Sunday, February 17, 2019

A Communist Is A Socialist With A Gun

In his State of the Union Address President Trump proclaimed: "America will never be a socialist country. We were born free and we will stay free." This was in response to the orgy of media adulation of socialist goofball Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Cloud cuckoo-land proposals.

Nothing succeeds like failure. Socialism has an unblemished record of failure – from Jamestown and the utopian communities of 19th. century America to the USSR, PRC (before it adopted a quasi-capitalist economy), European social democracies, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. Socialism is the Solyndra of economic systems. If it was a car, it would be on concrete blocks, sans tires, sitting in someone's front yard.

But America could be facing much worse than socialism in the long run. Socialism has a way of morphing into communism. It wasn't until six years after Fidel Castro came to power that Cuba officially became a communist state.

When he took over in 1959, the Bearded One described his revolution as "humanistic." Most who fought with him in the Sierra Maestra said they had no idea that Castro was a commie. When I interviewed his first ambassador to Belgium, he said that in the mountains Castro wore a cross.

Ocasio-Cortez, who has an opinion about everything under the sun, has nothing to say about the brutal repression in Venezuela. Unlike the U.S., Canada, France and 11 other Latin American countries, she refuses to condemn a regime that has led to mass starvation and protestors being shot in the face at point-blank range.

The Democratic Socialists of America, of which AOC is a member, goes further, defending the Maduro regime, based on what the left calls U.S. imperialism.

Violence is an integral part of both communist and fascist revolutions. The "Resistance" (brownshirts with post-graduate degrees) has led to an upsurge of political violence to rival the New Left of the 1960s.

Breitbart keeps a list of acts of media-approved violence and harassment of Trump supporters. As of July 5, 2018, it was up to 639.

Alan Dershowitz is an old-school liberal who voted for Hillary in 2016, but has since committed a number of unpardonable heresies, including writing a book about why the Democrats can't impeach Trump. The Harvard Law professor emeritus reports that at a party on Martha's Vineyard, a woman was heard to say: "If Dershowitz was here tonight, I'd stab him through the heart." Mack the Knife at a soiree. Charming.

From assaults on Trump supporters to hounding Republican Senators during the Kavanaugh hearings, leftism in America increasingly resembles the anarchy that brought down the Weimar Republic and led to National Socialism.

If the Resistance is the revolutionary vanguard, The New York Times, CNN and the Washington Post are the Ministry of Propaganda. Democratic socialism is a myth. Ultimately, the only way socialists can remain in power is to crush the opposition.

Socialist governments have been defeated at the polls in places like Britain and resigned themselves to the orderly transfer of power. It all depends on how far the party in power is willing to go to maintain its power.

The Green New Deal that Ocasio-Cortez envisions would remake the country so radically that the New Deal and Great Society would seem like minor adjustments – make cars so expensive to operate that most will never leave the garage, tear down or upgrade millions of "energy inefficient" buildings, and go from fossil fuels to 100% renewable energy by 2030, at a cost of tens of trillions of dollars.

If the left ever gets this much power, do you think they'll voluntarily relinquish it? That's when the mask comes off and the officious bureaucrat becomes a ruthless commissar. What so-called progressives are shooting for isn't just socialism, but socialism in perpetuity – socialism with rationing, socialism with strict censorship, socialism with indoctrination, secret police and gulags. Welcome to the People's Republic of Pelosi.

Socialism and communism operate on the same premise: That the masses have no idea of where their true interests lie – that it's up to the Party to save them from themselves – that they can't be allowed to constantly waver between private property and despoiling the rich, between a planned economy and the free market, between individualism and collectivism.

With one of the best economies we've ever had, (last October, unemployment was at a 48-year low), Socialism is surging. Its strongest support is among Millennials (50% according to one poll). While they think socialism is awesome, 32% can't define it. Many Millennials lack even a rudimentary knowledge of history, economics and government. According to one survey, 40% said they'd never heard of Mao and two-thirds couldn't identify Auschwitz.

A friend who teaches undergraduate courses in government at a major university, says his students don't read – even assigned reading. "They live at the level of the cliché and the slogan. Corporations are bad. Profits are worse. Government exists to make people's lives better by equalizing outcomes in society. The problem with government is that it is too often controlled by corporate interests which keep people from getting the resources they need to lead a full life" – fertile soil for the Never Land agenda of Bernie Saunders and Ocasio-Cortez, who supply the manure.

Even with the backing of Generation Dumb and robo-voting minorities, and bias in the mainstream media and academia, the left still doesn't have enough support for the revolution to succeed. That's why they're importing a new electorate/proletariat from Latin America.

A Gallup poll found 5 million from south of the border are planning to move to the United States in the next 12 months. Democrats will do all they can to assist them – including no wall, sanctuary cities and abolishing ICE.

Over time, the number could be as high as 42 million. Ocasio-Cortez says Latinos should be exempt from our immigration laws, because they're native to the Americas after all. That's convenient. In the 1930s, Sinclair Lewis wrote a book about fascism (Bolshevism's twin) coming to America, called "It Can't Happen Here." Wanna bet?