Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bengali-Muslim Sodomised Five-Year-Old Burmese Girl

Bengali-Muslim child-rapist in Tharyarwaddy, Burma.
It was one of the most horrible cases of widespread rapes committed by Bengali-Muslim men in severely-Muslim-infested Burma. The anal rape of the child was committed in the large Bengali-Muslim village of Chan-thar-goan in Thone-zal Township of Thar-yar-waddy District.

The victim was five-year-old Burmese Buddhist girl named Aye Pa Pa Hlaing and the offender was twenty-four-year-old Bengali-Muslim man named Kyaw Myo Thant. The rape happened in last year at about 7 pm of Sunday 17-November-2013.

The Chan-thar-goan village used to be a Burmese-Buddhist village many years ago, but now the Bengali-Muslims and their half-breed Muslim offspring had taken over and out of more than 500 households only 20 are Burmese-Buddhist households.

The Horrible Rape of 5-year old Child By Muslim Man

That night the Muslim man came to the child’s parents’ house and asked them to let her go with him to their house to watch videos. First they refused and only when he came back to ask second time they let their daughter go along.

About half-an-hour later she came back home alone obviously in severe pain and told her parents that she wanted to go to toilet. Only then they found blood coming down along her legs. Only then she told them she was badly hurt by the Muslim man as he violently penetrated her backside in the rice field just outside of the village.

5-year-old Muslim-child-rape victim.
They immediately reported to the village-police-outpost and the Muslim man was arrested next day on 18-November-2013 and the child was sent to the hospital for examination and treatment. There the horrible anal-rape was discovered by the doctors and nurses.

The local rumours were that the sexually-depraved Muslim men from the village normally had anal-sex with their goats and finally one Muslim man had treated a Buddhist child like one of their horribly mistreated animals.

Since the victim’s family is too poor and the Muslims are very wealthy from their halal-slaughter-house business the corrupt police and court-officials were stalling the case till the local 969 monks (Ma-ba-tha) knew of the case and actively protested.

Now the more-than-seven-month old child-rape case was heard finally on 26-June-2014. So far only the prosecution witnesses had testified and the defence lawyer has been successful in stalling the case till 30-July-2014. The Muslim man previously freed on a very low bill was rearrested and now in Thar-yar-waddy Prison away from the town’s Buddhist crowd for his own safety.
For a Muslim man raping a child is a faithful act of following his idol Mohammad's guidance.