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Burmese Need Laws To Protect Their Race & Religion

My monastery is in a large village in Hinthada Township of Irrawaddy Division. Out of nearly 500 households of the village more than 100 households are illegal Bengali-Muslims and their numerous mixed-Bengali-Burmese-Muslim offspring.  

Years back the village was a pure Burmese-Buddhist village with a large monastery with many monks. But about 30 years ago an out-of-town Bengali-Muslim somehow managed to marry a local Buddhist girl and started an illegal cattle-slaughter-hut and beef wholesale-and-retail shop. He quickly prospered and later brought in more Bengali-Muslims into village and hooked them up with some Burmese-Buddhist girls and the rapid breedings began.

Now the village has a large Saudi-funded mosque prospering right in the middle while the poor monastery is still on the edge with only one middle-aged monk (Phone-gyi) me and a couple of young novices (Ko-yin) and an old man (Kart-pi-ya) taking care of everything else.

And this is the true story -- that I have witnessed over the years -- of how one Bengali-Muslim has turned a large Burmese-Buddhist village in Irrawaddy Delta the Burmese-Buddhist heartland into a half-breed and quarter-breed Bengali-Burmese-Muslim village in less than thirty short years.

Muslim Children Who Love Buddhist Stories

One day after my regular Buddhist class at the village primary-school-cum-library I saw three little children milling out at the front as if they were waiting to come in. Two boys and one girl, probably brothers and sister. By then I had just finished praying together with a group of about 15 children inside the library and was ready to start my usual story-telling session.

Burmese-Buddhist village-school children.
So I called out the female teacher who was also the librarian to get those children inside, “Sayarma (female teacher), please call those kids outside to come in?”
Sayarma then looked outside and replied, “They wouldn’t come in, Oo-zin (younger Buddhist monk).”
“Why not?” asked I.
“They are Muslims,” replied she.
“Are you sure? I think I saw them in the class just yesterday,” I asked her again.
“Oh, they might come in for the stories only after the prayers. They are now waiting your prayer session to finish,” she replied and it amazed me.

When I looked carefully at them again I noticed they had almost no traces of Bengali-Muslims in their innocent little faces. They looked completely Burmese. So I tried to find out about them later.

As the teacher had said they came in only after they made sure the Buddhist prayers were over and I started giving the Buddhist children some snacks. So I gave them snacks and let them sit among the Buddhist children and listen my stories of Buddha Zartaka (The stories of Lord Buddha’s past 550 lives).

Bengali-Burmese children forced to wear Muslim grabs.
They were really eager and truly excited by the ancient stories of our Lord Buddha. They were real happy when they heard the happy ending. They were surprised when the story twisted and turned unexpected. They were teary when a sad story was told. They behaved and reacted exactly like other Buddhist children in the small library room filled with wall-mounted shelves full of Burmese-Buddhist books.

Later I learned that they had been coming here for some time now and I just didn’t notice them among so many children. Once we knew them well they were treated like any other happy Burmese children. But soon we also learned that they had already been disturbingly brain-washed by their Imam at the village Mosque-cum-Madrassa.

One day the female-teacher teased the middle one about 6-7 years-old Muslim boy by asking him, “Do you love our monk?”
“Yes, we love him,” replied the Muslim boy.
“Then you have to give him alms, that is if you do love him,” teased the teacher.
The little Muslim boy hesitated for a while and then looked at me and said, “When our father goes to town next time we will give you rice and curry when you do the alms-collection round in village.”

Apparently their father is an older Bengali-Muslim and their younger mother is a Burmese-Buddhist coercely converted to Islam that evil cult against her will by her husband and the mosque-Imam.

Young Muslim Girls Brain-washed To Marry Only Muslims

Ugly Bengali-Muslim with a Burmese-Buddhist beauty.
One day while the children were laughing and chatting just after my story session the female-teacher teased the youngest Muslim girl only about 5 years-old whose name was Shwe Kyi a beautiful girl with big eyes and prominent eyebrows.

“Shwe Kyi tha-mee-lay (little daughter), I love you so much when you are older I will marry you to my nephew,” teased the female-teacher. Little Muslim-girl heard her and she was visibly shocked as if her little body was electrocuted and then she replied without hesitation, “No,  Sayarma, our Imam said I must marry a Muslim boy and die a Muslim.”

I looked at her and I couldn’t believe what I heard her saying such strong words for such tender age. She was just a five year old and she has more Burmese blood in her than evil Bengali blood as her father is a half-breed Bengali-Burmese-Muslim born and bred in this same village.

