Monday, March 25, 2019

The Witch Hunt Is Over: Russia Collusion Is A Hoax

Donald Trump is a flag-hugger, not a traitor.
Donald Trump’s Allies Rejoice as Collusion Narrative Crumbles: President Donald Trump’s top allies are publicly celebrating the implosion of the Russia scandal after special counsel Robert Mueller cleared the president of all allegations.

Mueller’s report to Attorney General Bill Barr indicates no collusion between Trump’s campaign and the Russians in 2016 and no evidence that Trump obstructed justice. Andy Surabian, a former White House official who also ran the 2016 campaign war room, said on Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel on Sunday evening.

“I’ve been sitting here watching CNN and MSNBC all day long, and there’s been so much water in the eyes of these anchors that two things could only be going on: they’ve either been crying before they go on air, or they’re all lighting up fat joints before they go on air–but I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many watery eyes on CNN and MSNBC,”

“For the last two years what we’ve witnessed is the biggest conspiracy theory in the history of the United States government propagated by rogue elements of the United States government, a political party in the Democrat Party, and the entire mainstream media from the Washington Post to BuzzFeed to MSNBC and all the rest–they’ve all been in lockstep pushing this conspiracy theory,” Surabian added.

“There’s never been any basis for it. Of course, the [Christopher] Steele memo [dossier] which was supposedly the basis for this whole charade, we know that now to be full of crock. That was nothing more than a crock, and that’s how this whole thing started. And so the media, the Democrat Party, the deep state as some call it–they were the ones colluding.

“They colluded together to perpetrate this conspiracy on the American people. And now that Mueller and his group of 18 Democrats are finally done, and they couldn’t find anything to pin on this president…They couldn’t find anything to pin on Donald Trump Jr. They couldn’t find anything to pin on the president’s campaign.

“They couldn’t even find anything close to collusion to pin on anyone close to the campaign–not even any informal advisers that they could find anything on collusion on. After two years of these conspiracy theories falling flat, are any of these people going to apologize? Is Rachel Maddow going to go on TV tomorrow and apologize to her viewers for misleading them?”

Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, was similarly critical of the fake narrative against Trump on this front.

“We knew this all along,” Kirk said on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel. “I was very involved in the campaign in my own personal capacity travelling the country with Donald Trump Jr. I knew there was no collusion, and I knew the types of people who were involved during the actual campaign.

“This whole narrative is total and complete nonsense. But the one thing that frustrates me most is I want to talk about our friend and my friend Donald Trump Jr. This guy is a total patriot. He’s an amazing person. This guy fights for his country every single day and fights for the movement and for his father, and it is so sick what the media tried to do to him. Seriously. They tried to destroy him.  They tried to wreck him based on total and complete lies. They drag him and the whole first family through the mud for the first two years. What’s the recourse now? There is no recourse.

“And so, some people say, ‘Oh, they should apologize.’ No, no, no. There has to be penalties. I don’t know what those penalties can be; smarter legal minds than me can come up with some pretty creative things, but this is so sick because those of us that were around during the campaign, those of us that have actually processed all the facts through the years, know that this was a total lie and a witch hunt all along.

“And it’s really too bad to see good patriots like Don Jr. … go through all these calisthenics and these exercises when he had to go testify on Capitol Hill before the Senate Intelligence Committee for 20-plus hours, and yet, Hillary Clinton did not have to testify more than a couple hours based on her emails and Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation. It’s really sick and really sad.”

President Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said the investigation wasted tons of taxpayer dollars to prove what everyone like him already knew: there was no collusion with the Russians.

“I think it’s important that we recognize that the Mueller team has come to the same conclusion that I knew from day one, and it didn’t cost me $25 million, one year, ten months, and six days to figure out that we didn’t collude with the Russians,” Lewandowski said on Breitbart News Sunday.

“As you know, this whole narrative–this whole hoax, this whole scandal–was perpetuated because of the fact that Hillary Clinton lost an election that everyone told her she was going to win. She took $5 million of her campaign money and hired an outside legal counsel, and then they went and created this false dossier, which is what launched this investigation.

“What the Democrats will tell you, what the left will tell you is that this investigation was launched because a campaign volunteer went overseas to London and had a conversation with some ambassador to a different country.

“If that’s the criteria for launching $25 million of taxpayer money and having the President of the United States under investigation for two years, then every single volunteer on every single Democratic presidential campaign had better use caution.”

Lewandowski added that there is “no question” there must be criminal investigations into the behavior and conduct of the players behind originating this hoax.

“Look, I have to tell you: sometimes, I’m lucky, and sometimes, I’m good, and I’m not sure which one it is, but I did write this great book called Trump’s Enemies, and we outline in this book everything that has been going on.

“We asked the president–the only book that he sat for an interview with for the first two years of his administration–‘Do you think Barack Obama and Susan Rice, his national security adviser, knew of this plot to stop him from becoming the president?’ And his answer was, ‘You bet they did,'” Lewandowski said.

He continued, “There has to be accountability. There has to be accountability, and I hope that Attorney General Bill Barr launches an investigation into the false FISA applications that were signed. We know they were lied on. We know that [Peter] Strzok and [Lisa] Page and James Baker, who was the general counsel of the FBI, and Jim Comey all should be reviewed for criminal referral.

