Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bad Malaysian-Muslim In Burma: Mohamed Amarasinge

(Translated compilation of articles from various Burmese blogs this week.)
A doctored-photo displaying Buddhist mob on bikes.
This doctored-photo of supposedly rioting Buddhist mob on their motorbikes during the recent anti-Muslim race riots in Burma was shown on BBC world news and other major news outlet all over the world.
The original photo was a shot of general motorbike traffic on a busy main road in Lashio and the photo-journalist reframed it and enhanced only the pillion-riding man with big-stick on a motorbike and made it look like a mob of armed motorbike riders.
And his misleading photo and his melodramatic story attached as the accompanying news story was gladly picked up and re-published by the leftist-controlled pro-Muslim BBC and left-wing New York Times.
The original photo of busy motorbike traffic in Lashio.
That photo and other photos tarnishing severely the peaceful reputation of Burmese-Buddhists were taken by an OIC-funded so-called photojournalist Mohamed Gemunu Amarasinge from Malaysia. He is a Muslim and, for a while now, he has been releasing far too many falsified news stories with fake photos exaggerating anti-Muslim sentiments and anti-Muslim incidents from Burma to the outside world.
He claimed to be working for reputable news agencies like AFP and AP, but he basically was a mercenary photo-journalist being paid generously by the global Islamic Mafia OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and he has been in and out of Burma last few years undisturbed as Burmese authorities do not really know his real motives behind all his false news and fake photos of which he rarely claimed credit in English language news articles.
Islamic provocateur Mohamed Gemunu Amarasinge and his instigating
article in Malay with headline "Monks Pledge To Drive Out Muslims".
His falsified news and fake photos on Meikhtilar race-incidents were widely published in the newspapers and news magazins back in Malaysia and many Burmese returnees from Malaysia believe that he was one of the main instigators behind the killings of Burmese Buddhists in Malaysia recently.
Instead of bias-free reporting of actual events he picked out only the stories and photos that exaggeratedly depicted Buddhist attacks on seemingly-hapless Muslims. And he intentionally and deliberately ignored Muslim aggression in Burma. On Meikhtilar incidents he completely omitted or blacked-out the main triggering event of the riots the Muslim brutal slaughter of Burmese-Buddhist monk Shin Thawbitta.
He’s been in and out of Burma for at least two years now and he is a real danger for our nation and our people as his false stories and doctored-photos has given justification to Bengali-Muslims in Malaysia to kill Burmese-Buddhists there. Burmese authorities should not issue him a tourist visa he used to stay in Burma for two or three months at a time.
Eleven single-stem red roses for eleven Burmese-Buddhists recently killed in Malaysia. 
(Blogger's Notes: I've been wondering why was the Malaysian Muslim Mohamed Amarasinge in faraway Lashio right on that very first day of riots ignited by a drugged-up Bengali-Muslim called Ne Win who set fire to a Burmese Buddhist woman on Lashio's main road in broad daylight for absolutely no reason at all. 

It was definitely not a rare coincidence and many people in Burma now believe that both Muslims were actors in a plan conspired by the OIC. Special minister for Peace negotiations U Aung Min even publicly alleged that Muslim Ne Win was trying to incite race-riots in the other towns of Shan State but did not succeed till he reached Lashio and burned alive the Buddhist woman who is still in hospital. Was our so-called photojournalist Mohamed Amarasinghe following Ne Win all over Shan State too?

I'm now gathering information for a story of how OIC is sacrificing Burma's Muslim by inciting anti-Muslim riots in Burma and thus playing a victimization game to achieve a nasty political gain for all Muslims as the persecuted minorities to hide their worldwide domination through Muslim Brotherhood the unofficial militant arm of OIC.)

                                     (Burmese Buddhist victims of recent killings in Malaysia)

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