Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Burmese Army Cleansing Maungdaw Rohingya Terrorists

(Summary of articles from The Burmese language publications on 11 October 2016.)

Since October-9 early-morning attacks Burmese army’s Western Command Division has helicoptered in a whole light infantry division (five thousands-strong crack troops) and been staging a wiping-out-the-terrorists operation all over Maungdaw District.

Meanwhile the deteriorating security situations has forced most of the shops, offices, and all schools in Maungdaw district shut for an indefinite period as the exodus of local Burmese and Yakhine Buddhists has accelerated. Most of the teachers staffing all government schools in the district and all government employees like doctors and nurses are either Burmese Buddhists or Yakhine Buddhists.

A group of RSO Rohingya terrorists has later released a boasting video on internet and invited international Muslim jihadists to join their jihad against Buddhists in Burma. In the video released they showed the war weapons captured from the Burmese BGP-1’s headquarters armoury. Several MA-11, BA-94, M-21, M-22, and 12-gauge shot guns stolen from Burmese police were proudly displayed to international Muslim Umah as the evidence of their prowess in attacking hated Burmese security forces. Following is the translated script from their Arabic language video.

“I am speaking to all Rohingya brothers and Muslim Umah around the world. Please prepare for Jihad and come here. Please try to join us. The fighting can start now, today. For example: Myanmar (Burmese) army tried to search for us by helicopter yesterday. They search for us by helicopters in every part of Arakan. We do not care about helicopters. Our strength is only one Allah/God.

Question: What is our strength? Answer: Allah.

That is why: we are saying ‘all Mujahids around the world come here’. Tomorrow morning, they (Burmese army) may attack. We shall need medicines. My brothers, Rohingya wherever you are in the world, please prepare for Jihad. Please consider for the brothers who will die here and who will be wounded here.

(Reciting Quran) If you sacrifice life on the way of Allah, do not think that you will die. You will only suffer from the pain very little, like ant’s biting in the body. When your life almost goes out, Allah will forgive your sins. Allah will show Janat (Heaven) after that. 72 beautifully sexy virgins will be waiting for you in Heaven. A Muslim jihadi can rescue 70 other Muslims who will go to Jahan nam (the hell) and send them to Heaven.”
Rohingya terrorists showing off their loot (police weapons) on Facebook pages.
Burmese Army Taking Control Of Maungdaw District

Despite former-UNSG Kofi Annan-led UN Commission’s strong pressure not to use Burmese Army against Rohingya Jihadi terrorists Burmese Army’s Northern Command has airlifted thousands of crack troops into the district and bloody firefights are now happening all over the district.

Saudi-funded Rohingya propaganda site called The Rohingya Vision has already claimed that the incoming troops has brutally killed at least ten Rohongay men including four unarmed men near Maungdaw Town and released the bloody photos of the dead four as their proof of Burmese Army’s brutal oppression. Army sources also reported that a heavily-armed Rohingya Jihadis ambushed an army column  on the road between Kyee-gan-byin and Kyane-gyaung and killed five soldiers on the afternoon of October-10.

Army sources also announced that its units entering Myo-thu-gyee Bengali-Muslim village on October-10 were attacked by combined force of armed terrorists coming from Bangladesh and the Muslim villagers assisting them. In the shootout most armed terrorists were killed and the stolen police weapons were recovered from the Muslim village.