“Andy McCabe already has a criminal referral. He’s the former deputy director of the FBI. But that’s not enough. We have to find out who was involved, including Bruce Ohr at the Department of Justice, if Rod Rosenstein was involved. The American people deserve accountability.

“This is the biggest scandal perpetuated on the American people probably in our modern lifetime. This whole thing was a hoax. It was all designed to stop Donald Trump from taking office, and now it is full vindication not just for the president, but his family and every person who served with me on that campaign.”

Jason Miller, who served as communications director for the Trump 2016 campaign and for the transition team, said on Breitbart News Saturday this weekend that the “liberal tears over the past 24 hours have been nothing short of amazing.”

“It’s almost like the fake news propagandists just found out that Santa Claus isn’t real,” Miller said. “This witch hunt was a disgraceful, coordinated effort by Democrats and deep state operatives as part of their insurance policy to stop the president. First, they had the popular vote. Then, it was Comey. Then it was this Russia hoax.

“Tens of millions of dollars spent on this bogus effort, thousands of hours of speculative cable TV snowflakes making things up and attacking President Trump, forty Republican House seats lost in the midterms–all because of nothing. Let’s talk about what this end result is: no collusion, no obstruction of justice, just sad, pathetic Democratic excuses for why Crooked Hillary lost in 2016.”

Miller added that the media’s credibility has now suffered a devastating blow.

“American news media will never be the same,” Miller said. “It’s forever ruined. It’s over. The ultimate hoax has been exposed. Let’s take a look at where this leaves us–and these are things you’re not going to see on TV–we have an amazing economy. It will get even better with this special counsel nonsense out of the way.

“But the Democrats are still going. They still want to push forward with impeachment and their 81 bogus subpoenas that they’re pushing to try to harass people, anyone involved in Trump world. But here’s an important point: I think this 2020 Democratic field is in such disarray that I wonder if former Vice President Biden even gets in now. Does he really want his lasting legacy to be getting run over by the Trump train?”

Former White House adviser Cliff Sims was equally fired up on Breitbart News Sunday this weekend. “I think the first reaction everyone should have is it is a great day for America,” Sims said.

“Frankly, if you disagree with that, I think it’s worth coming to terms with the fact that you would rather see incalculable damage done to the American republic than you would see your political adversary–aka, your president–turn out to not be a foreign agent. But, unfortunately, that’s the point that we’re at, especially watching a lot of people in the media who have spent the last two years trumpeting this hoax.

“They are nearly in tears. Rachel Maddow literally had tears in her eyes as she was talking about this as they watched this whole thing crumble right before their eyes, and I think that really–we’re seeing the mask of the media slip just a little bit over the last 24 hours, and we are realizing that these people are so caught up in this that they hate this president more than they love America.”

When asked to explain why they hate Trump so much, Sims said what he saw “up close and personal” when he was by Trump’s side for years is that he “really is a kind of an existential threat to the status quo that has existed in the media for so long, which is they are so big with the rare exception of Breitbart and a few others, they are in such total control of the narrative that they’ve been able to bully people into submission.”

“There is finally somebody who by sheer force of will and personality and just flat-out refusal to back down who was able to counter that,” Sims added of the president.

“And they can’t abide by that. It’s a threat to their very existence. What we have seen play out over the last couple of years, culminating in the report coming out here, is their credibility–whatever little bit of credibility they had left, and, look, the polling numbers already showed that people don’t believe them; their credibility is in the tank already. I mean, this is an absolute disaster. They’re facing a substantial reckoning the likes of which I don’t know if we’ve ever seen before.”

Arthur Schwartz, a GOP strategist who works closely with the first family and with the White House, said on Breitbart News Saturday that he recalls the fake news that CNN printed about former Trump communications director Anthony Scaramucci–a story that alleged he had ties to Russians and was under investigation.

It was all fake, and CNN retracted the hit piece, and three of its staffers involved were forced to resign. Schwartz said he hopes there will be similar levels of accountability media-wide, on a much larger scale, of course, now that the entire Russia collusion story has collapsed.

Schwartz added that he is confident the evidence that the media either deliberately or willfully misled the American people on this scandal exists and will come to light in the days, weeks, and months ahead. “That’s when we started keeping track of, archiving, screen capping, everything that the reporters in the mainstream media were saying,” Schwartz said.

“There was some collateral benefit to that, for example, when someone on CNN would accuse Don Jr. or his father or someone in the Trump universe of being an antisemite and a homophobe, this, that–whatever ‘ism’ that they threw at our guys, we went back to our database of all their tweets, their blog posts, their radio hits, their TV hits, and we showed no, no, no, you guys are the ones spewing this hateful speech.

“You are the ones with the antisemitic tweets. You are the ones with the homophobic tweets. You need to apologize. So now, what we’ve got is this huge database of collusion truthers that have been telling us that their sources told them that ‘this is going to happen,’ ‘Don is going to be indicted,’ ‘Jared is going to be indicted,’ ‘Ivanka is going to be indicted,’ ‘the president is going to jail.’

“So now, for the next two years, through re-elect and beyond, they’re going to have to answer for all the lies and propaganda that they spilled, that they spilled knowingly or unknowingly, in an effort to create divisiveness in this country and slow the progress of this president’s agenda. That ends today.”

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