Saturday, February 23, 2013

1982 Burma Citizenship Act and UN’s Quintana!

No Quintana posters from Burma.
It was on 16 February this year when that pro-Muslim Tomas Quintana (the UN Special Envoy on human rights in Myanmar)  strongly – and inappropriately by interfering with a sovereign state’s domestic affairs - stating that “ I therefore reiterate my recommendation to Parliament that the 1982 Citizenship Act be amended to ensure that all persons in Myanmar have equal access to citizenship and are not discriminated in such access on grounds of ethnicity or religion,” at the very end of his recent Burma trip.

The notorious Shan-Buddhist traitor Harn Yawnghwe (and his EBO - Euro Burma Office in Brussels) is known to have a five years sponsorship deal worth 50 million Euros from Saudi Arabia through OIC to put concerted political pressure on Burma (Thein Sein and Aung San Suu Kyi) to rid of Burma’s 1982 Citizenship Act just to give Burmese citizenship to all illegal Bengali-Muslims (so-called Rohingyas almost a million) by the Bangladeshi border and then some millions more Bengali-Muslims from Eastern Bangladesh by the year 2016-17.

I unfortunately had to leave Burma in 1988 and I always thought the Burmese citizenship – compared to Australian or United States - is virtually worthless. Suddenly I’m so surprised that everyone seemingly important on this planet is talking about the Burmese citizenship coveted and highly-desired by millions of Bengali-Muslims.

It’s not the citizenship, STUPID, it’s the 678,500 square-kilometers - 261,969 square-miles - of first-grade land filled with resource-rich mountains and plenty-of-fish rivers and fertile valleys and especially the rice-bowl called the Irrawaddy Delta.

Now widely hated in Burma, Quntana calling to amend 1982 citizenship law.
Islamists Want Our Land and Islamize Our People

Burma has been at the forefront of a losing war against massive Muslim invasion from the neighboring Bangladesh. Massacre after massacre of native Yaking-Buddhists since 1942 the illegal Bengali-Muslims have finally swamped the Northern Arkan (The Maungdaw and Butheedaung townships) population wise by late 1970s.

In that area of fertile lands and rivers filled with plentiful fish every Bengali-Muslim man has four wives and they breed as quickly and many as possible to overwhelm the native Yakhine Buddhists or whatever left of them.

A single Bengali-Muslim family with minimum 40 children and grandchildren is a norm in that area while there are some cases reported quite often of 80 or more children and grandchildren. To make the matter worse the porous border and corrupt border-guards encourage the pouring in of illegal landless-Bnegali-Muslims across the border from Bangladesh.

Iman Hussein with his four wives and 30 children from Maungdaw.
Bengali Shwe-yout Dullah and his family of 82 from Maungdaw.
Rapid reversal from the early 1942 population ratio of 5% Bengali-Muslims and 95% Yakhine-Buddhists to 95% Bengali-Muslims and 5% Yakhine-Buddhists in late 1970 there in northern Arakan has alarmed the Burmese-Buddhists and in 1982 they promulgated the new citizenship act to stop the Bengali-Muslim invasion.

(Please do look carefully at the following comparative population densities i.e. Population per square mile in 2010.

Whole Bangladesh (Muslims)                       1,217
Maungdaw Township (Muslims)                     870
Taungbyo  Township  (Muslim/Buddhists)      700
Whole Arakan State (Buddhists)                      233
Whole Burma (Buddhists)                                191

Like water people must naturally flow down from the higher level of population density to the lower level of population density.  Not just natural migrant flow, the Muslim reproduction also is much much higher than the Buddhists for the obvious religious reason.

Our Burma is the last bastion of Buddhism against unrelenting tide of Islam. If Burma falls Thailand - already facing a brutal rebellion in Muslim-dominated southern provinces – will not last more than a few decades as a Buddhist nation.)

Bengali-Muslim plague on the Bangladeshi border.
So How does the 1982 Act stop the Illegal Muslim invasion?

“Chapter II – 3.    Nationals such as the Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Chin, Burman, Mon, Rakhine or Shan and ethnic groups as have settled in any of the territories included within the State as their permanent home from a period anterior to 1185 B.E., 1823 A.D. are Burma citizens.

Chapter II – 5.    Every national and every person born of parents, both of whom are nationals are citizens by birth.”

That two sections of the 1982 Citizenship Act basically and strictly prohibited any person from claiming a Burmese citizenship unless his or her parents are citizens, and for both of them to be citizens of Burma they must prove that their ancestors have been living in Burma since prior and including the year 1823 which was just one year before the 1824 British invasion of Burma and the very beginning of unrestricted mass immigration of Bengali-Muslims from Indian sub-continent.

By that draconian law almost every Muslim with Bengali or Indian ancestry is ineligible for Burmese citizenship, period. Basically if one’s grandparents are born outside like Bangladesh in the cases of so-called Rohingyas one has no chance of becoming a Burmese citizen.

By having that law Burmese authorities can deny outright the normal rights of illegal Bengali-Muslims caught on the border like restricting their travels into proper Burma. Burmese authorities also have the legal rights to arrest and deport the illegal Bengali-Muslims caught in proper Burma but they hardly use that draconian power in large scale like the deportation programs of Australia or United States.

Army's removal of illegal Bengali-Muslims.
Even being armed with that draconian act Burma could merely stop the illegal flow of Bengali-Muslims as the Muslim population in Burma drastically climbed from less than one million in 1973 to approximately more than three millions in 2010. At the 6% critical level the Muslim population is now waging battles after battles both inside and outside against the native Buddhists of Burma to Islamize northern Arakan first and the whole of Burma.

But if push comes to shove as the international pressure from the likes of Tomas Quintana and OIC gradually intensify Burmese government will just bite the bullets and initiate a large scale arrest and deportation of illegal Bengali-Muslims with doubtful nationalities all over Burma. Burma and her Buddhists will never let illegal Bengali-Muslim swallow them  whole by over-breeding.

Burmese military already has had strategic plans to open massive transit camps on the border to keep illegal Bengali-Muslims there as long as necessary like what Burmese authorities have been doing with their cousins (so-called Rohingyas) now miserably stuck in a limbo inside those so-called refugee camps on the Bangladeshi border.

Bengali-Muslim refugee camps on the Border.