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Rohingya Fake Rapes, al-Hussein’s Lies, and Biased AP

Dead Burmese Buddhist policemen killed by ARSA.
At about 2:30 AM in the early morning of 9-October-2016 more than 1,000 Bengali-Muslim terrorists from ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army) led by Saudi-born Rohingya Imam Atta Ullah and financed by Saudi SArabia and trained by Paki-Taliban simultaneously attacked three Burmese border post stations namely Kyee-gan-byin, Ngar-khu-ya, and Koe-dan-kout in Maung Daw District of Yakhine State.

The Bengali-Muslim or so-called Rohingya terrorists killed 9 policemen including one junior officer, wounded 6 policemen including one junior officer, and kidnapped one policeman. 51 assorted weapons, more than 10,000 rounds of ammunitions, and two radio communication sets from the Border Guard Police armoury were taken away by the Bengali-Muslim terrorists.

When Burmese army reinforcement arrived at the border and started a clearing operation most ARSA insurgents had disappeared into the local Rohingya villages while the ARSA foreign leadership had crossed back into the safety of Bangladesh.

Then again in the early morning of 25-August-2017 more than six thousand strong insurgents of ARSA simultaneously raided 31 police outposts and army bases on the Bangladesh border. This time 10 policemen and one township admin officer were killed and many were wounded.

Following was a short excerpt from the Chief-of-Staff (2006-2007) of USAID Mr. Jeff Goodson’s article “Resettle The Rohingya Refugees…” from THE HILL on 07 December 2017:

The counterinsurgency operation, which was precipitated by Rohingya insurgent attacks in August, has so far sent 626,000 Rohingya fleeing to Bangladesh. International players in the drama are acting perfectly in character.

The Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), which conducted the attacks, called itself a garden-variety ethnic insurgent group out to protect the Rohingya people against state repression. Burma declared ARSA a terrorist group, and initiated what it calls a legitimate counterinsurgency campaign against extremist Bengali terrorists. Rakhine Buddhist nationalists actively supported the army, and took their own vigilante action.

Al-Jazeera, Qatar’s official mouthpiece for spreading Salafist propaganda, called for foreign governments and international institutions to force the hand of the Suu Kyi government and hold it accountable. The oratory of the Muslim diaspora, meanwhile, quickly reached fever pitch.

The Organization of Islamic States (OIC) declared the crackdown ethnic cleansing. Turkey and Malaysia called it genocide, Amnesty International called it apartheid, and Iran compared it to the Hutu genocide that killed 800,000 in Rwanda in 1994.

UNHRC’s al-Hussein Lies Through His Teeth

Not to be outdone, the U.N. Human Rights Council overwhelmingly approved a resolution saying that crimes against humanity have “very likely” occurred. Human rights chief Zeid objected, arguing it didn’t go far enough.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights — Jordanian Prince Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, controversial for his positions on freedom of expression, free markets, populists and President Trump’s treatment of the American press — described the crackdown as “a textbook example of ethnic cleansing and genocide.” If the term was calibrated to go viral, it succeeded.

If Prince al-Hussein has a textbook on Ethnic Cleansing he should loan it to Burmese generals as they seem to be quite lousy in committing either Ethnic Cleansing or a Genocide as the Rohingya Muslims are the only group who amazingly multiplied to millions despite a genocide or ethnic cleansing going on for a very very long time. Ten years ago Rohingya themselves claiming to be about a million and now they said their total number is more than two millions.

It is not Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein's job to prove acts of genocide have been committed - only an international court can do that. But he has called for an international criminal investigation into the perpetrators of what he has called the "shockingly brutal attacks" against the self-identified Rohingya Muslims who are considered widely as illegal Bengali-Muslims from Bangladesh by the Burmese Buddhists.

Al-Hussein wants to charge
ASSK with genocide.
He claimed the possibility that civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi and the head of the armed forces Gen Aung Min Hlaing, could find themselves in the dock on genocide charges sometime in the future.

Apparently all of the ethnic cleansing and genocide accusations were 100% solely based on unverified interviews of so-called Rohingya victims by sympathetic journalists and staff of various INGOs. Without any physical evidence of large scale atrocities such as mass graves and credible eyewitnesses al-Hussain might be aimlessly pissing up into air as his piss would eventually fall back onto him.

Only mass graves and credible eyewitnesses found so far are of the massacre of hundreds of Indian Hindu ethnics by the ARSA insurgents on August-26 in Maungdaw Township. 

No wonder US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley kept on saying that the United States is considering pulling out of the UN’s questionable Human Rights Council (UNHRC) since countries involved in it also commit abuses. In a recent speech she pointed to the hypocrisy. “The Venezuelan people have been robbed of their human rights. And yet, not once has the Human Rights Council seen fit to condemn Venezuela.”

AP’s Rohingya Fake Rape Stories

UKHIA, Bangladesh (AP) — The soldiers arrived, as they often did, long after sunset. It was June, and the newlyweds were asleep in their home, surrounded by the fields of wheat they farmed in western Myanmar. Without warning, seven soldiers burst into the house and charged into their bedroom.

The woman, a Rohingya Muslim who agreed to be identified by her first initial, F, knew enough to be terrified. She knew the military had been attacking Rohingya villages, as part of what the United Nations has called ethnic cleansing in the mostly Buddhist nation. She heard just days before that soldiers had killed her parents, and that her brother was missing.

This time, F says, the soldiers had come for her. The men bound her husband with rope. They ripped the scarf from her head and tied it around his mouth. They yanked off her jewelry and tore off her clothes. They threw her to the floor. And then the first soldier began to rape her.

