Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zar Ni: The Traitor on Islamists’ Payroll? (Part 2)

Dr. Maung Zarni.
After making his notorious name by causing West’s business and investment exodus from Burma that goat-testicles (Seit-La-zeed) Dr. Zarni had  sort of about-turn in 2,004. After his March 2004 secret trip to Rangoon where he met MIS General Khin Nyunt and his gang of MIS thugs he suddenly declared that his policy now was “Strategic Engagement” with the Burma military Junta.
He then renounced his 14 years long political asylum in the United States and returned to Burma with a great hope that his handler Khin Nyunt would eventually become the top dog in Burma. Instead Khin Nyunt and the whole MIS gang were purged by Senior General Than Shwe in October 2004 and Zarni became the tree monkey without a branch to hang on.
Leaving Burma again he did another about-turn becoming a sanctions-proponent again. But almost all of his followers led by Aung Din and the funding donors had already abandoned him and formed rival Burma Campaign. Since then Zarni has been a bitter Burmese exile without followers and genuine funders like NED.
Now a Bitter Exile against Burmese including Daw Suu

Daw Suu between Zarni & Prof. Kaldor at LSE.
Zarni is so bitter now that he is even against our saint Daw Suu who has abandoned her hardline stance against the ruling military class for the sake of Burma and her people. She has made peace with reformist President ex-general Thein Sein, accepted the 2008 Constitution, participated in the 2012 by-elections, and become basically the opposition leader of Burma.
But our Dr. Zarni appears to have a nasty grudge against Daw Suu at her seminar titled “Rule of Law” at LSE (London School of Economics) on 19 June 2012 during her historic visit to UK. Somehow he was on the discussion panel sitting beside Daw Suu and he basically fired broadside salvos at Daw Suu’s silence on the issue of Rohingyas as main issue and the Kachin War as a side issue.
He even brought one of his sidekicks to raise the issues as the questions from the floor. How obvious that was a pure ambush on our Daw Suu, but Daw Suu’s graceful answer that she needed to find out more before condemning the one side or the other had basically shut him up. Readers can watch the LSEvideo on YouTube and draw your own conclusion on that.
My question is why was he on the panel that day as the so-called Burma expert? And what exactly was his position as a Visiting Fellow? Visiting from where? Who is paying for his long stay at prestigious LSE and giving him a seemimgly-legitimate position to attack Burma and venerable Daw Suu? There are so many questions arose from that LSE seminar and I’ll tackle that questions and find out the answers later.
Right now I want to highlight his nasty attacks on what is going on in Burma, especially advocating for the rights of the so-called Rohingyas the illegal Bengali Muslims from neighboring Bangladesh.

Popular ‘Buddhist’ racists Running Nazi Rally in Mandalay?

Following harsh excerpts criticizing Burmese Buddhist monks were from the article “Popular Buddhist Racism and the Generals’ Militarism” Zarni recently wrote in Saudi Arabia-funded DVB (Democratic Voice of Burma) run by another traitor on the Islamists’ payroll Harn Yaung Nghwe from EBO (Euro Burma Office).

Burmese Buddhist Monks protesting in Mandalay against the Islamization of North-Arakan.

As a Mandalay-born dissident with deep roots in Buddhism, I find it revolting that thousands of Buddhist monks, human rights dissidents and the public in my hometown of Mandalay staged an anti-Rohingya rally this past weekend.

They mimicked the regime’s discourse that promotes “national security” and “national sovereignty”, while espousing an anachronistic view of blood-based citizenship as opposed to the notions of multicultural citizenship.

Where has the vociferous human rights rhetoric gone when it comes to the persecuted Rohingyas?

We listened in vain for the metronomic chants of the saffron-robed monks who defied threats and flooded the streets of Rangoon and other towns proclaiming their “loving kindness” for all sentient beings in 2007.   Now the very same monks chant mantras supporting exclusive citizenship. When a mob protests against an ethnic group then, it is no longer a citizens’ protest.  It is a Nazi rally.

Around the world supporters of democracy in Burma have been shocked by the “ethnic cleansing” of the Muslim Rohingyas in the impoverished settlements of western Arakan (Rakhine) state. These are the latest killing fields in a troubled land. Both perpetrators and victims tell of hundreds of Rohingyas, including women and children, being killed, raped, assaulted, detained and driven out by Burmese security forces.”
A Nazi Rally, nothing like Burmese monks Protest!

A Nazi Rally by a group of peacefully demonstrating Buddhist monks! Ethnic Cleansing of Muslim Rohingyas in Arakan!

What harsh words coming out of a supposedly academic and a Visiting Fellow (2011-2013) from the School of International Development of the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE).

And here is a negative remark left by a Burmese commentator on that post at the DVB site.

"From year 1,000 to middle of 18th century over 80 millions Buddhist in the Indian subcontinent were slaughtered by the Muslims till the English came in and stopped it. And that was the reason today Afghanistan, Pakistan, and some neighboring parts of India are Buddhist-free.

Bengali Muslim (Rohingya) Rioters in Maungdaw (2012).
In May 1942 Bengali Muslims coming across from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) slaughtered all 100,000 odd Yakhine Buddhists living then in Maungdaw-Butheedaung District and took their lands and fishing grounds. And that was the sole reason that area now has 96% Bengali Muslims who are also desperately trying to reinvent themselves as so-called Rohingyas.

Of course well after trying unsuccessfully for many decades to detach North Arakan and merge with the East-Pakistan (now Bangladesh).

And I am afraid we Burmese Buddhists are losing battle against the relentless tides of Muslim population explosion in Bangladesh. This is the life-or-death fight for our way of life, our race, and our religion and Zarni the traitor on the payroll of Islamists is shitting on his own people who are fighting for their survival.

Shame on you Zarni! Please don’t come home yet. You will not be treated nicely."

Of course that comment lasted there only two days on DVB as some cunt definitely a big shot at DVD didn’t like it and deleted.

My question is why is Dr. Zarni, a self-proclaimed religious Buddhist from Mandalay the former royal capital of imperial Burma, suddenly writing these vitriolic essays attacking his own race, religion, and culture?

To answer that question we have to find out who exactly is financing Zarni’ three years time (2011-2013) at LSE as a Visiting Fellow, a lucrative post (worth almost half a million bucks US?) for a self-proclaimed Stateless-Burmese.

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