Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Marie Stopes International Killing Buddhist Babies In Burma

Marie Stopes International a London-based INGO is one of the largest international family planning organisations in the world. Its website claimed that millions of the world's poorest and most vulnerable women trust Marie Stopes International to provide them with quality family planning and reproductive healthcare.

Marie Stopes International claimed to be one of very few providers allowed to work in Myanmar (Burma) and they have provided best practice integrated sexual and reproductive healthcare services to hundreds of thousands of Burmese women since 1998. They claimed that many poor Burmese women turn to them for help each year, whether in limiting the size of their families, or avoiding dangerous complications in pregnancy or unsafe abortion.

But recently on June-17 our Shin Wirathu the famous Nationalist-Buddhist monk has accused that the Mari Stopes International is running a nasty genocidal campaign -- massively financed by OIC Arabs’ petrol dollars -- in which young Burmese women and teenage girls from many Buddhist-villages all over Burma are misleadingly inserted with free near-permanent contraceptive devices the DIAPHRAGMS after lying to the Burmese that those devices are for cervical cancer protection. 

Marie Stopes International claimed that they have been delivering family planning, safe abortion, and maternal health services for over 35 years to the world’s poorest women all over the world by bringing quality family planning and reproductive healthcare to the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

But Burmese Buddhists-nationalists struggling hard to fight off the rising tide of Muslim-population explosion in Burma are now accusing Mary Stopes International of deliberately targeting poor Burmese-Buddhist women whose birth rate is already too low compared to Bengali-Muslim women in Burma.

Marie Stopes International has been deceitfully inserting Buddhist women  and teenage girls in Burma without their consents with OIC-provided free Contraceptive Diaphragms and freely aborting (killing) Buddhist babies in our Burma.

Marie Stopes International (MSI Myanmar) has proudly stated on its website that they have performed 23,400 safe-abortions and averted 115,200 unintended Pregnancies in 2012 alone in Burma through their 25 OIC-financed family-planning-cum-abortion clinics all over Burma.
Buddhist-baby-killed statistics (for 2012 alone) from Marie Stopes International (Myanmar).
Now seriously-alarmed Burmese are asking, “138,600 Burmese-Buddhist babies aborted (killed) in 2012 alone? This is the genocide of Buddhist-Burmese!”

While MSF-Holland has been encouraging Bengali-Muslim women in Arkan to have as many babies as they can and taking care of all Muslim babies there Marie Stopes International on the other hand has been aborting (killing) Burmese-Buddhist babies as fasts as they can. Maybe in short 100 years we Burmese-Buddhists will follow the way Afghanistan-Buddhists and Indonesian-Buddhists had gone before, the total annihilation.

Unfortunately for us Burmese our nemesis Multinational-Muslim-Mafia OIC’s two pronged Islamization attack of killing Burmese-Buddhists while breeding Bengali-Muslims rapidly in Burma is definitely working thanks to the world biggest abortion chain Marie Stopes International and UNFPA the controller of world Buddhist population.

While our enemy and next-door neighbour Islamic-Bangladesh has her Muslim population grew double to 180 million in last 20 years our Buddhist population stood-still at less than 60 million. And Bangladesh was only one-fifth of our Burma, size-wise, and that is the sole reason UN wants to move at least 50 million Bangladeshi-Muslims to Buddhist-Burma from Bangladesh which is slowly sinking and her population exploding.
Marie Stopes International's Abortion Workshop in Rangoon.
Targeting Only Buddhists Instead of Over-Breeding Muslims

According to Yakhine Buddhists from Sittwe the capital city of Arakan the INGOs there led by Mary Stopes International had done the same thing to the young women of Sittwe a decade or two ago and the direct result is the reversal of Buddhist-to-Muslim population ratio in Sittwe.

The current population of Sittwe is 150,000 but only 70,000 are Yakhine-Buddhists and Bengali-Muslims are nearly 80,000. Many Yakhines now know that the population ratio reversal is the direct result of Marie Stopes International’s deceitful contraceptive program running for more than a decade in Sittwe since 1998-99.

Instead of providing their family-palnning or safe-abortion services to the rapid-breeding Bengali-Muslims in Arakan Mary Stopes International has been actively participating in Multinational-Muslim-Mafia OIC’s rapid Islamization of Arakan by deliberately targeting already low-birth-rate Buddhists women with their near-permanent contraceptive-device insertion campaign.

Basically they are brutally and freely aborting the Yakhine-Buddhist foetuses and killing them even well before that stage by their free diaphragm devices. Buddhists there have been duped by Marie Stopes International and UN’s Population Control Program.
Marie Stopes International's abortion clinics all over Burma.
Marie Stopes International’s Bogus Check-ups At Myan Aung  Town

On June-15 a large team of so-called foreign doctors and nurses from Marie Stopes International had arrived at In-Bin Hospital in Mayn Aung Township for the publicly-stated purpose of Cervical Cancer check-ups for local village women.