She struggled against him, but four men held her down and beat her with sticks. She stared in panic at her husband, who stared back helplessly. He finally wriggled the gag out of his mouth and screamed. And then she watched as a soldier fired a bullet into the chest of the man she had married only one month before. Another soldier slit his throat.

Her mind grew fuzzy. When the soldiers were finished, they dragged her naked body outside and set her bamboo house ablaze. It would be two months before she realized her misery was far from over: She was pregnant.

That was the first part of the Burmese army’s gang rapes of Miss F (22) a Rohingya woman AP interviewed at Kutuplong Refugee Camp in Bangladesh and published on December-11. Then there was the second part of Miss F gang rape from AP just to put considerable doubt on the authenticity of Miss F victim account.

AP's so-called Rohingya victims of Burmese soldiers' gang-rapes.
More than three months had passed since the men burst into F’s home, and her despair had only deepened. Neighbors had taken her in and cared for her. But her house was gone, her husband was dead. And the timing of the attack left little doubt that the baby growing inside her belonged to one of the men who had caused all her grief.

She could only pray that things would not get worse. And then, one night in mid-September, they did. F was asleep along with the neighbors — a couple and their 5-year-old son — when the men broke down the door, jolting everyone awake.

There were five of them this time, she remembers. They quickly grabbed the boy and slashed his throat, and killed the man. Then they turned to the man’s wife, and to F. And her nightmare began again.

They stripped off the women’s clothes. Two of the men noticed the swell of F’s stomach and grabbed it, squeezing hard. They threw the women to the floor. F’s friend fought back, and the men beat her with their guns so viciously the skin on her thighs began to peel away.

But the fight had gone out of F. She felt her body go soft, felt the blood run between her legs as the first man forced himself on her, and then the second. Next to her, three men were savaging her friend. When it was finally over and the men had gone, the two women lay immobile on the floor.

They lay there for days, so crippled by pain and catatonic from the trauma that they could not even lift themselves to use the toilet. F could smell the blood around them. As the house baked under the punishing sun, the stench from the decaying bodies of her friend’s husband and son finally overwhelmed her.

She would not die here. And neither would her baby. She reached out for her friend’s hand and clasped it. Then F hauled herself to her feet, pulling her friend up with her. Hand in hand, the women stumbled to the next village. They spent five days recovering there and then, alongside a group of other villagers, began the 10-day journey to Bangladesh.

The monsoon season had begun, but there was nowhere to shelter. So F kept walking through the downpours. She was starving, and her battered body ached with each step. Generous strangers offered her sips of their water, and one man gave her a few sweet rolls.

One day, she came across a 9-year-old boy lying along the side of a road, wounded and alone. He had lost his parents, he told her, and the soldiers had tortured him. She took him with her. Together, the two made it to the shores of the Naf River and boarded a boat to Bangladesh. Which is where they live now, in a tiny bamboo shelter between two filthy latrines. And it is here that F prays her baby will be a boy — because this world is no place for a girl.

That story of Burmese army gang rapes of Miss F (22) “Raped Twice” was published by AP on Decmeber-12. The story didn’t mention Miss F’s village and any other supporting evidences such as the unit ID of accused Burmese soldiers except a photo of heavily pregnant Bengali-Muslim woman claiming to be the gang-raped Miss F (22).

There are other AP stories of Burmese soldiers’ gang rapes of Rohingya women and girls including one 13-year-old virgin. But there are no mention of rapist soldiers’ units and their names and descriptions not even vaguely. One thing AP interviewers do not know or were not told by their Rohingya and Bangladeshi controllers is all Burmese army and police units are located inside or at the vincinity of Muslim villages where the alleged victims had lived since they were born.

AP alleged Miss F (22) was impregnated by Burmese soldiers in multiple gang-rapes.
Rapist Soldiers (even Americans) Normally Kill Their Victims

The Muslim villagers and Buddhist soldiers knew each other so well that the AP claims of rape victims not being able to identify their tormentors are totally impossible. The pro-Muslim left-leaning AP also blindly ignored the critical fact that the allegedly blood-thirsty Burmese soldiers who were so quick and eager to kill the husbands and relatives and children let all their rape victims live after violent sexual assaults.

Even the civilised American soldiers during Vietnam War normally killed their Vietnamese rape victims. (Hollywood even made a Micheal J. Fox movie “Casualties of War” based on the true story of a US Army rifle squad kidnapping and raping and killing a young Vietnamese girl in 1966.) If Burmese soldiers did rape the Muslim women so violently as AP and their Muslim controllers claimed they would not let the women live only to later expose their heinous crimes.

Sean Penn's character went all the way to kill their Vietnamese gang-rape victim.
In my opinion the ARSA operatives controlling the Rohingya Muslims inside the refugee camps invented the rape and murder stories and hoodwinked AP to publish their stories so that the other members of Muslim Umah such as UNHRC’s al-Hussein could use them as solid evidences to accuse Burma (ASSK and MAH) with ethnic cleansing and genocide.

The ARSA and their sympathetic media ally AP and BBC etc once tried same technique to blame Burmese army for the August-26 massacre of hundreds of Indian Hindu ethnics in Maungdaw Township.

But ARSA was caught lying flat on that occasion when the Bangladeshi Hindus discovered the kidnapped Hidu survivors inside the Kutuplong Refugee Camp and rescued them from their ARSA captors. The Hindu survivors came back to Burma and then exposed the murders, rapes, and lies of ARSA Rohingya Muslims.

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