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Islamic Genocide of Buddhists In Bangladesh – Part 7

On 9 May 2012 a minor indigenous Jumma girl named Ms Sujata Chakma (11 years), daughter of late Mr. Jyotish Chandra Chakma and Ms. Mongala Devi Chakma of Ultachari mouza area of Atarakchara union under Longadu upazila in Rangamati hill district was allegedly killed after rape by a Bengali settler. 

The victim was a student of class 4 of Ultachari Government Primary School. The girl was brutally killed by chopping on the neck with sharp weapon.

It is learnt that the incident happened around 2.30 pm on that day, when Sujata Chakma along with her nephew (5 year old) named Triratna Chakma was grazing cows half a kilometer from the village.  According to Triranta Chakma’s statement, a bearded Bengali man came and forcibly took Sujata away towards upward of Sadachara. She then ran to the village to give the news.

The villagers rushed to the spot, but by then the culprit had ran away after raping and killing her. After being informed, the police reached the spot and recovered the body of Sujata.  As per the statement of Sujata’s nephew, it is learnt that the Bengali settler was wearing a pant and red shirt.

This 25 years old Tripura woman of Rambabu Dheba, Matiranga was not only gang raped by the Bangladesh Army personnel, but was also attacked by blunt knives.

The Bangladeshi security personnel have been inflicting rape upon the Jumma women since the conflict started in the mid 1970s. The Bangladesh military systematically use rape as a deliberate tactic to destroy or damage the Jumma nation.

The following information is just a small fraction of the Bangladesh military perpetrated rapes committed against the Jumma women of the CHT. There have been many more such instances, but due to social taboos and fear of reprisals, the victims or their families do not come forward with this kind of information.

4 August 2008

Around 2 pm a group of Bangladesh army personnel led by Captain Tanvir from Merangchara camp raided Nuopara village in Belaichari. The soldiers met Mrs. Shanti Devi Chakma (40) wife of Lakshmi Chakma near the village and raped her. They also beat her two sons Ranjan Chakma (20) and Rubel Chakma (11).

19 July 2008

A group of Bangladesh army personnel led by a warrant officer raided the village of Magainpara under Ghilachari Union. An army man attempted to rape Ms Jika Rani Tonchongya (15) when he found her alone in the house. The army man asked her to un-dress and grabbed her. She screamed, freed herself and ran out of the house. 

23 June 2008 

At about 8 am, Miss. Ruma Chakma (13) of Nalkata, Baghaichari went to a nearby stream to fetch water. An unidentified settler (35 to 40 years of age) grabbed her and attempted to rape her. As she screamed for help, the settler struck her with his machete leaving a few centimeters deep cut-wound in her right elbow. The settler had run away before the villagers reached the scene. The girl could not tell his name. Ruma Chakma was then admitted to Baghaihat Health Complex.

8 September 2006

At about 4:00 p.m. Santosh Das son of late Man Mohan Das raped Nima Marma (11) daughter of Uching Mong Marma of Mrodong Para of Bangalhalia, Rajasthali under Rangamati district. Santosh Das first took away the girl to nearby jungle by alluring her with money and chickpea (Chanachur) and then raped her.

2 September 2006

Muslim settlers in Dighinala area raped and murdered Ms. Runa Chakma (15) daughter of Gyanajyoti Chakma of Hajachara, Dighinala. She was a student of grade nine at Chhota Merung High School in Dighinala. That morning she went to school to sit for examination, but she did not return home that day. Next day (3 September) at the evening around 6:30 pm her naked body was found at Merung creek near Number 10 sentry post of Ansar (Islamic Guard) and half kilometer from the Bara Merung Bridge. One of perpetrators was identified as Monowar Hossain son of Joynal of Khejur Bagan village of Merung.

22 August 2006

Two Muslim settlers attempted to rape Ms. Samapudi Chakma (16) daughter of Aongla Chakma of Falitangyachug under Barkal in Rangamati district. On that day at 2.00 pm the victim went to the adjacent creek to fetch water for her cows. Mohammed Maznu and Mohammed Bazlu both of whom work at a local BDR camp assaulted to rape her. Samapudi Chakma screamed and hearing her scream, a villager Manu Mohan Chakma rushed to the scene to rescue her.

