Saturday, December 28, 2013

Burma Women Leaders Fighting for Race Protection Act

(News article and photos direct from Shin Wirathu’s Blog on December 27, 2013.)

(L to R) Yin Yin Nuu, Khin Wine Kyi, Nan Shwe Kyar.
Three prominent women rights activists in Burma have been delivering public lectures all over Burma and calling for the Ah-myo-zount (National Race Protection) Act to be submitted to the Parliament and promulgated.

NDF (National Democratic Force) party MP Khin Wine Kyi, Wun-thar-nuu Democratic Party General Secretary Nan Shwe Kyar, and National Literary Prize winning author Yin Yin Nuu had each delivered a public lecture on women rights and Ah-myo-zount Act on December-26 at 26th Street Dhamma Wiharra Teaching Nunnery in Mandalay’s Aung-myay-that-zan Township.

At the 2 pm ceremony famous Dhamma-ka-hteet-ka Ah-shin Weik-zaw-bar-tha (Lashiolay Sayadaw) had donated kyats 5 million for the coming formation of the National Race and Religion Protection Association – Mandalay.

After receiving the thanking-presents from the ceremony-organizing committee our three women activists had each delivered their lectures on women rights and Ah-myo-zount Act to the attending audience. The ceremony concluded at 5 pm. Most of the more than 1,000 audience are Burmese-Buddhist women.

Three women activists are delivering another public lecture on December-31 at Htee-thone-zint Shew-myin-meet Pagoda’s Aung-min-galar Hall in Meihktilar City. According to our Shin Wirathu the most famous nationalist monk in Burma, Ah-myo-zount act is as important for the people as the amending the 2008 Constitution is for Burma’s democracy.

Race Protection Act (The Buddhist-Burmese Women's Marriage Act)

Following is the first draft of our Race Protection Act or The Marriage Act for Buddhist-Burmese Women presently being prepared to be proposed to the Union Parliament to consider making it an enforceable law.
1. This act shall be called the Marriage Act (Emergency) For Burmese-Buddhist Women.
2. Only official Buddhist men are allowed to marry a Burmese-Buddhist woman.
3. If he was once a non-Buddhist he must have an official document of becoming a Buddhist.
4. He must also receive written permission from the parents or legal guardian of the bride.
5. Only when above requirements are met the marriage certificate must be registered and signed in front of the respective ward or village administrator.
6. If any non-Buddhist man who married a Burmese-Buddhist woman against above rules shall be punished with a ten years prison term and also all his possessions and properties shall be confiscated and given to the Burmese-Buddhist woman he married against this law.
7. In addition the offender shall be charged and punished in accordance with the Crime Act’s Marriage Law Section 493 and any other relevant acts.
8. By this act the “1954 Act of Interfaith-Marriage and Inheritance for Burmese-Buddhist Women” shall be suspended till a new act in accordance with Burmese tradition is rewritten and promulgated.
9. Once passed by the Union Parliament and signed by the President this act shall be immediately enforceable.

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