Friday, June 6, 2014

Old Man And The Nobel Laureate: A Burmese Tale

The old man confronting ASSK the Nobel laureate.
The viral YouTube video in which a 76-year-old Burmese man challenged and condemned the world-famous Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi face-to-face -- for her desperate acts to mobilise Burmese people to stage another uprising like that failed 8-8-88 (Four Shit) Uprising to change Burma’s 2008 Constitution so that she could become president after 2015 General Elections -- has been widely circulating in Burma.

ASSK has been actively persuading and prodding her supporters to come out onto the streets of major cities and towns to protest against following Clause-436 of Burma’s 2008 Constitution’s on 8-8-14 the 26th anniversary of that failed 8-8-88 Uprising.

“436. (a) If it is necessary to amend the provisions of Sections 1 to 48 in Chapter I, Sections 49 to 56 in Chapter II, Sections 59 and 60 in Chapter III, Sections 74, 109, 141 and 161 in Chapter IV, Sections 200, 201, 248 and 276 in Chapter V, Sections 293, 294, 305, 314 and 320 in Chapter VI, Sections 410 to 432 in Chapter XI and Sections 436 in Chapter XII of this Constitution, it shall be amended with the prior approval of more than seventy-five percent of all the representatives of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (Uniuon Parliament), after which in a nation-wide referendum only with the votes of more than half of those who are eligible to vote.
(b) Provisions other than those mentioned in Sub-Section (a) shall be amended only by a vote of more than seventy-five percent of all the representatives of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (Union Parliament).”

She desperately wants to water down those strict conditions required to amend the constitution so that she could later amend the following Clause 59-F of the same 2008 Constitution once she has some majority in the parliament after 2015 general elections.

“59. Qualifications of the President and Vice-Presidents are as follows:
(a) shall be loyal to the Union and its citizens;
(b) shall be a citizen of Myanmar who was born of both parents who were born in the territory under the jurisdiction of the Union and being Myanmar Nationals;
(c) shall be an elected person who has attained at least the age of 45;
(d) shall be well acquainted with the affairs of the Union such as political, administrative, economic and military;
(e) shall be a person who has resided continuously in the Union for at least 20 years up to the time of his election as President; Proviso: An official period of stay in a foreign country with the permission of the Union shall be counted as a residing period in the Union;
(f) shall he himself, one of the parents, the spouse, one of the legitimate children or their spouses not owe allegiance to a foreign power, not be subject of a  foreign power or citizen of a foreign country. They shall not be persons entitled to enjoy the rights and privileges of a subject of a foreign government or citizen of a foreign country;
(g) shall possess prescribed qualifications of the President, in addition to qualifications prescribed to stand for election to the Hluttaw.”

Recently she has been on road all over Burma’s heartland for that purpose of mobilizing her supporters. But so many other Burmese people especially the Buddhist-Nationalists are up-in-arms against her demands and they let her know their disappointment by counter-protesting at her public meetings and also at her vehicular convoy on the roads between towns.

On June-1 one ugly encounter occurred at the small town of Tart-Kone between Pyinmanar and Lel-way towns in Middle Burma during such anti-ASSK protest. A 76-year-old Burmese man and a nationalist-patriot named San Lwin had challenged her verbally and the video in Burmese of that ugly encounter is below for your viewing and my English translation of part of the script for non-Burmese follows.

(ASSK, the Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, was still nicely sitting inside her luxury air-conditioned-SUV and the old man 76-year-old U San Lwin was standing on his tired feet on the roadside as he’d been waiting for her for many hours in hot midday sun.)

ASSK: Come, come, come here. Why don’t you want to change (the Act-436)?
Old Man: Why are you inciting people onto the streets, instead of following the laws?

ASSK: I don’t ask people out onto the streets.
Old Man: People are here and we too are here because of you. Why can’t you follow the laws? Why are you inciting people onto the streets, instead of following the lawful procedure? Read 436 till you fully understand. From A to Z.

ASSK: Of course, I’m following the laws. All the stuff (the public meetings) we’re doing is legally permitted. We are working inside the frame of laws.
Old Man: Do not incite people onto the streets.

ASSK: We aren’t doing that. They have their rights to come (and protest on the streets).
Old Man: Why are you inciting people onto the streets?

ASSK: I didn’t force them. They have rights to protest.
Old Man: If they have rights they should do good things. We want you Daw Suu Kyi to lead them do good things. You shouldn’t be putting people in harm’s way again. We all went through Hell in bloody 88. I’d suffered because your father General Aung San killed my dad. He brought in the Fascist Japanese and My father died because of those Fascist Japanese.

ASSK: Okay, is someone (among her minders) recording this?
Old Man: Yes, record that. I’m just letting you know and I want the whole country to know. Right now only one (you) knows. Nobody else knows it yet.

