Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Rescue Of Buddhist Girls from Muslim Paedophile-Rapists

Rescued 14-year old Burmese-Buddhist girl.
This is one of the success stories of our 969 Movement’s various rescues of young Burmese-Buddhist girls from the gripping hands of rich Muslim paedophile-rapists all over Burma. This case involves a 14 year-old Burmese-Buddhist girl and her tormentor a 42 year-old Bengali-Muslim kalar both from the South-Oakalarpa township of Rangoon.
It began on 18 March this year. That day at about 6:30 in the evening one patriotic Burmese taxi-driver Aung Aung Oo picked up a really odd couple from the bus stop at South-Oakalarpa Post Office.
The man was a Muslim Kalar with long beard about 40-45 and the young Burmese girl was only about his daughter age. They sat in the back seats and at first Aung Aung Oo wasn’t really interested in them as they were sitting away from each other.
As the cab was in Tamwe the Muslim man made a move and started touching the young Burmese girl obviously a Buddhist. It immediately got Aung Aung Oo’s attention as the young Burmese girl didn’t look like a girl of bad character. And the way older Muslim Kalar handling a very young Burmese girl in a very sexual way almost broke Burmese-Buddhist Aung Aung Oo’s heart.
They got off at Min-gala-taung-nyunt and disappeared inside a Panthay (Chinese-Muslim) noodle shop. Aung Aung Oo didn’t drive away too far and just waited to watch them. He even ringed a close friend to come and sit beside him in the cab. He didn’t like the look of that couple and he deeply suspected that some bad thing was going on.
Paedophile Muslim Got Caught by the Buddhist Crowd
The odd couple came out of the shop about 40 minutes later and hailed a taxi. Aung Aung Oo and his mate closely followed that taxi all the way back to South-Okalapa. The young girl was dropped off at the Post-Office bus-stop and the Muslim kalar kept going in the taxi.
Aung Aung Oo made a rapid decision and asked his mate to get off and get the girl. He then accelerated his taxi and cut in and blocked the taxi with Muslim man still inside. He immediately got out off his cab and yelled at the Muslim man. “What the fuck are you doing to that little girl?”
Realising that he had been caught the paedophile Muslim man tried to run away from Aung Aung Oo. But he was caught by the Buddhist men nearby and they bashed him up as Aung Aung Oo explained to them what really was going on.
By then the gathering Buddhist crowd was getting too large and thus to avoid another anti-Muslim race riot Aung Aung Oo forced the Muslim man into his cab, picked up his mate together with the young Buddhist girl, and took them to the nearby South-Oakalapa Police Station.
On the way to police the Muslim man in the back seat was heard whispering to the young Buddhist girl sitting beside to lie to the police and tell the police that they were married and she was well past 18.
Police Didn’t Do A Damn Thing
Samaritan Buddhist Cabbie Aung Aung Oo.
Once at the police station after hearing Aung Aung Oo’s suspicion the duty-officer asked the girl and she answered that the Muslim kalar was her husband and she was almost 19. Then the policeman told our cabbie Aung Aung Oo that they couldn’t do a thing as the girl was on the Muslim Kalar’s side.
So Aung Aung Oo urged them to call the parents. So the policeman ringed the parents and told Aung Aung Oo that the girl’s parents were coming. The policeman also asked him to leave.
When Aung Aung Oo refused to leave and told the policeman he would like to wait for the girl’s parents the policeman threateningly asked him that if he wanted a race riot on his hands. So he had to leave but he still left his mobile phone number with the police in case they wanted to talk to him again.
What Aung Aung Oo didn’t know that time was that the policeman had lied to him about ringing the parents and asking them to come collect their daughter. They didn’t do any such thing.
Very soon after Aung Aung Oo had left the Station the irresponsible South-Oakkalapa Policemen called a Burmese-Buddhist man named Thein Htaik a local political-fixer from the ruling USDP (Union Social Development Party) and asked him to send the girl back home personally.
Thein Htaik took the young girl home but left her only at the top of her street. Fortunately her elder sister May Cho Oo who was by then worrying dead was waiting for her there without knowing what really was going on with her kid sister. By then the time was almost 9:30 in the night.
At 10:30 that night Thein Htaik came to their house for some reason. At the Police Station he’d discovered that the young girl was giving them a wrong address and so he paid a visit to the local Ward-Administrator’s office and found out her real address.