30 June 2006

A group of Muslim settlers raped a Miss. Nunu Marma daughter of Felang Marma of Bara Kheda Para under Ramgarh in Khagrachari district. She was visiting her relative Mr. Jatin Mohan Tripura of Bara Tali Para. At around 1.30 pm a group of Muslim settlers raided the home, tied up Jatin Mohan Tripura and his wife and then kidnapped Nunu Marma. The miscreants told Jatin Mohan Tripura that the Chairman of Patachara Union Momin Habilder had ordered them to pick her up.

The next day, some villagers along with Jatin Mohan Tripura met the Chairman and asked about Nunu Marma. The Chairman denied any involvement. However he asked two people to trace Miss. Nunu Marma. Then they informed that Nunu Marma was gang raped by following miscreants and left her after she became senseless.

1.                 Mohammed Abdul Kader (30) son of Sayem Uddin Munsi, of Nakapa Cluster Village
2.                 Mohammed Shahajahan Miyan (35) son of Ahamudur Rahman, of Nakapa Cluster Village
3.                 Mohammed Jakir Hossain (26) son of Bacchchu Miyan, Nakapa Cluster Village.

17 April 2006

A group of Muslim settlers at Taindong, Matiranga of Khagrachari abducted Ms Jamuna Tripura (14) daughter of Krisna Dayal Tripura in broad daylight. The police refused to take action against the Muslim settlers. The victim had not been rescued till writing this report. The following culprits were identified.

1.                 Mohammed Abul Kalam of DB Para under Matranga
2.                 Mohammed Abdul Haque, son of Chan Miyan of DB Para under Matranga
3.                 Mohammed Manir, son of Farid Miyan of DB Para under Matranga

10 April 2006

At around 11.30 am Subedar Kobad Ali, a non-commissioned officer of Duitila army camp under Baghaihat army zone raped a widow named Rupali Chakma (26 years) w/o late Dhana Bikash Chakma of Hazachari, Baghaihat. The victim was returning home from Baghaichari by a public bus.

When the bus reached Duitila army camp, the military personnel ordered all the Jumma passengers including the victim to alight from the bus. During search, the military personnel found the victims widow allowance book and detained her on the passenger shed. They ordered the bus driver to leave the place along with other passengers.

Two Ansar (Islamic Guard) personnel were also present during the search. No sooner had the bus left with other passengers, Subedar Kobad Ali ordered the Ansar personnel to leave the place. Few minutes later, Subedar Kobad Ali forcibly took the victim to a room of the camp and raped her. After an hour, the Subedar boarded her in a passenger jeep. The victim was threatened that she would be killed if she disclosed the incident to other.

The victim filed a case at the Rangamati police station. She applied for medical test to Rangamati hospital. But medical test was done almost 72 hours after the rape and result was reported negative. On the other, the security intelligence personnel kept continuous vigilance upon her during her stay at Rangamati hospital. They tried to harass and interrogate her in the hospital. Due to military interference, the medical test was delayed and the result was reported negative.

7 April 2006

At 4.00 p.m. Mohammed Alamgir, a Muslim settler of Manikchari raped Domra Ching Marama (16) d/o Mong Chai Marma, of Badnatali under Manikchari upazila in Khagrachari district while she was collecting drinking water from a well near the village. A case was filed against the rapist at the Manikchari police station. But the police did not take any action. Reliable sources alleged that Dr. Tozammel Haque Zoarder, Resident Medical Officer of Khagrachari hospital intentionally destroyed some symptoms of raping.

3 April 2006

Muslim settlers raped two Jumma women named Ms. Thuimrajai Marma (16) d/o Mamong Marma and Ms. Krajaima Marma (20) d/o Riprue Marma at Maischari under Khagrachari district during the communal attack against Jummas. The attack occurred when Muslim settlers tried to grab Jumma land. Medical test was done at the Khagrachari hospital two days after the incident and result was reported negative. But the doctors mentioned that they found injuries on different parts of their bodies. The victim's relatives alleged that the military applied tremendous pressure on the doctors to create negative report.

20 February 2006

Ms. King Chaiye Marma (14) d/o late Kyafa Marma of Nakkhyangchari under Bandarban district was raped and killed by Muslim settlers named (1) Belal Ahmad, (2) Joynal Ahmad, (3) Mohamed Kamal, (4) Mohamed Abdullah, (5) Mohamed Akhter, (6) Shah Alam, (7) Mohamed Alam.

