Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thandwe: Transit Central For Bengali-Muslim Invasion (1)

Map of Arakan-South. Thandwe  at the bottom of the map.
(Kyauk-ni-maw the Muslim beach-head is at the middle.)
Why has Thandwe been burning just recently by so many anti-Muslim race-riots ? Why are so many Bengali-Muslims now in Thandwe which once was a Yakhine-Buddhist town?

Believe it or not, Bengali-Muslims are now more than 40% of Thandwe population. There were just a few Muslims in Thandwe 20 years ago. 

The obvious answer is the rapidly-accelerating flow of Bengali-Muslim illegals from the border region. 

This article is my attempt to explain how Thandwe is rapidly becoming a transit-central for Bengali-Muslim illegals fleeing the population explosion in Bangladesh and seeping into Arakan and then deep inside Burma. And the natives -- the Yakhine-Buddhists -- are now fighting back to reclaim their traditional land.

Kyauk-ni-maw: Bengali-Invasion’s Beach-head In Arakan-South

For many years now the Kyauk-ni-maw Village on remote Ramree (Yan-byea) Island is the first entry point for Begali-Muslims from Bangladesh to illegally enter Burma, since Burmese Security Forces and also the Bangladeshi Border Guard forces have tightly sealed the nearly 100-miles long Burma-Bangladesh border.

Kyauk-ni-maw Bengali-Muslim Village right on the sea has been an entry point for Bengali-Muslim illegals and from there another seaside town of Thandwe is just a short ride on many Bengali-Muslim fishing boats plying the human cargo of desperate Bengali-Muslims.

For some Bengali-Muslims who are prone to seasickness they have alternative land routes through the Shwe-hlay or Tha-byu-chai two previously Yakhine-Buddhist villages now taken over by so-called Kaman-Muslims or the Benglai-Muslims-turned-Kaman-Muslims.

Ethnic Kaman-Muslim women in Thandwe.
(Kaman-Muslims are SE-Asian-looking)
(There were less than 20,000 Kaman-Muslims -- recognized as an ethnic group of Burma – officially in 2004. 

But recent informal surveys in Arakan are showing that the Kaman-Muslim population is now more like 200,000 in Arakan alone. 

And most Yakhin-Buddhists believe that many Bengali-Muslim illegals are fraudulently identifying themselves as the Kaman-Muslims by bribing the corrupt Burmese Immigration officials to issue them new NRC -- National Registration Cards -- which show their races as Kaman-Muslims.)

Bengali-Muslims from Bangladesh.
(Bengali-Muslims are South-Asian-looking.) 
Kyauk-ni-maw used to be a small Yakhine-Buddhist fishing village. Some Bengali men started arriving there a few years back and working as fishermen on Yakhine boats. They somehow managed to marry Yakhine-Buddhist women and converted them to Islam.

They gradually built up their wealth and started bringing in more Bengali-Muslim men from their homes back in Bangladesh. Very soon they have basically taken over the village and started building large concrete mosques funded by Saudi’s Al-Rabitah -- The Muslim World League -- in the village so that Yakhine-Buddhists would never be able to reclaim their village.

From Kyauk-ni-maw to Tha-byu-chai and then to Thandwe

Many local Buddhists in Thandwe would swear on their mothers’ lives that they even knew the exact year when about ten such Bengali-turned-Kaman Muslim families from Kyauk-ni-maw arrived in their Thandwe Town. That year was 1985.

Within twenty years those Bengali-turned-Kaman Muslims with suitcases-full of Saudis’ petrol dollars had stealthily taken over most big businesses in Thandwe and nearby villages including the burgeoning hotel and resort businesses in the world-famous Ngapali Beach.

The crucial foundation of their invasion was the newly-built mosques. Thandwe used to have only one old Mosque the “Jarmay Mosque” built during British colonial time till 2005. These fake Kaman-Muslims started building the ring of Saudi-funded mosques in Shwe-hlay, Tha-byu-chai, Lin-thi, Zar-di-byin, Kyaung-daik, and Shay-kyaung-byin villages.

All these villages, strategically situated on the land route from Kyauk-ni-maw to Thandwe, were formerly Yakhine-Buddhist villages but between 1985 and 1995 they were gradually turned into so-called Kaman-Muslim villages by the mass of Bengali-turned-Kaman Muslims from Bangladesh marching through Kyauk-ni-maw.

Foot Soldiers of Bengali-Invasion are trained in Thandwe Mosques

Bengali-Muslims definitely wanted to Islamize Thandwe as they needed a strong foothold in Arakan for their massive Muslim invasion into Burma to be successful. They needed to multiply their Bengali-Muslim population many folds in Thandwe as fast as possible. To do that they have used a two-pronged population-multiplier approach to outnumber and out-breed the native Yakhine-Buddhist populace.

They are constantly bringing in more Benglai-Muslim illegals from Bangladesh through Kyaun-ni-maw and Tha-byu-chai while religiously over-breeding their own population in Thandwe Township.

A newly-built Saudi-funded mosque in Thandwe.
All the young Bengali-Muslim men smuggled in from Bangladesh are temporarily housed at Kyauk-ni-maw Mosque and then gradually transported to the Saudi-funded mosques in the villages near Thandwe.

These Bengali-Muslim foot soldiers are then taught basic Burmese language both spoken and written for months sometimes even two-three years for some stupid ones in the fortified mosques before releasing them into the general populace in Thandwe. 

Some quick-learners are even sent straight to Rangoon with a lot of start-up-funds to establish 786-businesses there the business capital of Burma.

The most religious or the fanatical ones among these newly-minted Bengali-Muslim foot-soldiers are even sent back as the so-called Rohingyas to the Maungdaw and Butheedaung townships in Arakan-North on the Burma-Bangladesh border to agitate the Bengali-Muslim populace there for their so-called human rights.

All paid for by the Al-Rabitah the Saudi-based Muslim World League hell bent on turning the predominantly-Buddhist Chittagong-Hill-Tracts in Bangladesh and the Arkan in Burma to the Islamic Sharia State called “Nuresia”.

Eyewitness Accounts of Bengali-Invasion into Burma via Thandwe

Following is an eyewitness account from a Burmese political-science teacher of that Bengali-Invasion process happening in Tha-byu-chai Village Mosque as early as in 1985.

“From May-4 to May-13 in 1985 I was in Tha-byu-chai Village of Thandwe Township as an instructor for a Lanzin-Youth course there. (Lanzin-Youths are the youth wing of former ruling party of Burma under General Ne Win BSPP – Burma Socialist Programme Party – known as Lanzin-Party.)