Friday, April 25, 2014

Mohammad Doing His Daughter-in-law: Quran Depiction

In late 2008, satirical cartoon strips based on the Qur'an and depicting Mohammed were published on an Indonesian blog. The cartoons caused an uproar, including calls for the artist to be put to death, as reported by the Malaysian news agency "Bernama":

(JAKARTA, Nov 20 (Bernama) -- Indonesia was abuzz Thursday over cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad which appeared on an Internet blog, and Islamic organisations protested vehemently against the belittling of the prophet and called for the blogger to be arrested and penalised.

Police have appealed for calm while they investigated the appearance of the cartoons on the blog in Batak, one of the local Indonesian languages. A police spokesman said it had yet to be proven that the cartoons were the work of someone of another religion who wanted to belittle Islam and that the server and blog were not hosted in Indonesia.

Communication and Information Minister Muhammad Nuh said his ministry would track the blogger and impose appropriate action under the law. Muhammad Ismail Yusanto, spokesman of the Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia Islamic organisation, said the cartoonist should be sentenced to death.)

The artist apparently removed the images from the blog, but later translated some of them into English, and (under the user name "CopperKid") briefly uploaded them to, before they were once again taken down.

Fortunately, a Mohammed Image Archive reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) had saved some of these images before they disappeared, and sent them along with a brief explanation of their provenance. These cartoon panels -- 15 in all -- are presented below. CopperKid's fate is unknown.

The first group of six panels (31 scenes) tell the story of Mohammed's ludicrous and hypocritical justifications for his sexual appetite, using actual quotes from the Qur'an and other sacred Islamic texts.

The next seven panels relate a separate incident once again involving Mohammed's disturbing and sordid sexual behavior, once again relying on Islamic texts. The final two panels are in Indonesian and apparently come from a different episode.

Mohammed appears in nearly every scene. Please enjoy! (Burmese version is at this link.)

(Blogger's Notes: The First Muslim, Mohammad the so-called prophet, appeared to pull a load of bull-crap out of thin air whenever he went into a self-induced trance\hysteria like those Burmese Nat-ga-daws (the so-called God's Wives Gays) do all the time.

Since I don't really believe in the concept of Gods I accept the fact that "Men Create Gods" not other way around as those stupid Muslims (nearly 1.5 billions of them on this planet, scary) blindly believe.

The obvious conclusion for me a Born-Communist and Non-God-Fearing Buddhist is that "No Damn Book is Written by God as All Books are Written by Men" and thus we humans have our birth-rights to ridicule and insult any ideological book that pushes a harmful idea like radical Islam. Like what George Orwell had done single-handedly with his "Animal Farm" to the Communism\Socialism.)

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