On that day at 5.00 p.m. Ms. King Chaiye Marma was returning home from Magya Para of Lama. When she reached the the Humayan Jabir Chowdhury Rubber Factory, she was kidnapped by the culprits mentioned above. In connection with this kidnapping and disappearance, the victim's uncle Mr. Mong Owang Marma filed a case at Nakkhyangchari police station on 27/02/2006. Later main culprit Belal Ahmad was arrested by the police and according to his confession, the dead body of victim was recovered on 15 March 2006 at 3.00 p.m. from Humayan Jabir Chowdhury's rubber plantation area. On 16 March her dead body was taken to Bandarban town for post mortem.

06 February 2006

An army Subedar (non-commissioned officer, name was not available) of Bagchari camp of 28 Bengal under Naniarchar zone tried to rape Ms. Kalindi Rani Chakma (19) d/o Mano Ranjan Chakma of Bagchari Jouta Khamar village in Rangamati district.

25 May 2003

Mr. Riaz Mahmud Hira, son of Aziz attempted to rape an adolescent children named Sima Chakma (10), daughter of Annanda Chakma of Patachari village under Bagaichari. While Sima Chakma was going to market for buying kerosene, the culprit attacked her. Fortunately, her younger sister Ruma Chakma was with her and they vigorously fought the attacker. The victim's father Mr. Annanda Chakma filed a case against the culprit to the Upazilla Mahila Officer on 1 June 2003. But he was forced to withdraw the case due to pressure from the Bagaichari Police.

25 April 2002

A Jumma woman named Jyotika Chakma wife of Mr. Ramanya Chakma of Pablakhali village under Bagaichari was abducted by Mohammed Mojammel of Bhangamura village. Her whereabouts are still unknown.

13 March 2002

A group of Muslim settlers abducted Miss Kalpana Chakma (16) from Alikadam town of Bandarban, took her to East Feroz Shah Colony of Pahartali, Chittagong and gang raped her for several days. However due to the vehement protest of the Jummas, the local authorities ordered the Police to take action. The Police rescued the girl and arrested i) Mohammad Ruhul Amin and ii) Mohammad Fazal Kader. Later the Police released the rapists without trial or punishment.

5 March 2002

Miss Lita Marma (16), the daughter of Mr. Shwi Chen Marma of Dulupara, Kaptai and a student of Class 10 of Chandraghona Paharika High School, was kidnapped by a group of Muslim settlers in broad daylight in the presence of Police. Her brother, Mr. Shai Chen Marma filed a case with the Chandraghona Police Station against the Muslim abductors. The Police rescued the girl from a Muslim home in the area but they did not arrest the kidnappers. Miss Lita Marma was traumatised and gang raped for 14 days.

22 December 2001

At 12.30 a.m, 5 Muslim settlers led by Mohammad Khokan, the son of Mohammad Motaleb Mistri, attacked Mrs. Hla Mra Ching Marma, the wife of Mr. Mong Hla Ching Marma of Bhedbhedi, Rangamati, and gang raped her. She was seriously injured when the rapists hit her with sticks while she was fighting tooth and nail to resist the attack. Mrs. Marma was taken to the Rangamati General Hospital for treatment. She lodged a case against the rapists with the Rangamati Police. Needless to say, the Police did not take any action.

21 May 2001

A group of Bangladesh army personnel raided a Jumma village namely Bara Chandra Karbari Para at Matiranga at midnight and raped 3 Jumma women. They mercilessly beat the villagers and injured 13 Jumma civilians including an one year old baby girl. The Jumma women were identified as (a) Mrs. Pubali Tripura (22) wife of Bata Roy Tripura, (b) Ms.Sanita Tripura (15) and (c) Ms. Karandi Tripura, daughter of Hari Mohan Tripura.

The one year old minor child of Mrs. Pubali Tripura was seriously injured when the army personnel chopped the child with sharp knife during the gruesome incident. Three Jumma women and the minor child were admitted to Khagra Chari Sadar Hospital. One Jogendra Tripura of the same village was arrested by the army and later sent to Khagra Chari court hazat on next day.

