Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Europeans Fighting Back The Muslim Invaders

Austrians Attack Afghan Refugee-Robber Mob. Austrian patriots spontaneously attacked a mob of Afghan refugee-robbers at Vienna’s Westbahnhof railway station last night, turning one of the platforms into a mass brawl which only ended when police swooped on the scene and arrested four of the criminal Muslims.

The incident started when a large group of Afghan refugee-robbers turned up at the station with criminal intent. They had not been there long when they pounced on their first victim, a 22-year-old Austrian. In typical Third World street robber fashion, one of the Afghans punched the Austrian in the face, while another grabbed his cell phone.

Normally, the Muslim refugee-robbers are able to get away with this sort of behavior, but last night, something in the Austrian public psyche snapped. The Austrian passersby spontaneously formed a crowd and physically attacked the Afghan refugee-robbers. Soon the entire platform turned into a mass brawl, with the Afghans taking a severe beating for their crimes. Part of the brawl was captured by onlookers on their cell phones.

After a short while, the police arrived and arrested six Afghan refugee-robbers. Three of them were aged 13, 14, and 20, while no other details were provided for the remaining three. The rest of the Muslim invader mob then quickly dispersed, while the Austrian victim was rushed to the hospital with a broken cheekbone and multiple bruises.

Predictably—for anyone who understands the relationship between race and criminal activity—there has been an outbreak of rapes, sexual attacks, and other crimes in Austria since the Muslim invasion started in earnest in 2015.

For example, Austrian police have just published a description of one of the members of an Afghan rapefugee gang who raped a 15-year-old white girl in Leoben (a picturesque and previously peaceful city in Styria, central Austria). The Styrian police said the victim could only describe one of the attackers because the others had grabbed her from behind and held her while another raped her.

The main perpetrator was described by police as “between 20 and 25 years old, of dark complexion and thin, narrow stature. He has black, short hair, dark eyes, bushy eyebrows, is about 1.70 meters tall and wore a full beard. According to the victim, he spoke with an Arabic accent.”

Another attacker—the one who held the girl down—was “likely to be 1.80 meters tall, with darker complexion and also spoke with an Arabic accent. He had dirty fingernails and wore yellow sports shoes,” said the police report. This, and many other incidents, make it clear that Europeans are going to have to increasingly resort to physically defending themselves from the Muslim invaders.

German chancellor Angela Merkel has formally admitted that her government—and the European Union (EU)—have lost control of the Muslim invasion situation, as tens of thousands of Germans flock to join private street defense organizations in the face of the ongoing mass Muslim refugee-crime wave sweeping the country.

Speaking before a meeting of German business leaders in Mainz, near Frankfurt, today, Merkel admitted for the first time that Europe was now “vulnerable” because of the Muslim invasion. “Now all of a sudden we are facing the challenge that refugees are coming to Europe and we are vulnerable, as we see, because we do not yet have the order, the control, that we would like to have,” she told her audience.

Doubtless she was referring not only to the fact that the Muslim hordes are engaged in massive criminal rampages throughout all parts of Germany, but also because of the increasing militancy of the popular resistance among ordinary Germans.

After the most recent anti-invasion rally in Leipzig, for example, when communist thugs attacked the peaceful Pegida one-year-anniversary rally in the city, about two hundred German militants took up the challenge and, for the very first time, gave the city’s infamous communists a taste of their own medicine.

After storming a bar frequented by the communists, the German militants then moved on to attack Muslim invaders in the Connewitz district. Several kebab shops were damaged in the ongoing fighting with the communists and their “immigrant” supporters.

The unexpected counterreaction came after a similar series of attacks in Cologne on Sunday evening, when German patriots set about attacking invaders in revenge for the mass sex attacks on New Year’s Eve. This was followed just two days later by a spontaneous self-defense action of Austrian civilians in a Vienna railway station against a Muslim refugee-robber gang.

The controlled media, desperate to try and distort this sudden surge in militancy, has started to give publicity to what it claims are “vigilante” groups being formed all over Germany to “protect German women.” For example, the English-language Deutsche Welle news service has given great prominence to a group in Dusseldorf which, it suggests, is organized to somehow fight the invasion.

In reality, anybody looking closely at that—and similar organizations given prominence by the controlled media in Germany and elsewhere—would see that these “vigilante” organizations are led by Muslim “immigrants”—with the leader of the Dusseldorf group being the native Iranian, Tofigh Hamid.

An article about the new “Dusseldorf vigilante” published in the Bild newspaper, even went as far as to quote one of the Dusseldorf participants as saying that Germans “are in the minority” in the group.

It is clear that organizations such as these—which are given great prominence by the controlled media—are little more than weak propaganda efforts to try and persuade Germans that “not all refugees are bad” and thereby to try and counteract the real rising German militancy.

In reality, there are a number of real German street organizations being formed, where real resistance against the invasion is being formalized. In Saxony, for example, the “FTL / 360” group has already been linked to what the media has called “xenophobic incidents,” while in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the “Vigilante G├╝strow” has a National Democratic Party representative as one of its leaders.