Friday, November 15, 2013

OIC And Bill Clinton Bullying Burma To Allow OIC Office

Multinational Muslim Mafia OIC – Organization for Islamist Cooperation – with the cooperation of United Nation’s Ban Ki-Moon and Obama’s United States Socialist Government has sent a very-high level delegation to pressure Burma to let OIC open an office very first time in a Buddhist nation.

OIC delegation led by its highest ranking official and the General Secretary Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu includes seven foreign ministers from seven major Islamist countries. At the same time Saudi Arabia and United States have sent their man former US President Bill Clinton to double the pressure on Thein Sein’s Government.

Today OIC General Secretary Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu declared in Nay Pyi Daw the capital of Burma that their OIC is not really a religious organization and it is just a political organization. He stated that they just wanted to open an OIC office in Rangoon to help Burma solve recent violent conflicts between Buddhists and Muslims.

Funnily OIC has never once tried to solve the similar problems between the Muslims and Buddhists in neighbouring Bangladesh where the 60-years long Buddhist Genocide has been going on so long at such intensity that Buddhist population there has been reduced from a substantial 20% in the 1950s to a negligible 0.7% today. Something very similar to what Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu's Turkey did to her 2 million Christian-Armenians in now almost forgotten 1915 Armenian Genocide.
OIC delegation on the plane to Burma.
OIC delegation at Burma's Parliament.
Now the bloody Islamists want Burma to let those Bengali-Muslims come into Burma and wipe-out the Buddhist population here as in Bangladesh. And their Socialist Collaborator Bill Clinton whose foundation CGI – Clinton Global Initiatives – fattened with billions of Saudi’s petrol dollars is now cooperating with the OIC’s Islamists to put more pressure on Thein Sein’s Government.

Buddhists Burmese are already deeply suspicious that Bill Clinton's visit has coincided with OIC delegation's visit to Burma. They know very well the sad fact that he had delivered Serbia's Kosovo into the hands of Saudi-led Islamists in 1999.

Clinton declared in Rangoon on November-14 that he and his fellow world leaders were deeply sickened by the disturbing news from Burma whenever anti-Muslim riots occurred. What he really meant was he wants Buddhists in Burma to give up their bitter fight against Bengali-Muslims and roll over and let the Islamists fuck them.

But Burmese patriots see through his fancy talks and also OIC’s sugar-coated lies. And they have been protesting and marching all over Burma since the news of OIC delegation’s arrival on November 14 came out. Following photos from Burmese Buddhist nationalist monk Shin Wirathu's Blog are the proof of all these mass protests still going on strong in Burma’s towns and cities all over the country for nearly a week now.

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