13 August 2000

At mid-night a group of Bengali youths led by Ali Ajgar (18) of Hafchari mouza, Guimara, Khagrachari tried to kidnap Mallika Tripura (13) of the same village. Mallika's brother, helped by a Bengali, could catch Ali Ajgar and handed him over to local Bengali leaders. The latter then proposed to Mallika's guardians to marry her to Ali Ajgar, which they refused. Mallika's sister filed a case against Ali Ajgar (18) and 10 associates.

When a local Awami League leader was killed by dacoits in the following days a false case was filed against Mallika's guardians and the Bengali who had helped them and they were arrested by the police. Mallika went in hiding.

24 April 2000 

Miss. Nidra Kusum Talukdar (12), daughter of Doyal Kanti Talukdar, a student of Shantipur Junior High School, Dighinala was sexually harassed and attempted to rape by a Muslim settler named Saheb Ali, son of Malek of Milanpur Guchha Gram (culster village) of Dighinala. This incident took place at a shop of Dighinala town.

23 March 2000

Miss. Chunio Marma (13), daughter of Aoung Fu Marma of Daijja Para, Manikchari, Khagrachari was gang raped by a group of Muslim youths namely 1) Mohammad Jahangir, 2) Mohammad Samshul Islam, 3) Rafique Mian, 4) Mohammad Mizan and 5) an unidentified bus driver from Tintahari Bazaar of Manikchari, Khagrachari. The victim was admitted to Khagrachari Sadar Hospital and was declared by the doctors to had been raped. Although the case was filed, but none of the rapists were arrested.

18 March 2000

Five Marma people were returning from Chitmoram Buddhist Temple at Kaptai. When they reached Tin Tehari, Manikchhari thana, Khagrachhari district, a cluster village of Muslim settlers, a group of settlers robbed them of their money and gold ornaments. The robbers also kidnapped Chunew Marma (13) and raped her.

According to the victims, the following settlers were involved: 1) Mohammad Aziz, 2) Jamal, 3) Mohammad Ershad, 4) Mohammad Sirajul, 5) Mohammad Mofazzal, 6) Mohammad Jahangir, 7) Mohammad Shamsul Islam (all from Tin Tehari cluster village), 8) Mohammad Khorshed from Debpoa 9) Mohammad Rafiq Mia, Jahangir's relative 10) Mohammad Mizan, and 11) a friend of Jahangir known as Lal Boarder Driver.

22 April 1999 

At about 12 noon i) Miss Boalbin Bawm 18, the daughter of Mr. Dalbin Bawm of Malfipara village in Bandarban District, and ii) Mrs. Bomsiar Bawm 21, the wife of Mr. Pankhum Bawm of the same address, were fishing in the nearby Palichara rivulet.

At that time, the Bangladesh Army directed several members of a Foreign Armed Group (Rohinga Muslims from Burma) to rape those Jumma ladies. In compliance with the instructions of the Bangladesh Army Commander, those Foreign Terrorists gang raped both the ladies at gun-point till they became unconscious. They also shot dead Miss Boalbin Bawm after gang raping her.

17 April 1999

At about 12 p.m, 2 Bangladesh Police personnel i) Mohamed Noman and ii) Mohamed Masud - of Ghilachari Police Camp under the jurisdiction of Rangamati District raided the home of Miss Sonabala Chakma and tried to rape her at gun-point. On hearing her scream for help, her Jumma neighbours rushed into her home, rescued her from the hands of the rapists, caught the culprits red-handed, and handed them over to the Commander of the said Police Camp. Needless to say, the BD rapists were not punished.

4 March 1999

Lance Nayek Muzibar from the Engineering Corps (16 East Bengal), engaged in the construction of the Chimbuk-Thanchi road, attempted to rape Songtal Murang (13) near Empo Para, Bandarban district, when she went to a nearby spring to fetch water. The girl was able to run away. The Chimbuk -Thanchi road is being constructed by the army and Jummas living in that area, mainly Mru, have been harassed in many different ways by the military. >

5 January 1999

Miss Momota Devi Tripura (14) of Alutila, Matiranga Thana, Khagrachari District was travelling by bus to Matiranga town. On the way, a Muslim driver, whose name was not known, molested her in front of many Muslims and some Jumma passengers. When the helpless Jumma girl screamed for help, the Jumma passengers attempted to free her from the hands of the rapist.

But the Muslim passengers took the side of the rapist, pushed the Jumma passengers away from him and allowed him to continue the molestation. When the Jumma passengers and the Jumma victim reported the matter to the Police, the Police Authorities ignored the First Information Report.