ASSK: So that’s right. Who do you think established Tatmadaw (Burma Army) and when?
Old Man: We the people had established Tatmadaw. Not just one person (your father Aung San). Don’t you know Thirty Comrades started our Tatmadaw?

ASSK: Okay, if Thirty Comrades started the army, who do you think led the Thirty Comrades?
Old Man: Thirty Comrades were collectively led by Thakhin Kodaw Mhaing and Thakhin Ba Sein and others.

ASSK: So your father was killed by Fascist Japanese. If that so, the Thirty Comrades must be responsible for your father’s death too?
Old Man: Yes, both Thirty Comrades and your father were.

ASSK: So the whole Tatmadaw (Burma Army) was responsible (for your father’s death).
Old Man: No, no, not the whole Tatmadaw. Only Bogyoke Aung San (your father). He brought them in. He brought the Fascist Japanese Army (into our Burma). Like your late father you’re also harming our (poor and misguided) people now.

ASSK: When I said nothing to do with Tatmadaw meant that except my father the rest (Thirty Comrades and other Thakhins) had nothing to do with establishing the Tatmadaw. My father alone had started the Tatmadaw. So Tatmadaw is not supposed to continue taking responsibility (politically of our country).
Old Man: Yes, yes, it is Tatmadaw’s duty. Our nation is still unstable and Tatmadaw has a duty to bring stability. Just look at today’s Thailand. Don’t you see what’s happening in Thailand?

ASSK: So what?
Old Man: All the politicians elected by the so-called majority (in Thailand)! Where are they now? Now Thai Army has to take the power from them by force. You know, why is it happening in Thailand?

ASSK: Yes I know, so why?
Old Man: Because Thailand is unstable. That’s why you need to keep our country peaceful and stable.

ASSK: So may I ask who is responsible to stabilize our country?
Old Man: You have that duty. But right now you are destroying our country!

ASSK: Oh, am I the Government now?
Old Man: Government is not destroying this nation. But you are. Okay, if that’s so, may I ask, was Thakhin Than Htun (late boss of Burma Communist party) government? The one who damaged our country enormously. Was he one of your uncles?

ASSK: Yes, that’s right.
Old Man: He (your uncle) destroyed our country. Don’t pull me back. (People behind old man were trying to pull back him away from ASSK as old man seemed to be quite upset.) I’m still talking to her.

ASSK: So say it. Government has no duty (to keep our country peaceful and stable).
Old Man: Not our government, the insurgents are destroying this nation. Thakhin Than Htun’s (BCP insurgents). Your own uncle. That Communist (bastard) was your own uncle.

ASSK: You first answer what I’m asking. Doesn’t the government have a duty?
Old Man: Government, all the people including you, everyone has a duty.

ASSK: You’re saying that keeping this country peaceful and stable is not government’s duty. I believe government only has that duty.
Old Man: Everyone has that duty. Starting from you, you must follow the law.

ASSK: Yes I do follow the law.
Old Man: You’re just saying that. Look around you, people are in trouble because of you. Look at me, at the old age of 76 and I have to stand on my feet under hot sun protesting and talking to you. While you’re sitting nicely in your luxury SUV. You’re much younger than me?

ASSK: You could have refused to come when I called you. You could still stand over there.
Old Man: Yes I came to you as I wanted to talk to you.

ASSK: You can say whatever you want. But I still believe government is responsible (for democracy and stability).
Old Man: Ha, that’s why you want to change our 2008 Constitution. That, we will not accept it. Just look at this (he was holding a sign saying “we object changing the 2008 Constitution”).

After few more minutes angrily arguing with San Lwin the old man and a patriot ASSK abruptly ordered her driver to drive off and angrily disappeared into the sunset.

NLD Trying to Discredit the Old Man

After the confrontation video went viral on You Tube NLD personnel together with the reporters of various donor-stooge media organizations such as DVB and RFA went to Tart Kone and dug up the old man San Lwin’s background and released them all over internet.

They released the details that Old Man’s NRC (National Registration Card) is 9/Ta-ka-na (Naing) 024856 and he is living with his family at North Pone Hnyat Street in Quarter-6 of Myawaddy Ward in Tart-Kone Town.

They also released that Old Man was once a hardcore member of Ma-sa-la (BSPP - now defunct Burma Socialist Programme Party) and the powerful Chairman of Township Paddy Purchase Committee.

They then added that he was also a right hand man of infamous Sayar Htee the notorious leader of local militia fighting brutally against the Communist insurgents in 1950s and 60s during U Nu’s so-called Armed-Democracy-Government. 
Most-sold single-news-sheet in Burma's history?
(Blogger's notes: Aung San Suu Kyi is still politically naive and didn't really understand the fact that even a well-experienced politician cannot argue with someone who is out there protesting against him or her. It is like walking into an ambush and even the politicians in Western Democracies will never let it happen to them. By letting herself into an impromptu slug-fest on the road she has given her enemies a PPM -- Public Perception Management -- opportunity against her.)