Sunday, November 10, 2013

Burmese Authorities Trafficking Muslims To Malaysia?

Since November-4 more than a thousand so-called Rohingyas (Bengali-Muslims originally from neighbouring Bangladesh) of Maungdaw Township have sailed for Islamic-Malaysia.

The illegal boats have been leaving Maungdaw almost daily and local Burmese authorities have done nothing to stop the boats as they themselves are heavily involving in the very profitable trafficking of Muslim refugees to Malaysia and Indonesia and then to Australia.

According to the Rohingya Blogger – one of a few Saudi-funded Bengali-Muslim sites – a native Muslim informed them that in the night of November-4 one boat carrying 50 odd Bengali-Muslims left Ah-lel-than-gyaw Village and another boat carrying another 50 odd Bengali-Muslims left Kan-buu Village.

Both Bengali-Muslim villages are in Maungdaw Township and all the Bengali-Muslims onboard were heading for Malaysia.

Out of 100 odd passengers at least 30 were put onboard by Uu-down Village Tract Administrator Tin Maung and his two henchmen Rashid Dullah and Kari Mullar. The rest were placed onboard by Ah-lel-than-gyaw Mosque’s Imam Harshin Mullar and former Ah-lel-than-gyaw Village Administrator Sahrkel Lalu.

One big seagoing board was waiting near the Bangladesh’s St. Martin Island for those small motorised feeder boats bringing the Bengali-Muslims from Maungdaw. Some locals tried to stop the boats leaving Maungdaw by calling the Maungdaw authorities. But the authorities ignored them as they themselves were behind the trafficking of Muslim refugees.

In the dark night of November-5 six feeder boats carrying more than 700 Bengali Muslims including 170 odd women had also left for the big boat waiting for them at sea. There were more feeder boats carrying unidentified numbers had also left from Muin-lut, Thayay-kone-baung, and Pa-nyaung-bin-gyee villages.

Local Burmese authorities were also known to have gathered more than two thousands refugees from Ka-nyin-dan, Zaw-ma-tat, Duu-nyaung-bin-gyee, and Ma-gyee-chaung Muslim villages since November-5 with the promise of sending them to Malaysia in three days.