Sunday, June 23, 2013

This Burmese Man The Tallest Man Alive?

Burmese Win Zaw Oo is 8-4 and growing.
Incredible 8-ft 4-inches tall 36 year-old man in Burma could be the tallest human alive in the whole wide world. His name is Win Zaw Oo and he is from Htone Pouk Chai a small village about 15 miles from the Natmouk town of Magwe Division in Middle Burma.

His parents are U Aung Hla and Daw Mouk Tin. He had to leave school at only fourth grade in 1988 and by the age of 15 he had to go work in Rangoon as his parents were not really well of economically.

He used to work in a yogurt shop in the 24th street of Latha Township. At that time his height was just normal. One particular thing about him is he loves yogurt and he drinks massive amount of milk regularly.

When he was 18 he came back home and since then he’s been growing abnormally in both height and width. Now at the mature age of 36 he is still growing. Last year he was just 8-1 and now he is 8-4.

He is naturally shy and his diet is just normal Burmese rural diet. As the normal clothes do not fit him no more his uncle has to buy suitable fabrics and make shirts to his giant measurements. He is still living at home with his very old father and mother.

Health wise he doesn’t seem to have any problems at all. His vision is still 20/20. Only problem is he cannot fit into any shoes and carrying his enormous body on shoeless feet is making him sick of walking even short distance. So he said he doesn’t feel like going out no more.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records the tallest living man in the world is Sultan Kosen (born 10 December 1982) from Turkey. But he is only 8-2 and our Burmese tall man Win Zaw Oo is 8-4 and still growing. Clearly he is the tallest human alive in this world.
Current record holder Sultan Kosen from Turkey is only 8-2.
------------------------ Update On 16 August 2013 --------------------------
Win Zaw Oo the Burma's tallest man has left Rangoon today for Singapore to remove the pituitary gland tumor that made him grow to a 8 footer and still growing.

Win Zaw Oo with Burmese doctors in Rangoon after the doctors visited
his village and brought him back to Rangoon for health checks.
Win Zaw Oo with his cousins at a private hospital in Rangoon.
Win Zaw Oo at Rangoon Airport on his way to Singapore for treatment.
------------------------ Update On 19 August 2013 --------------------------
Win Zaw Oo the Burma's tallest man is now in a Singapore hospital and the Discovery Channel is offering a year contract to make and distribute a documentary of him. His arrival is now being shown on many TV channels in Singapore.
Win Zaw Oo in Singapore.