This is the reason Muslims are so successful in wiping out us Buddhists all over Asia formerly a Buddhist stronghold for thousands of years. Like any evil-cult they know the key for a successful proselytizing are the females as the weaker sex is the weakest point of other religions. So the Muslims deliberately target young girls and women from other religions while keeping their own girls on tight leash.

While the Muslim Imams brain-wash and strictly prohibit their Muslim females from marrying non-Muslims they encourage and provide financial incentives to their Muslim males to marry as many non-Muslims as they can manage in places like our Burma.

Unlike other religions any Muslim male is an Islamic missionary expanding his evil cult Islam in his immediate neighbourhood and that’s how they’ve rapidly expanded Muslim population in Burma from measly 4% to more than 18% in less than 60 years. The reverse is also true in now Islamic Bangladesh as the Buddhist population there is reduced to negligible 0.7% from substantial 20% in just 60 years.

This is genocide without killing any Burmese-Buddhist as the Bengali-Muslims are swallowing alive our Burmese race and our Buddhist religion and our traditional way of life by coercely converting our females and then out-breeding us the native Buddhists.

Free Buddhist Women Being Turned Into Docile Muslim Wives

Muslim couple (Shit) & Buddhist couple (Perfume).
The unfortunate Burmese Buddhist females being turned into brutally-obedient Muslim wives are forced into wearing Hijab (Headbag) or even Niqab (The garbage bag covering whole body except eyes) and strictly prohibited from even seeing their Buddhist parents and siblings.

And their Bengali-Burmese mixed children (Kaladain) are also forced into attending Saudi-funded Wahabi Madrassas now popping up like mushrooms all over Burma. Many young girls are basically stripped of all their freedom, unlike their Burmese-Buddhist counterparts, and forced into hiding inside house once they reach puberty and later forced into arranged marriage with illegal Bengali-Muslim men constantly coming from population-exploding and slowly-sinking Bangladesh.

That time I had with those three Muslim children was more than 5 years ago and now if I ran into them in the village they completely ignored me as if they had never seen me before.

The young girl Shwe Kyi now wears an ugly Hijab while her mother is always in a disgusting and stifling Niqab and she is  pregnant most of the time unlike her Burmese-Buddhist sisters and cousins in the village as her Mosque Imam strictly prohibits her from family planning and encourages her to have more cross-bred Muslim kids.

Shwe Kyi and her brothers’ racial blood is 3-quarter Burmese but their religious blood is 100% Muslim. Their children will have negligible Bengali blood flowing in their veins but their mind will be full-blood Muslim.

In our village that rapid Islamization process started by a young Burmese-Buddhist woman in our Lunar Year 1335 or approximate Christian Year 1975. Her name was Chit Kyi.

Ma Chit Kyi the Traitor Woman Destroyed Her Race and Religion

She was a quite good looking girl but her parents were just landless tenant peasants with many mouths to feed. So she didn’t get enough education to advance in life. She was also lazy and she liked sex and unlike her contemporaries she went out a lot with various men and ended up with the out-of-town Bengali-Muslim man much older than her.

NLD-supporting Burmese-wife of a Bengali-Muslim.
The Bengali-Muslim man most likely to be an illegal from the Bangladesh border was looking for a Burmese-Buddhist woman to get a toehold in the Buddhist village and she was looking for a man who would look after her well. So they eloped against her parents’ will and lived on the edge of her village initially as they were treated like outcasts.

He started basically an illegal slaughter house just outside of the village and started killing cheap cattle and selling beef to villagers and also in nearby town. His business grew many folds as he was basically operating a monopoly slaughtering cattle.

And since their family becoming much richer than other villagers just few years later Chit Kyi began to entice other vulnerable Burmese-Buddhist women to go Muslim like her. This was her typical line to whoever she could persuade to turn Muslim by marrying the friends and relatives of her Bengali-Muslim husband.

“Hey you girl, you seem so tired working whole day. Just look at me. I don’t need to work and I stay home enjoying life and having many kids. Your Buddha can’t do a thing for you. Our Allah can provide a lot. Just look at me. Now I’ve got gold and silver jewelleries all over me. Listen, my husband Mutu still has a Bengali cousin and he has only two wives and he wants to marry you. Okay, I’m just helping you.”

She had worked the whole village relentlessly and because of her enticements marrying a Bengali-Muslim man became a fad among poor Buddhist women of the village. And within less than thirty years nearly 100 households became Muslim as some 100 illegal Bengali-Muslim men from the Bangladeshi border has settled in the Burmese-Buddhist village.