1 January 1999

A 12-year-old girl, Beshbala Tripura (alias Maya Rani), of Bailyachhara Joutha Khamar (collective farm) in Matiranga thana, Khagrachhari district, was raped by Banar Ali, a settler, when she was alone at home.

4 July 1998

Mrs. Kanjuri Marma and her brother of Deppyo Para, Manikchari, Khagrachari District were coming out of a cinema hall. At that time, Mohammad Mahfuj from Champrue Para, Manikchari attacked Mrs. Marma to rape her in front of many Muslim settlers and some Police personnel. When her brother tried to free her from the grip the rapist, the other Muslim settlers beat him up injuring him seriously on his head. The Police did not intervene in the attack.

24 June 1998

Mohammad Mamunul Haque, a teacher of Rangamati Technical Training Centre, attempted to rape Miss Manju Rani Chakma (15), a student of the said centre, while teaching her at his home. But her screaming and loud cry for help forced the rapist to let her go. Then she wen to Rangamati Police Headquarters to submit the first information report.

But the Police refused to record it showing that the BSF have ordered them not to accept any complaints from the Jumma People. Then the Hill Student Council brought out a procession at Rangamati to demand the trial and punishment of the rapist. Thus they compelled the Police to file a case against Mohammad Haque and arrest him. The rapist has not yet been tried and punished.

14 June 1998

A minor Jumma girl, Miss Khucharung Tripura, the daughter of Mr. Manikjan Tripura of Pan Bazar village in Alikadam Thana area within Bandarban District, was kidnapped by three Muslim settlers i) Mohamed Abdul Khaleque, ii) Mohamed Hamidullah, and iii) Mohamed Salamat Ullah. Miss Tripura is still missing. It is feared that she was kidnapped, gang raped, murdered and buried in a secret place.

28 May 1998

At midnight the Police of Dighinala Police Station and the local Muslim settlers raided the home of Mrs. Nandi Bala Dewan, the wife of Mr. Jyotishwar Dewan of Kalachand Mohajan Para, Dighinala, looted all valuable goods including her ornaments, and attempted to rape her. Fortunately the neighbours heard of her loud scream and cry for help, rushed to her home and saved her from being raped.

22 May 1998 

Miss Kanika Tripura, the daughter of Mr. Atal Tripura of Sinaipara, Rowangchari, Bandarban, was raped by 2 Police personnel i) Mohammad Sadeq and ii) Bapar Barua of the nearby Police checkpost. The local Police authorities did not take any actions against the rapists.

28 April 1998

Konika Tripura and Resmaiti Tripura were both raped by two policemen, Baper Barua and Sadeq Ali, while they were collecting firewood in the jungle at Rowangchhari thana, Bandarban district. After the HWF Bandarban branch filed a case, the policemen were suspended from service but not tried in court. The girls were given compensation of Tk 10,000 each.

28 April 1998

A minor Jumma girl named Miss Mahalaxmi Tripura, the daughter of Mr. Sarani Kumar Tripura of Chinachari Para, Ramgarh, was raped by a Bangladesh Rifles man named Mohammad Mahbub from the local sentry post when she went to collect fire wood from the nearby forest.

21 March 1998

A Muslim settler raped a Chakma woman at Madhya Boalkhali village in Dighinala.

20 March 1998

Mrs. Jayanti Prabha Chakma (32), the wife of Mr. Padma Sen Chakma, a repatriated Jumma refugee of Madhya Boalkhali, Dighinala was working alone in the field. Then a Muslim settler Mohammad Abdul, the son of Mohammad Mozaffar of Boalkhali attacked and raped her at knife point. Although she sued him, the Bangladesh Government simply ignored the case.

28 February 1998

The personnel of the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) from the BDR camp at Guimara raped two Jumma women at Matiranga, Khagrachari. 23 February 1998 The Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) personnel of Guimara camp raped two Jumma women near the Matiranga Police Headquarters.

14 May 1996

Under the instructions of the Bangladeshi Security Forces, a member of the Ansar (Islamic Guards) from Kukichara Ansar Camp, attacked the house of Mr. Halendra Tripura of Kukichara village under the jurisdiction of Khagrachari Police Headquarters within Khagrachari District and raped his daughter, Miss Rajanika Tripura (13), at gunpoint. The Ansar rapist was Mohammad Sayed Ali.

