds for Rohingya cause then jumped up and down publicizing the plight of those Bangladeshis-turned-Rohingyas as it would attract more funds from the rich Muslim donor nations like Saudi Arabia.
And the international media echoing those corrupt INGOs then joined in and publicized the plight of Bengali illegals without really investigating whether they were from Burma or Bangladesh.
Even though there have been countless number of arrests of Bengali boat people trafficked by unscrupulous human traffickers in Chittagong area, once they were caught in another country they all conveniently claimed to be the supposedly-oppressed Rohingyas from Burma for the obvious reason.
Another group of fake-Rohingyas near Mergui in June 2012.
In every other country the illegal aliens from Bangladesh are straight away put on a plane and sent back to Bangladesh. But once they claimed they were Rohingyas that deportation process was totally impossible due to the pro-Rohingya organizations like UNHCR and OIC.
And conveniently the Bengladeshis and so-called Rohingyas are from the same race and they share same language and same religion, Sunni Islam. The 112 unfortunate Bangladeshis arrested yesterday were said to be claiming as Rohingyas if they were ever caught outside Bangladesh.
The same old story of poor Bangladeshis over many many years now since Rohingya plight stories became widespread due to false OIC and UNHCR reports. These Bangladeshis are so destitute they will say and do anything to survive. 

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