Friday, May 30, 2014

Border War: Burmese Army Killed First Bangladeshi Officer

(Compilation of news articles from NARINJARA NEWS AGENCY on 29-30 May 2014.)

Burmese police patrol on Bangladesh-Burma border.
On 29 May yesterday Bangladeshi Foreign Ministry angrily summoned Burma’s Ambassador in Bangladesh and demanded Burma's urgent explanation for the violent border clash on May-28 last Wednesday.

Bangladeshi Ambassador in Rangoon also delivered a strongly-worded protest letter to Burmese Foreign Ministry at Naypyidaw.

According to Burmese army reports an army unit ambushed two armed RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) terrorists crossing into Burma on May-28 morning and killed one RSO terrorists and captured his M-22 rifle and ammunitions.

But according to the BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh – formerly a mutinous paramilitary force the Bangladesh Rifles) the Burmese army unit had attacked one of their BGB units patrolling the border and captured a BGB officer named Mizanur Rahman who is still missing.

May-28 Clash between Burma Army and RSO Terrorists

At about 9:00 am on May-28 Lieutenant Zaw Moe Aung-led army platoon from LIB-352’s First-Mobile-Column (Sitkyaung-Tit) was taking a forward observation position (FOP) just behind the Bangladesh-Burma border fence near the Borderpost-52 when two armed-RSO terrorists in their yellowish camouflage uniforms had crossed the border and tried to reach the border fence at 100 yards inside Burma territory.

Burmese watch tower on Bangladesh-Burma border.
Once they reached at about 80-Yards inside the Burma territory just before the border-fence the army unit challenged them to stop and surrender.

But the two fired back and during the short fire fight one RSO Bengali-Muslim was killed and the other one escaped back into Bangladesh.

The dead terrorist in now well-known RSO camouflage-uniform -- thanks to Turkey’s INCA news agency’s promotional RSO videos widely circulating on internet -- was about 30 years old and Burmese army captured his M-22 automatic rifle (Cheap Chinese copy of AK-47), four curved magazines with 30 bullets in each clip, and 98 loose 7.62 cal rounds.

But now the BGB is shamelessly claiming since May-29 that two men were not RSO Islamist terrorists but a small patrol from the BGB Battalion-42 stationed at Teknaf border-town and the BGB officer named Mizanur Rahman has been missing since May-28 morning.

BGB and Bangladeshi authorities have been stubbornly denying the existence of RSO terrorist camps inside Bangladesh and their cross-border violent incursions despite RSO’s boastful public-declarations and Turkey’s INCA News Agency’s public broadcasts and webcasts of RSO activities and devastating cross-border attacks inside Burma across the porous border line.

Now this missing BGB officer and the dead RSO terrorist being probably the same Bengali-Muslim is apparently the shoddy cover-up attempt by the BGB of the Islamist Taliban terrorists operating right under the eyes of Bangladeshi civilian authorities and Bangladeshi Army tightly controlling the Burma-Bangladesh border.

May-29 Clash between Burma Army and RSO Terrorists Again

At about 3:30 am on May-29 next day Captain Htun Naung-led Army Company from LIB-352’s Second-Mobile-Column (Sitkyaung-Hnit) was taking forward observation positions at Border-posts 46, 47, and 48 when ten RSO terrorists tried again to enter Burma territory by stealthily approaching the border fence under the pre-dawn darkness.

Again Burmese soldiers challenged them to surrender and they refused and a long fire fight ensued and three RSO terrorists in their yellowish camouflage uniforms were killed and their three M-22 automatic assault rifles, three curved magazines, and more than 1,000 loose rounds were captured by Burmese soldiers.

Funeral of 4 Burmese policemen killed on May-19.
(BGB claimed they might be killed by RSO-Talibans)
Because of international laws Burmese army previously had never deployed army combat units right along the border fence and only lightly-armed and combat-inexperienced police security battalions were normally patrolling the Bangladesh-Burma border.

But that policy is now being abandoned as RSO terrorists and Bengali-Taliban have been steadily accelerating their devastating cross-border raids on Burma Police units. On May-20 a 60-strong RSO terrorist group crossed the border and ambushed a 8-man Burma Police patrol between Borderpost-52 and 51 and killed four policemen and wounded one police lieutenant.

Since then Burma Army Western Divisional Command (Na-pa-kha) has ordered its five combat-ready and battle-experienced light infantry battalions LIB-352, 345, 551, 552, and 564 all under First Tactical Operation Command (TOC-1) to stand guard over the Border line and repel any RSO terrorist crossing into Burma.
Three Burmese Engineer-soldiers kidnapped and beheaded by RSO Taliban in November 2012.
A BGB officer giving a speech at the RSO-Taliban training camp at Naikhongcharri.
Indisputable evidence from the whole fiasco is clearly highlighting the undeniable fact that Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) is either directly controlling the RSO-Taliban Islamist terrorists operating inside Bangladesh or the notorious BGB -- famously well known for their drug and human smuggling operations on the border line -- itself is playing the duel role of borderguards-cum-terrorists for their own financial and commercial benefits.

--------------------------------------- May-30, 2014 Update --------------------------------------
Borderpost-52 near the Bangladeshi border town of Naikhongcharri is quickly becoming a fierce battlefield between the combined forces of RSO-Taliban terrorists and BGB-31 (31st Battalion Border Guard Bangladesh based at Naikhongcharri) against Burma Army's battle-hardened light infantry battalions LIB-352 and LIB-345 since May 28.

According to local Yakhine Buddhists from the Yakhine Pan Chaung Buddhist Village on Bangladeshi side of the border the BGB-31 was forcing them to collect BGB's dead from May-29 clashes left on the field just before the border-fence at Borderpost-52.

"BGB bastards together with RSO-Talibans forced us native Buddhists to march ahead at the gunpoint and collect the bodies of their dead BGBs. But once we reached near Post-52 Burmese soldiers started firing indiscriminately at us. Bullets were flying all around and over us. I just ran up the nearby hill away from shootings and got knocked out. When I came to I found I'd soiled my pants. So many BGBs got shot too. I don't know how many. Definitely many dead BGBs lying there right now," one local Buddhist being forced as porters later said to a local reporter.

He also added that the RSO-Talibans and BGB's Bangladeshis were in totally different camouflage uniforms and Burmese soldiers didn't seem to discriminate between RSO and BGB as they were just shooting at any armed-man approaching the border-fence which is well inside Burma.

According to Bangladeshi newspapers the Bandarban-based 69th Infantry Brigade of Bangladeshi Army's Chittagong-based 24th Infantry Division  has been moving thousands of troops and an armoured column of at least ten main battle tanks to Burma border since yesterday.

Burma army's Western Command (Na-pa-kha) has already moved its five battle-hardened LIBs right onto the border line supported by heavy artillery units comprising 105 mm howitzer guns since late may after the repeated cross-border attacks by Bangladesh army-trained RSO-Taliban Islamist terrorists.
BGB's Bangladeshis taking their firing positions by Burma-Bangladesh border.
Burma army's 105 mm howitzer guns ready to shell RSO-Taliban positions inside Bangladesh.
     (Burma-Bangladesh border is the latest frontline of 1,000 years-old Buddhist-Muslim war)

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