He then took her brother Aung Myint Myat a local tri-cycle driver and her father Khin Maung Oo (56) to the local Ward-Administrator’s office and explained them her illegal affairs with that Muslim paedophile-rapist. They told him that they wanted to press charges against the Muslim man. So they are told to come back to the office next day.
Next day (19 March 2013) at 7 am Deputy Police Inspector Myo Aung met them at the local ward office and talked to them till 10 am. The policeman later took them to the Station. At the Station the police chief read them a law book and told them that they the police couldn’t do a thing and if the family still wanted to go ahead they needed to go to a court. H ethen told them to come back next day.
The Family Gave Up But The 969 Monks Intervened
The family didn’t go to the South-Oakkalapa Police Station next day (20 March 2013). The police sent a few men to fetch the family but they used the excuse that the girl was now ill and refused to go. They said they have lost confidence in their local police for three reasons.
First reason was that the police didn’t call the family while their daughter was at the police station on the very first day. The second was that they didn’t personally send her back home but asked Thein Htaik to take her home. The third was that Thein Htaik left her irresponsibly at the top of her road.
On 22 March 2013 the cops basically came to their house and took the whole family forcibly to the police station. At the Station the elder sister May Cho Oo bitterly complained to the chief about police not contacting the family on the very first day. The police chief then lost his temper and swore at her.
The parents of the young girl then tried to press charges of statutory rape against the Muslim man but the girl somehow by then was so completely besotted with the Kalar that she didn’t see her young life was being cruelly destroyed and she’d so refused to cooperate.
Frustrated deeply our young Samaritan cabbie Aung Aung Oo then took the family and young girl to the Shwe War Win Buddhist monastery in South-Dagon Township. The monks there tried to explain to the girl the wrongs being done on her by the Muslim paedophile-rapist but the girl still didn’t see the truth. So the monks finally called in the Tharketa 969 movement group led by Shin Pyin-nyar-daza.
The 969 monks provided 100,00 kyats to the family and also gradually persuaded the young girl to see the light. She finally got over her sexual-bind and told them the true story of how that bastard Muslim paedophile-rapist turned her into one of his young sex-slaves.
Rape and Attempt to Convert Young Buddhist Girl
Family poverty basically forced her to leave school very early at the end of her fifth-grade. He father was a local tri-cycle driver and she has altogether nine siblings. So she had to leave school and learn to become a seamstress.
Unfortunately for her the place she had to learn sewing was the house-cum-sweatshop owned by Muslim kalar Aryut (a) Saw Lwin and his young wife War War Shwe a previously Christian but now coercely-converted to Islam. The shop was on the 22nd street of South-Oakalapa 7th Ward. She started at Aryut’s shop at the tender age of 13 and by 14 she was sewing cloth-bags as a day-wage-earner at the same shop.

In April 2012 she (not even 15 yet) was taken to a cinema by Aryut and molested inside the dark cinema. She was then given some cash and persuaded not to tell anyone. Soon after the Muslim Kalar took poor innocent Buddhist girl to a guest-house in Taung-thone-lone and forcefully raped her. She admitted to the 969 monks that he told her after that rape that he loved her and he would eventually marry her. The rapes at various motels and guesthouses kept on repeatedly happening after that.
Aryut has 6 young girls working for him at his sweat-shop. Three are Muslin-kalar girls and other three are young Burmese-Buddhist girls and no one really knows how many of them already are his young sex-slaves.
Bastard Muslim Aryut bought a sewing-machine for her and let her work at her home possibly to avoid suspicion and detection at his crowded shop. He definitely knew very well that he was committing a serious crime.
The way the sexual-relationship between the Muslim and the young Buddhist girl work was the girl normally worked away at her house sewing cloth-bags for piece-wages and whenever the Muslim called they met at the South-Oakalapa Post Office Bus-stop and then took a taxi to the guest-house of the day.
Right now Aung Aung Oo has contacted the Youth Legal Clinic (Sanchaung Young Lawyers Network) through the Tharketa 969 Movement-group and they are preparing to press charges against Aryut. Apparently the corrupt South-Oaklapa Police is refusing to charge Muslim Aryut for the Multiple Statutory Rapes of the 14 year old Buddhist girl.
(Translator’s notes: That famous movie director and convicted paedophile-rapist fugitive Roman Polanski should move to Burma. Notoriously-corrupt Burmese police are not that expensive to bribe at all.)