18 January, 1996

Two members of the VDP (Village Defence Party = a Muslim militia) Mohammad Mosaraf (22) and Mohammad Rafiq (l6), attacked and attempted to rape i) Miss Rupika Chakma (16), and ii)Miss Shukramita Chakma (l7), both students of Pujgang High School, while they vere returning from school. These bold Jumma girls resisted the attack with all their might and at the same time cried out loudly for help. Having heard of their distressful scream, the nearby Jummas came to their help and rescued them from the hands of the VDP rapists.

11 November 1995

Havildar Makbul of the No. 13 Ansar (Islamic Guard) Battalion was on duty at Golanda Sentry Post. At that time, Miss Ranika Debi Chakma (9), the daughter of Mr. Shashi Mohan Chakma, was going to fetch water. Then Havilder Makbul molested her, touched her private parts and attempted to rape her. But he had to let her go as she was able to draw the attention of the villagers by crying and screaming loudly.

31 October 1995

A group of Muslim settlers led by Mohammad Nobya of Boalkhali cluster village and Mohammad Kasem of Rashik Nagar cluster village went to the home of Mrs. Tungobi Chakma (45), the wife of Mr. Bulu Chakma of Hachinsanpur village in Tarabanya Mouza, Dighinala, presented her and her daughter, Miss Mallika Chakma (21) with Fanta (a soft drink) mixed with sleeping drug, and repeatedly requested them to drink although they initially refused to accept the present.

However, after repeated request by the Muslim settlers, Mrs. Chakma and her daughter were beguiled into drinking the Fanta and very soon they fell asleep. Then, the Muslim settlers gang raped them.

They were so heavily drugged that they were found unconscious even the following morning. Fortunately, Mrs. Chakma and her daughter came back to their senses after treatment at Khagrachari Hospital and were able to reveal the crime in detail. Needless to say, the local authorities refused to bring the Muslim settlers to justice.

15 October 1995

Leut. Zia and his soldiers of the 15 EBR from Barmachari Army Camp under the control of the Lakshmichari Military Zone were patrolling the surrounding areas. At that time, Miss Shanti Lata Chakma (15), the daughter of Mr. Hari Mohan Chakma of Marachengi, Lakshmichari Union Council, Khagrachari and her nephew were returning home after shopping at the local bazaar.

Then in the presence of Lt. Zia and other soldiers, a soldier attacked Miss Shanti Lata Chakma to rape her. But this bold Jumma girl fought back tooth and nail and screamed loudly till the military rapist released her. Although the soldier could not rape her, he molested her, touched her private parts and tried to strip her. Perhaps, it is worth noting that Lt. Zia had neither stopped his soldier from attacking the helpless Jumma girl nor had taken any actions against the military rapist.

11 October, 1995

A group of Muslim settlers attacked the home of Mr. Chandra Kumar Chakma, a repatriated Jumma refugee of Aparup Headman Para of Dighinala, to abduct his granddaughter, Miss Ringu Chakma (15). At the time of her kidnapping, she cried out loudly and screamed to alarm her neibours.

Alarmed by her helpless cry, the villagers rushed to her rescue and released her from the grip of the kidnappers. The rescuers were able to identify some of the culprits namely, i) Mohammad Alam, ii) Mohammad Shahabuddin, iii) Mohammad Sukkur Ali, iv) Mohammad Ali Azam, v) Mohammad Abu Taher, vi) Mohammad Hanif.

9 September 1995

A member of the VDP (Village Defence Party = a Muslim militia) attempted to rape Miss Priti Rani Tripura (14), a student of class VII and the daughter of Mr. Barendra Tripura of Kumindra Karbari Para of Matiranga while she was going to school. Then she cried for help. Fortunately, Mr. Shanti Mohan Tripura heard of her screaming, rushed to the scene, and rescued the girl from the hands of the VDP rapist.

12 July 1995 

Three Jumma girls of Ahjachara village - i) Miss Surekha Chakma (l7), ii) Miss Punangalata Chakma (16), the daughters of Mr. Amar Dhan Chakma, and iii) Miss Suralata Chakma (18), the daughter of Mr. Ananda Mohan Chakma - were going to Kasalong Mukh by boat. When they arrived at Baranachari Mukh they were attacked and raped by three Muslim settlers- i) Mohammad Nazrul Islam, the son of Mohammad Maksud Ali, ii) Mohammad Sirajul Islam, the son of Mohammad Samsher Ali, and iii) Mohammad Habibur Rahman, the son of Mohammad Solaiman.

