Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pro-Muslim Hugo Swire Summons Burmese Ambassador

Imam Hugo Swire does not like the Buddhists.
(Reuters) - Britain summoned Myanmar's ambassador on Monday to call on the Southeast Asian nation to allow aid agencies to resume their work in violence-torn Rakhine state, Britain's Foreign Office said.

Aid agencies were forced to halt operations in Rakhine last month when hundreds of ethnic Rakhine Buddhists destroyed staff homes, offices and warehouses as well as boats used to transport supplies.

Parts of the ethnic Rakhine Buddhist community have accused aid groups of favouring the mainly Muslim Rohingya people, who make up the vast majority of victims of ethnic and religious violence that has displaced more than 140,000 since June 2012.

A spokeswoman for Britain's Foreign office said Hugo Swire, a junior minister responsible for Asia, had summoned the ambassador for Myanmar, which is also known as Burma. "We continue to be gravely concerned by the situation of the Rohingya in Rakhine State," she said.

"(Swire) called on the Burmese government urgently to restore humanitarian access to all communities in need, and to ensure the security of humanitarian aid workers and all communities in Rakhine State."

Swire said on Twitter that Britain also had deep concerns about the conduct of a planned census in Myanmar.
Armed-police escorting Burmese census-collectors inside a Benglai-Muslim camp.
(Blogger’s Notes: Deputy Foreign Minister Hugo Swire of Islamic Kingdom of Saudi-Britania angrily summoned Burmese ambassador and threatened Burma with aid-cuts and sending the OIC-funded UN peacekeeping force of 1,000,000 Bangladeshi-Muslim soldiers serving under 10,000 British-Muslim officers into Arakan for a secession referendum there.

Imam Swire was extremely angry that his so-called Rohingyas the Bengali-Muslim illegals universally hated in Burma were not counted in just-finished 2014 Burma Census as Rohingyas the new race invented by cunning Bengali-Muslim Lobby funded by Saudi Arabia. Despite bloody Burmese-Buddhists had cunningly promised him beforehand to count Bengali-Muslim illegals as Rohingyas after dishonestly taking lousy ten million pounds off him for census expenses.

He was also highly displeased that Burmese and Yakhine-Buddhists are not letting his INGOs like Malteser-International and MSF-Holland do whatever they please like desecrating Buddhist flags and exaggerating Buddhists’ mistreatment of their beloved Benglai-Mulsims currently temporarily camping on the Bangladeshi border and ready to creep in and Islamize our Buddhist Burma.)

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