Saturday, November 23, 2013

Buddhists Fleeing Bangladeshi Genocide Get Residency

(News and photos direct from Burmese Blogs on November 20, 2013.)

Buddhist-Yakhines from Bangladesh now resettling
back in Arakan after fleeing Islamic genocide.
In just three months since the end of raining season more than a thousand ethnic-Buddhists fleeing the widespread genocide of Buddhists in Bangladesh have crossed into neighbouring Arakan and they have been given temporary residency permits by Burmese Government.

Just on October 15 alone sixteen Buddhist families of more than 50 people crossed the Burma-Bangladesh border. They were originally from the Ywar-daw Village by India-Bangladesh border and they are now temporarily taking refuge in Central Buddhist Monastery in Maungdaw Town.

“Right now they urgently need blankets, mosquito-nets, flannels, cooking pots & pans, and kitchenware. Very soon they will be moving into new houses now being built for them in Aung-thar-yar model village,”  said Buddhist Abbott of the Maungdaw Central Monastery.

Just recently Burmese authorities has issued temporary residency permits to about 700 Bangladeshi Buddhist refugee who are older than 12. That allows them a three year probationary stay in Arakan and if they abide by Burmese laws and are of good character they will be granted permanent residency at the end of that three years.

“We each were issued Temporary Residency Permit as MDW-IP after thorough examinations by Burmese Immigration officials. If we want to travel outside of Maungdaw Township like going to Sittwe or Rangoon we can go with a permit from District Immigration Office. We were issued temporary stay permits in last September,” explained happily a Bangladeshi-Buddhist refugee now living in Kha-yay-myaing model village near Maungdaw Town.

The widespread genocide of Buddhist-ethnics by Bengali-Muslim settlers supported by Islamic Bangladeshi Army has caused more than 200 Buddhist families of at least 1,000 people to abandon all they had in Bangladesh and enter Burma’s Arakan in this winter season alone.

At present Maungdaw District Administration and local Buddhist groups have provided the Buddhist refugees with foodstuff and other essential supplies. Each refugee family of Bangladeshi-Buddhists is given a brand-new house in a new model village and about ten acres of good paddy land to work on and also provided with good paddy seeds and fertilizers.

Each model village is also provided with a couple of farm-tractors owned and managed by Burma’s Agricultural Mechanization Department under the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation. Burma’s Agricultural Extension Department under same ministry has also provided technical knowhow and assistance to the model villages.
Desperate Buddhist refugee family just arrived in Arakan from Bangladesh.
A BGF-Bangladesh patrol on the border trying to rob the fleeing Buddhists.
A model village to resettle Buddhists fleeing the genocide in Bangladesh.
A typical house in a Buddhist model village for the refugees.
(Blogger's Notes: Chittagong - its original Burmese name was Sittagaung - Hill Tracts the border region with nearly 100% Buddhist-Burmese and Buddhist-Yakhines in 1960s has been tragically reduced to just over 10% Buddhist today by the countless numbers of Islamic pogroms committed by the millions and millions of Bengali-Muslim settlers wholeheartedly supported by successive Bangladeshi Governments and brutally-violent Bangladeshi Islamists funded by Al-Rabitah (Muslim World League) from Wahabi Saudi Arabia.

The Buddhist population in Bangladesh right now is measly 0.7% from over 20% just before the Second World War. The tragic fact that nowadays Bangladesh is almost Buddhist-free and the genocidal extinction of Burmese-Buddhists in Bangladesh has been conveniently ignored by Saudi-funded OIC and its backers United Nations and United States.

Maybe Burma and Bangladesh should amiably exchange Burma's all Muslims for Bangladesh's last remaining Buddhists if these Bangladeshi Islamists really want a pure Islamic country as the Buddhist-Burmese also prefer their country a pure Buddhist one too. Like what happened between Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan during the Partition of British India to India and Pakistan in 1947.

The exodus of Buddhists from Bangladeshi borderland has already begun and the thousands and thousands of these pogroms-fleeing Bangladeshi-Buddhists - who ethnically are either Burmese or Yakhines - are now happily resettling themselves in the former villages of Bengali-Muslims displaced during recent Arakan race riots.

Maybe the recent burning of Muslims and their mosques and madrassas in Burma's Meikhtilar will encourage Muslims to leave Burma like the frequent Islamic-pogroms in Bangladesh are the incentives for Buddhists there to leave Bangladesh.)