9 July 1995

Capt. Imdad and his troops of the 17 East Bengal Regiment from Sarbuatali Bangladesh Army camp raided the house of Mr. Arun Prakash Chakma of Lalit Mohan Karbari Para village of Madhya Pablakhali area at about 2 a.m. They forced him and Mr. Shyam Chakma to come out of their home, interrogated and harassed them.

During the interrogation, Capt. Imdad entered the home, and attacked Mrs. Basana Chakma, the wife of Mr. Shyam Chakma, with an aim of raping her. But Mrs. Chakma screamed and fought tooth and nail until the military rapist stopped the attack.

15 June 1995

Three Muslim settlers gang raped Miss Kalpana Chakma (16), daughter of Mr. Sadhan Mani Chakma of Manikjor Chara village of the Tintilya area under the jurisdiction of LongaduUpazilla, while she was returning home from Maini Mukh Bazaar after shopping.

12 June 1995

At about 9 p.m. 10 Muslim settlers namely, i) Mohammad Baliya, ii) Mohammad Nur Alam, and iii) Mohammad Rahim, and so on from the Sijak area attacked the farm house of Mr. Harish Chandra Chakma of Khagrachari village of Baghaichari Upazilla, gang raped his daughter, Mrs. Swapna Devi Chakma.

8 June 1995

A Bangladeshi Settler Mohammad Ataul Haque Talukder, son of Mohammad Abul Kasem Talukder, raped a Jumma housewife, Mrs. Surjya Mukhi Chakma (35), the wife of Mr. Chandra Mohan Chakma of No. 1 Rubber Plantation village of Baghaichari Upazilla.

2 May 1995

A Bangladeshi Settler, Mohammad Saidul Islam, who was working at the construction site of Hazachari Primary School under the jurisdiction of Baghaichari Upazilla attacked Miss Mongala Rani Chakma, attempted to rape her while she was returning home after shopping at Karengatali Bazaar. She resisted the rapist's attack and screamed for help. Some Jummas heard her cry for help, rescued her from the grip of the Bangladeshi rapist.

25 March 1995

Subedar Akbar and his soldiers of the 52 East Bengal Regiment from Naraichari Bangladesh Army Camp raided the home of Mr. Biraj Mohan Chakma of the neighbouring village, searched his house and harassed him during the interrogation.

After finding no arms and ammunitions in the house, the Bangladesh military raiders molested his daughter, Miss Snehalata Chakma (17), touched her private parts, and tried to strip her in order to rape her in the name of searching her body despite her vigorous oojection and resistance. But she fought tooth and nail till she was released by the Bangladesh military rapists.

23 March l995

A Bangladeshi businessman attacked and molested Miss Runa Chakma (13) at Ghilachari Bazaar under the jurisdiction of Naniachar Upazilla in front of many Jumma shoppers, Muslim settlers and Bangladeshi military personnel. Naturally, the Jumma people came to the rescue the Jumma girl, who was crying for help, and tried to restrain the Bangladeshi molester.

But the Muslim settlers and the Bangladedshi security personnel took the side of the Muslim settlers and threatened the innocent Jummas with shooting instead of restraining the Muslim settlers.

6 February 1995

A Habildar Major and his armymen of the 52 East Bengal Regiment from the Naraichari Bangladesh Army Camp raided the houses of Mr. Binanda Joy Chakma (35), Mr. Indra Lal Chakma (50) and Mr. Kegera Chakma (35), of Naraichari village and thoroughly searched the houses.

Having found no arms and ammunitions in the houses, they searched all the women and girls very indecently touching their private parts, attempting to strip them and trying to rape them. The Bangladesh Military criminals released them only after they screamed and cried loudly and resisted attacks vigorously.

10 October 1994

Nepali Chakma was raped by several members of the BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) at the Rubber Plantation Area in Baghaichari, Rangamati district. 5 September 1994 Kajoli Chakma and Sunita Chakma (aged 16), were raped at gunpoint in Lallyaghona village by a commander and two soldiers of the Ugalchari Army Camp of the 46 East Bengal Regiment (EBR) of the Bangladesh Army. 28 August 1994 Jitendra Chakma was raped (homosexual rape) by personnel of the 40 EBR (East Bengal Regiment) of the Bangladesh Army from the Naniachar Military Zone during a raid on Djuapara village, Rangamati district.