Extremely-dangerous Cervical cancer.
The team comprising four Muslim-looking foreigner-male doctors and five Burmese female staff had originally requested permission for cervical cancer check-up for one day only from the Township Doctor cum Medical Administrator. But they were so busy doing their so-called check-ups their visit was extended to next day June-16 too.

Before their visit on June-15 they had already distributed many leaflets claiming free medical check-ups for cervical cancer and emphasizing that it would take only a minute. So on June-15 and 16 many women had gladly visited In-Bin Hospital to see them for free check-ups.

Every woman and every un-married teenage-girl seeing the Mary Stopes International’s doctors during those two days was diaphragm inserted right up to their cervix without telling them the devices inserted are 10-years-lasting contraceptive diaphragms. Everyone was told those devices inside them are for cervical cancer protection despite the fact that those are near-permanent barrier-type contraceptive devices called diaphragms.

One Muslim doctor of MSI.
Some women who already had 5-years-lasting devices inside them from previous Mary Stopes International’s visits to Myan Aung also had their old diaphragms taken out and new 10-years-lasting diaphragms inserted again.

One strange thing was that there was not a single Muslim woman at the hospital those two days despite a large number of Muslims living in the In-Bin Village and surrounding area. And some people noticed one Burmese female staffer approaching a Muslim-looking young woman waiting in the line and trying to turn her away from the doctors.

The MSI staffer was heard whispering to her that she as a Muslim did not need to be inserted with a device. She then discovered the young Muslim-looking woman was actually a Burmese-Buddhist woman and only then she let her see one of Mary Stopes International’s doctors.

That news spread and on second day of June-16 a few local men started asking questions around and trying to take photos and video as records. The Marie Stopes people then realised their cover was blown and immediately packed up their stuff and left the village.

Only few days later the disturbing rumours came out of Marie Stopes International’s  people letting the local mosque-imam know in advance the true nature of their visit to Myan Aung and In-Bin Village. And the Imam had stopped all his Muslim women from going to Mary Stopes International’s bogus cervical-cancer check-ups. Now local Burmese Buddhists are totally pissed off at dishonest INGO the Marie Stopes International.

Since then, encouraged by Myan-aung nationalist-Buddhist organization (Ma-ba-tha), more than 500 Burmese-Buddhist women deceptively inserted with Mary Stopes International’s diaphragms are now demanding the government-employed doctors at In-Bin Hospital to remove the Mary Stopes diaphragms out of their wombs. 
In-Bin Village-tract Hospital in Myan Aung Township.
Misled Burmese-Buddhist women waiting to see MSI diaphragm team.
Burmese men gathered at In-Bin Hospital to protest against MSI diaphragm team.
Marie Stopes International's Diaphragm Team rushing out of In-Bin after Buddhist protest.
(Blogger’s Notes: Contraceptive diaphragms are no protections against cervical cancers and as far as I know the diaphragms are widely said to have partly contributed to the dangerous rise of cervical cancer among sexually-liberated western women.

In addition to deceiving Burmese women Marie Stopes International is also brazenly violating Burma's criminal code since the abortion is still illegal in Burma.

From Home Health Handbook: The diaphragm, a dome-shaped rubber cup with a flexible rim, is inserted into the vagina and positioned over the cervix. A diaphragm prevents sperm from entering the uterus.

Diaphragms come in various sizes and must be fitted by a health care practitioner, who also teaches the woman how to insert it. If a woman has gained or lost more than 10 pounds, has had a diaphragm for more than a year, or has had a baby or an abortion, she must be refitted for a diaphragm because the vagina's size and shape may have changed.

A diaphragm should cover the entire cervix without causing discomfort. Neither the woman nor her partner should notice its presence. A spermicidal cream or gel (which kills sperm) should always be used with a diaphragm.

The cream or gel is placed on the inside of the cup (nearest to the cervix) in case the diaphragm is displaced during intercourse. The diaphragm is inserted before intercourse and should remain in place for at least 6 and probably 8 hours but no more than 24 hours.

If intercourse is repeated while the diaphragm is in place, additional spermicidal cream or gel should be inserted into the vagina to continue protection. Diaphragms can be washed and reused. A woman should inspect the diaphragm regularly for tears. During the first year of diaphragm use, the percentage of women who become pregnant is about 6% with perfect use and about 12% with typical use.)

   (Marie Stopes International Admitting Performing Illegal Abortions All Over The World.)