Sunday, January 31, 2016

American Muslim Girls Raped In Arranged Marriages

Mohammad Abdullah the Black-Muslim Rapist.
Phoenix police arrested a man accused of physically and sexually assaulting a woman following their arranged marriage, according to court documents. Mohamed S. Abdullahi, 30, faces sexual assault, assault and kidnapping charges. He is being held without bond. Police noted in the court documents that the victim is Abdullahi's wife via Muslim custom. Police did not release her age, but Sgt. Trent Crump said she is a young Muslim girl.

Police said the victim's parents married her to Abdullahi in November without her knowledge. She learned of the marriage in December and fled the state but returned two weeks later to finish high school. The victim's family members reportedly took her to Abdullahi's residence against her will on Monday. Police said Abdullahi punched, bit and strangled her before raping her many times.

"I just heard someone screaming and crying and there were these guys carrying a woman and like dragging her onto the sidewalk," said neighbor Trina Childs. "So I go out into the living room and I look into the peephole and they take her and throw her into the apartment," she continued. Childs said she should have called the police right away. "If I knew what was going on I would have called the cops, but I didn't know at that time what was going on," she said.

Police said the victim was not free to leave the apartment and was physically held against her will. Abdullahi placed his mattress against the door so the victim could not leave after he fell asleep, court records show.

The victim obtained her tablet from her purse and sent a message to a friend to call police. Officers arrived at the apartment near Van Buren and 32nd streets and took Abdullahi into custody.

A spokesperson for the Arizona chapter of the Center for Arabic Islamic Relations (CAIR) said what Abdullahi allegedly did have no basis in the Islamic faith.  "Even though (he is) using the Islamic ceremony as a shield, all Muslims are subject to the laws of the land they're living in," said Kristy Sabbah.