23 January 1994

Ms. Jotika Chakma was raped by Lance Nayak Nurul Islam and others from Indra Singh Para Bangladesh Army camp (26th East Bengal Regiment).

2 October 1993

Ms. Angelika Chakma was raped by Havildar Major Kalam, 3 Ansar (Islamic Guard) Battalion. She was raped in her house after her husband had failed to supply milk to the commander.

5 September 1993

Koika Chakma was raped by Bangladeshi settler Mohammad Jamir Uddin, a rickshaw puller in Dighinala.

10 August 1993

A 13 year old girl, Sumita Chakma, was raped by a member of paramilitary group Ansar (Islamic Guard) at Guimara.

13 July 1993

Juddha Pudi Chakma was raped by Mohammad Nukab Ali, Havildar Major of 26th East Bengal Regiment, Ultachari army camp, Laxmichari zone.

29 June 1993

Retma Marma was raped by Bangladeshi settler Mohammad Rafique of Block no.11 of Gacchabil Bangladeshi cluster village, Manikchari thana.

26 September 1992

Four army men of 40th East Bengal Regiment from Chowdhurychara camp, Naniachar zone gang raped two young Jumma women.

31 May 1992

A Bangladesh Army unit under the command of Major Khorshed from 8th Engg. Corps, Betchari Ganiapara army camp, raided Betchari Dajarapara. Seven women were gang raped, 11 villagers tortured, their houses were set fire, and valuables were looted.

18 December 1985

Captain Khaleque of the Bangladesh Army (14th Bengal) from Panchari army camp and his troops raided the house of Mr. Inanta Chakma of Ratna Mohan Para (presently Jitendra Lal Karbari Para) village and raped his daughter Miss Shanti Prabha Chakma, 16.

16 August 1985

The soldiers of the Bangladesh Army (305 BDE) led by Naib Subedar Tofazzal Hossain of Zaksha Bazar army camp, made an attack on the house of Mr. Jarip Mohan Chakma of Dhebachari village in Zaksha Bazar Upazilla, and raped his daughter, Miss Jalanga Rani Chakma, 16, in front of her parents. On 17 August 1985, Naib Subedar Tofazzal Hossain raped Miss L'orbi Chakma,, 16, daughter of Mr. Kalabua Chakma of Chokpati Ghat village in Zaksha Bazar Upazilla.

13 August 1985

The members of the Bangladesh Army (203 BDE) from Panchari army camp carried out a raid on the house of Mr. Bidhu Moni Tripura of a Jumma village in No. 245 Bara Panchari Mouza within Panchari Upazilla, raped his daughter, Miss Sambhuri Tripura, 15, and left her unconscious in bleeding condition.

1 July 1985

Captain Sajjad Hossain of the Bangladesh Army (13th Bengal) from Mohal Chari army camp and his troops launched an attack on the house of Mr. Binode Bihari Khisa of Khularampara village in Mohal Cha ri Upazilla. They took away his wife by force to Khularam para Primary School where she was raped by Captain Sajjad Hossain.

(The enormous population explosion of Muslims in Bangladesh have horrendous results in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh and the northern Arakan in Burma. Just look at this statistics.
There were almost 100% Buddhists (ethnic Jumma) in CHT just after WW2. Now the Buddhist population there is only about 20% or even much less. Buddhist population was more than 20% in whole Bangladesh (East Pakistan) just after WW2 and now is only 0.7%. The silent genocide last 60 years has horribly depleted the Buddhist population in Bangladesh to near extinct.
The Illegal Bengali-Muslims have now overflowed into the bordering Arakan in Burma and even seeped into the Burma-Proper. And we all know Islam will never satisfy till the native Buddhists are completely wiped out. The result is the anti-Islam race riots now breaking out frequently in Burma.
Buddhist-Burmese in Burma are now fighting back as they do not want to be extinct like the Buddhists in Bangladesh or the poor Buddhists in Indonesia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan before them.)

Islamic Genocide of Buddhists in Bangladesh – Part 1
Islamic Genocide of Buddhists in Bangladesh – Part 8