Burmese-Buddhist wife killed by Bengali-Muslims for her
secretly practising her religion Buddhism.
And the saddest thing was what finally happened to that traitor Chit Kyi. In her death bed just few years back stricken with painful and fatal uterus-vaginal-cancer from having too many pregnancies and too many baby-deliveries she suddenly saw her grave mistakes and really wanted to get the Final Rite from a Buddhist monk just before she died.

She then knew she was gonna end up in hell burning to eternity. And she knew deep inside her Allah and her false-prophet Mohammad could not help her. She was a born-Buddhist coercely converted for material gains.

So she called her estranged-brother Ko Ba Kyi and begged him to bring a monk from the village monastery. Knowing her background the village monks refused and Ba Kyi ended up at nearby train station to grab hold of any travelling monk from the passing trains.

Finally after many hours at the train station Ba Kyi found a willing and sympathetic Buddhist monk and rushed back with the monk to his dying sister. But he was too late as his evil sister Chit Kyi had already departed without the Final Rite from a Buddhist monk. She didn't die in peace and is definitely burning in hell now.

The whole Islamization thing in the village was started by her a loose and lazy Buddhist woman marrying a halal-slaughtering illegal Bengali-Muslim. For years now the ugly scenes of burka-clad Burmese women and their half-breed Bengali-Burmese kids in the village is so disturbing that we monks see the urgent need to bring the Ah-myo-zount (Protection of Race and Religion) acts to prevent illegal Bengali-Muslims from swallowing up our Burmese-Buddhist villages one after another.

Understandably, the Bengali-Muslims are Fighting Back

Pro-Muslim US-President Barack Hussein Obama.
Our president U Thein Sein has taken up on our strong demand for the Ah-myo-zount acts and a draft was prepared and now is at the stage of getting widespread public approval before being submitted to the parliament for promulgation.

But the Bengali-Muslims and their appeasers the Socialist politicians led by Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD and Min Ko Naing’s 88-Generationers are desperately fighting back. They are even bringing their leftwing International Socialists like US President Obama into their fight for their so-called Human Rights and religious freedom.

(Blogger’s Notes: Instructed by Muslim-sympathizer President Barack Hussein Obama two U.S. agencies have already urged Burma to scrap the religion-related laws proposed by the President of our Myanmar and threatened our poor Burma with more economic and trade sanctions. International Socialists financed by billion of Arabs' petrol dollars want to islamize Burma, period, full stop. Following is Reuters’ report of US intervention in clearly Burma’s domestic affairs.

WASHINGTON, June 11 (Reuters)  - Draft laws in Myanmar aimed at protecting the country's majority Buddhist identity by regulating religious conversions and marriages between people of different faiths have "no place in the 21st century" and should be withdrawn, a U.S. government agency said on Wednesday.

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom said the laws risked stoking violence against Muslims and other religious minorities, including Christians. If the laws are passed, it said, Washington "should factor these negative developments into its evolving relationship with Burma (Myanmar)."

The U.S. State Department said it had serious concerns about the pending legislation and had expressed them to the government of Myanmar, which is also known as Burma. State Department spokeswoman Jan Psaki told a regular news briefing that any measure that would criminalize interfaith marriages "would be inconsistent with the government's efforts to promote tolerance and respect for human rights."

The chairman of the commission, Robert George, called the proposed law against religious conversions "irreparably flawed" and said it would contravene Myanmar's international commitments to protect freedom of religion or belief. "Such a law has no place in the 21st century, and we urge that it be withdrawn," he said.

The law as published in draft form last month would require those seeking to change their religion to obtain permission from panels of government officials. The government has yet to publish drafts of other three bills, which deal with population control measures, a ban on polygamy and curbs on interfaith marriage.

George said the commission recently recommended that Washington continue to designate Myanmar a "country of particular concern" for severe religious freedom violations. Late last month, Myanmar began a parliamentary session that will debate the proposed legislation. The government has said it will accept comments on the religious conversion law until June 20.)
Bengali Imam Hussein with 4 wives and 30 children.
Saudi Arabia is building mosques and madarassas right next to pagodas.
Bengali-Muslim men are marrying Burmese-Buddhist girls freely and coercely converting them.
(Burma needs Ah-myo-zount laws similar to Singapore to check expanding Muslim numbers.)
                                 (How Obama let Al-Qaeda's ISIS terrorists take over Iraq.)

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