In addition the army units entering the Bengali-Muslim villages of Yay-dwin-byin and U-chaung at Maungdaw-North met strong resistances from the Muslim villagers armed with smuggled and stolen war weapons. Army so far appears to have wiped out all the armed resistance by the illegal Bengali-Muslims globally known as Rohingyas from the areas adjacent to the Maungdaw town.
Burmese army has repositioned heavy artillery guns onto the Bangladesh border.
Burma Navy's two guided-missile-frigates F21 & F23 are patrolling near Bangladesh.
Following updates were from the Saudi-funded Rohingya propaganda site The Rohingya Vision of Burmese Army operations in Maungdaw:

– Around 2:00PM 9/10/2016 (Myanmar Time) — Mv Abdu Shukkur, 47, from ‘Domsay Fara’ hamlet of ‘Koe Tan Kauk’ village tract, was killed by the Myanmar Military during a random fire.
– After 10:00PM 9/10/2016 (Myanmar Time) – During the raid in ‘Wa Peik’ village by the Border Guard Police and the Military, following innocent villagers have been severely injured by the military bullets.
– 3:00PM (Myanmar Time) 10/10/2016 – The Burmese Military started ‘Bohmuu’ hamlet of Quarter 4 with heavy weaponries. The men went into hiding. Hearing that they military indiscriminately fired on the civilians and killed them in Myo Thu Gyi village.
– Nine dead people from Ngakura were taken to the Maungdaw hospital for autopsy this early morning.
– Rohingya shops were closed and the Rakhines along with the Hindus are planning to loot them.
– 2:00PM (Myanmar Time) 10/10/2016 — Two big houses have been burnt down by the military at ‘Kyauk Pyin Seik’ village. One of the houses belong to ‘R Hussein (son of) Baaser, 47. Some of the homes and properties were looted by the military too.
– 2:50PM (Myanmar Time) 10/10/2016 — As the people from nearby villages came to rescue the villagers in ‘Kyauk Pyin Seik’ from the attack, military retreated to nearby Rakhine village ‘Kan Pyin.’
– 2:40PM (Myanmar Time) 10/10/2016 – Security measures have been beefed up along the Naff River and Bangladesh-Myanmar.
– Around 3:30PM (Myanmar Time) – The Burmese military will raid ‘Kyi Kan Pyin’ and ‘Myo Thu Gyi’ village once again tonight, according to the reports. The villagers feel they will face another horrible incident like those in 2012 and during ‘Du Chira Dan’ crisis in early 2014.
– Around 4:30PM (Myanmar Time) – The Military helicopters are flying over the Rohingya villages in Southern Maungdaw.
– Around 6 military trucks have arrived from ‘Merullah (Myint Hlut)’ village in southern Maungdaw and stopped by the BGP camp in ‘Pan Taw Pyin’ village.

Exodus of Minority Buddhists From Maung Daw

The 7:30 Express ferry boat leaving Bu-thee-taung for Sittwe on October-10 was so overcrowded with Buddhists fleeing from the Muslims in the troubled region the security forces had to basically remove many people without tickets from the ferry boat Shwe-pyi-dan.

“Today the passengers travelling on the ferry to Sittwe was more than double the usual number. Most are the school teachers and government employees from Maungdaw and Bu-thee-daung fleeing the Rohingya terrorists. Police had to force the people without tickets disembark and finally the ferry boat left at 9:15 nearly 2 hours later than the scheduled departure,” said a local.

There were nearly 2,000 Buddhist teachers staffing 183 government schools in Maungdaw and 217 schools in Bu-thee-daung townships. Most Buddhists living in Maungdaw-North are now trapped behind Rohingya terrorists and their only hope is Burmese army slowly advancing from the Maungdaw Town and at the same time clearing the rugged area of Rohingya terrorists.
A Rohingya Facebook warning Maungdaw Buddhists of coming Muslim attacks.
Shin Wirathu’s March From Sittwe To Maungdaw

Famous nationalist-Buddhist monk Shin Wirathu has announced a nationalist-patriotic march from Sittwe to Maungdaw as a show of Buddhist unity and strength against Bengali-Muslim invaders now already dominating the Maungdaw District.

His plan is to gather his supporters at Sittwe Airport on the mid-day of October-12 and then to march by foot to Maungdaw and collect more Yakhine Buddhist patriots along the way to Maugdaw. He is expecting more than 100,000 Buddhists on his march from Sittwe to Maungdaw.