Thursday, February 2, 2017

Burmese Buddhists’ Reactions To Muslim Leader's Killing

Post praising U Ko Ni's alleged assassin goes viral in Myanmar: A post praising Kyi Linn — the man now in custody for the murder of the widely respected Muslim lawyer U Ko Ni — has gained over 18,000 shares and over 36,000 reactions on Facebook since being posted at around 10:30pm on Sunday night.

The post includes a photo of Kyi Linn shortly after his arrest. In the caption accompanying the original post, Tin Ko Latt writes: Let’s honor U Kyi Linn from Mandalay who did the work of a hero by risking his life for the whole country and killing that scoundrel Nga Ni​. Fee free to disagree. According to the infamous Rohingya Blogger and activist Ro Nay San Lwin, "Nga Ni" is a disrespectful distortion of U Ko Ni's name.

Some of the 110 comments on the post disapprove of Tin Ko Latt's message, and many of the shares condemn it as well. One post from yesterday says: "The murderer is not a hero. This is the work of an uneducated individual. The country cannot develop and religion cannot flourish with these kinds of people, and will only get worse." However, others certainly agree with Tin Ko Latt's praise for the suspected assassin.

U Ko Ni, who was buried in Yangon today, was a legal adviser to State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and a well-known opponent of Myanmar's Protection of Race and Religion Laws, which were adopted in August 2015.

Though Tin Ko Latt's post does not explain why he believes U Ko Ni deserved to be murdered, other posts on his Facebook profile, which has over 30,000 followers, contain anti-Muslim messages. "If there is any unrest in the country over these useless fucking Kalar [Muslim], Tatmadaw [Burma Army], please stage a coup." This post has nearly 500 shares and over 2,500 reactions.

Myanmar's Muslims, who make up around five percent of the population, have been victims of a surge in xenophobic sentiments, fuelled in large part by Buddhist-nationalist hardliners. However, many have accused State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD of not doing enough to combat Islamophobia in the country.

She infamously excluded Muslims from her party's list of candidates during the 2015 national election, and more recently, her offices have actively denied allegations of human rights abuses, including rape, against the Rohingya in Rakhine State.

Thousands of people from various religious backgrounds attended U Ko Ni's funeral on Monday afternoon, showing a strong display of love for the fallen leader. Aund San Suu Kyi was noticeably absent.

The government's hesitancy to act in support of its minority communities appears to be emboldening people who wish violence upon Muslims. Thousands felt comfortable publicly celebrating a murder today.

Muslim leader U Ko Ni relentlessly pushing for the repeal of 2008 Constitution.
U Ko Ni’s Public Video On Muslims Gaining Power Goes Viral

Ma-Ba-Tha led Burmese Buddhist nationalists have been loudly accusing so-called democratic human rights lawyer U Ko Ni of being one of the Muslim leaders behind the secret plot to change the Burma 2008 Constitution so that Muslims would get a lion share of MPs and eventually control power in Burma.

Now they claimed to have a video of U Ko Ni addressing a large Muslim crowd along the line of that long term plan of him to gain the power. Following is the translated extracts of Bengali-accented Burmese language sound file.

“Our Muslim population (in Burma) is more than 10%. There are 664 MPs (Member of Parliament) in the Union Parliament and by population proportion we must get at least 66 Muslim MPs. Or even more than that.

What it means is if we get correct number of Muslim MPs based on the population proportion we are in a strong position on deciding the forming of a government. Whoever wants to form the government (in Burma) must cooperate with us and compromise with us. Also our Muslim group would be in a very strong position to pass or block whatever law they want to promulgate.

What I am saying is we must be aware of the enormous strength of us Muslims. But we must be totally united to gain that 10% strength. If we are not united and divided into five groups that 10% will go down to only 2%. Then we wouldn’t be able to influence anything in politics.

So how can we achieve that unity? We must stay united under the single holy flag of Allah and Allah will reward us back accordingly.”

So, according to the Buddhist nationalists, he is a wolf in a sheep skin rather than a so-called democratic activist who has been using his stone-aged religion Islam to unite all Muslims in Burma to gain ultimate power despite his public image as a constitutional scholar and democracy activist.

Shin Wirathu Posted The Funeral of Dog “Nga Ni” On Facebook

Apparently an old monastery dog called Nga Ni at the Myoma Buddhist Monastery in Mandalay died around the time Ko Ni was killed and the monks there gave him a loving funeral and cremated. The dog funeral photos were then posted by leading nationalist monk Shin Wirathu on his Facebook pages.

He probably doesn’t have any ill intention towards mocking Ko Ni’s funeral but the timing was completely wrong and he took the flaks coming from so many commentators while also attracting so many supporters laughing at the hated Muslim leader Ko Ni.

One Buddhist man even commented that the post was so cruel and it was totally inappropriate for the famous Buddhist monk to post the news of Dog Nga Ni’s funeral while Ko Ni’s funeral was famously going on at Rangoon. One other Buddhist man commented that Dog Nga Ni was more decent than Human Nga Ni. And a Muslim man replied that by writing that he would use his dick to shut the commenter’s Buddhist mouth.

One Buddhist man then commented that he prayed for both Dog Nga Ni and Human Nga Ni not to be reborn as lowly dogs again in their next lives. And a Muslim replied that only dogs are mourning when a dog dies.

“Fake News” Linking Shin Wirathu To The Ko Ni’s Killer

One Burmese-Muslim blogger has posted a file photo of Shin Wirathu together with some armed-men from DKBA (Democratic Karen Buddhist Army) and claimed that a man in the picture was Kyi Linn the killer of Muslim leader Ko Ni. That Facebook post went viral but it was a “Fake News” item and the Muslim blogger has deleted the post after just two days on the World Wide Web. But the damage has been done already.

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